Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee's

Publications Subcommittee

The Publications Subcommittee shall coordinate the development/review of all design‐related technical publication materials (MOPs, Special Publications, Technical Updates, etc.) through active involvement in the WEF Technical Practices Committee. The Subcommittee Chair (or designee) will represent the MWTDC at all TPC meetings and will actually be an official member of both the TPC Control Group and will serve as a two‐way conduit between the TPC and the MWTDC. Subcommittee members will be asked to review older publications, brainstorm potential topics for new publications, and review proposals for new publications. The Publications Subcommittee will be fairly small (6 to 8 members) due to its oversight/coordination role. However, this core group will help to recruit larger numbers of MWTDC members (or non‐members if suitably qualified individuals are not available within committee membership) to participate as Task Force members in specific publication projects once the TPC authorizes them to move forward. 




 Rip Copithorn, 2011-2014    Chris deBarbadillo, 2011-2014