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Biosolids Management Program (formerly called EMS Program)

About the NBP Biosolids Management Program

The National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) provides training and support to help biosolids management organizations ensure that their programs are environmentally sound and protective of public health.  See, FAQs about the NBP’s Biosolids Management Program.

The NBP Biosolids Management Program (BMP) is based on internationally recognized standards for an Environmental Management System/International Organization of Standardization (ISO 14001). With guidance from biosolids professionals, experts, and leading biosolids management organizations, the NBP has created a management program tailored to the priorities and needs of the wastewater profession. It serves as a model for continuous improvement in the areas of environmental performance, regulatory compliance, quality management practices, and relations with interested parties and other stakeholders.  

Organizations that have chosen to become certified by the NBP collectively manage more than 12% of the biosolids in the United States. These organizations have documented significant benefits in using the program's tools to reduce operating costs and achieve greater efficiencies while protecting public health and managing residuals in an environmentally beneficial and cost-effective manner. NBP organizations focus on consistently producing a high-quality biosolids product for intended markets/end use options and promoting resource recovery while achieving and maintaining public and regulatory trust and acceptance.

The NBP encourages all biosolids management organizations—small, medium, and large—and whatever biosolids treatment and management option is used to participate in the program. Organizations have the option either to develop an audit-ready program or to pursue certification. To get started today, fill out the application at Please contact NBP staff for assistance. 

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