Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee



 (Established October 2004)   


The Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee (MRRDC) shall serve as the home of Federation members that share common technical interest in municipal wastewater treatment design and are drawn together to be the stewards of this knowledge area. The committee shall develop, recommend, support, and conduct programs of general and technical information relating to advancement of municipal wastewater treatment design practices.  

In so doing, this committee will provide support and technical content to other Federation and/or Member Association Committees a) for the development of various technical publications, b) for the development and delivery of various Federation Technical programs such as specialty conferences and WEFTEC, and c) as requested, to advise the Board of Trustees, House of Delegates of Federation and/or Member Association Committees on municipal wastewater treatment design matters. 



 Andy Shaw, 2016 - 2018
  P.O. Box 8405
  Kansas City, MO 64114-0405
  Tel:  913-980-6318




 Joe Husband, 2016 - 2018
  44 S Broadway Ste 1500
  White Plains, NY 10601-4455
  Tel914) 641-2883 



MRRDC Information:


Staff Liaison

Marisa Tricas

 Tel:  703-684-2400 ext. 7467
 Fax: 703-684-2413 


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