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Webcast Sponsorship Overview


WEF hosts over two dozen webcasts per year in which participants listen to audio (over phone or computer speakers) and view technical presentations on the web. Participants are encouraged to submit live questions via the webcast software during the webcast. Most webcasts are two hours long and include detailed information from case studies.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) may be earned for participating in a webcast (Please note: Webcast participants are responsible for exploring their state requirements to have their educational credits approved).

Another benefit to sponsoring a webcast is the ability to continuously market to members of WEF and the water industry.  By placing a company logo, ad, or link on the media player during live and archived webcasts, a sponsor can be recognized at the time of the initial webcast and later when an individual clicks on the archived version.  Your support of Water.Quality.Training will be recognized for as long as a webcast is available for viewing. 

Sponsorship Opportunity

Exclusive Sponsor ($7,800) Receives: 

  • Exclusive Sponsorship of webcast of choice
  • Primary contact information for registered sites
  • Opportunity to present to attendees (5 to 8 minutes at conclusion of webcast)
  • Naming in e-blast marketing the webcast (i.e., “Best Practices in Water Resources Webcast presented by WaterCo. Inc.”)
  • Company recognition via WEF social media outlets (i.e. Facebook and Twitter)
  • Logo and product promo slide in “waiting room” and in archived webcast for future download
  • Mention in opening and closing remarks of event and in archived webcast for future download
  • Acknowledgement on event website (logo)
  • Logo placement in presentation (live and archived)  

 If you have any questions regarding sponsoring a WEF webcast, please email