Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee's

Leading Edge Outreach Subcommittee

The Leading Edge Outreach Subcommittee shall in close coordination with other knowledge outreach subcommittees, and in cooperation with other MWTDC Subcommittees, identify, develop, and sponsor programs and activities that maintain a focus on leading edge aspects of wastewater treatment and water quality knowledge outreach to WEF members and other associated parties. Examples of Leading Edge Outreach activities may include:

  1. Soliciting input from MWTDC members and maintain a current list of developing topics in which research and development activity is progressing rapidly.
  2. Developing concepts for WEF activities such as Manuals of Practice and other publications, specialty conferences workshops, WEFTEC specialty sessions, webcasts and other educational activities.
  3. Recruiting members of the MWTDC and WEF stakeholder community to participate in these activities.
  4. Providing one of several liaisons to WERF to ensure compatibility between the technical activities of MWTDC, WEF, and WERF.

The anticipated primary audience for the Leading Edge Outreach activities includes graduate students, academics, technical young professionals, technical utility managers and decision makers, and other persons interested in remaining current in their knowledge of wastewater treatment and water quality. The Subcommittee is home to MWTDC members who have an interest in promoting leading edge education and research and development (R&D) to WEF stakeholders.  




 Kam Law, 2011-2014  

 Leon Downing, 2011-2014