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Symbols and Acronyms

kinematic viscosity  Ratio of absolute viscosity, expressed in poises (grams per centimeter per second [g/cm·s]), and the density, in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3), at room temperature.

kinetics  The study of the rates at which changes occur in chemical, physical, and biological treatment processes.

Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN)  The combined amount of organic and ammonia nitrogen.

Kraus process  A modification of the activated-sludge process in which aerobically conditioned supernatant liquor from anaerobic digesters is added to activated sludge aeration tanks to improve the settling characteristics of the sludge and to add an oxygen resource in the form of nitrates.

kilovar  One thousand reactive volt amps (see power).

kilovolt  One thousand volts.

kilowatt  One thousand watts.

kilowatt-hour  The units of electrical energy equal to one kilowatt of electrical power in an electrical circuit for 1 hour.