See you at WEFTEC, where your customizable program awaits you, according to Program Chair Sarah Reeves.

The WEFTEC program has lots of sessions that you would like – in fact, it fits you perfectly. Yes, you. We develop a customizable program so it appeals to all attendees – from folks who are new to the industry to those who have been in the business for 50 years, from very technical to very practical, from stormwater to disinfection to treatment to operations and beyond – we have you covered.

Check out the fundamentals track of 13 sessions and seven workshops that will get you up to speed. To advance a very timely topic, attend a Knowledge Development Forum – where the world’s foremost technical experts gather to explore and move the science forward. We are always trying new ways to provide content as everyone learns differently – so look for more discussions, interaction, and even video-based sessions (Interactive Knowledge Exchange) this year.

As always, we will be exploring topics that shape the water industry today.

  • Session 104: The Value of Water and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, includes a panel of Native Americans discussing the value of water in relation to their culture.
  • Session 225: “Get Smart”: IOT and IA in the Water Utility Sector, includes an invited speaker from the FBI on a topic that is changing how we do and see everything.
  • Session 220: Manufacturers’ Innovation Forum, brings you brand new and just ready for prime-time work that the many exhibitors and manufacturers in the water sector have been developing recently.
  • Session 309: Carbon for Energy or Carbon for BNR, is a session where you get to be the jury and participate in a debate about this timely topic – where should we use our carbon?
  • Session 421: “Powerless? Black Sky Resilience” gets us ready for a future that is not always clear to see.


About Sarah Reeves

Sarah ReevesSarah Reeves is the current WEFTEC Program Chair and has been a member of the Program Committee for 19 years. She is a vice president at Brown and Caldwell where she contributes as part of the Tech Innovation Leadership Team.

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