By Douglas Nunez, Sr. Infrastructure and Utilities Marketing Manager, AVEVA

From everyday living to industrial operations and production, water is vital to life. With 71% of the earth’s surface covered in water, its essential nature remains undisputed. Water and water assets are vital components of productivity in industries across different sectors. Water utilities and water network operators have a very simple mission: Deliver safe and reliable water service to their customers. However, like most industries, the water and wastewater sectors are facing diverse challenges such as an ageing workforce, ageing infrastructures, ever increasing government regulations and competition for diminishing investment capital. Technology developments like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data analytics can provide the tools to tackle the issues faced by the water and wastewater sector. However, a well thought out implementation plan is needed to assure this digital transformation does not lead to siloed software systems that could worsen the problems it intends to solve. The lack or improper integration of several third-party and home grown systems often lead to lack of enterprise visibility and inefficient decision making, particularly when abnormal situations occur. The situation worsens as infrastructure continue to age, experienced workers retire or change roles, and specialized applications to operate water and wastewater facilities become more complex. This increasing complexity and variety of software and hardware and a changing workforce makes it imperative to have a reliable single version of the truth.


AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability. By connecting the power of information and artificial intelligence with human insight, AVEVA enables teams to use their data to unlock new value. We call this Performance Intelligence.  AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio enables more than 20,000 industrial enterprises to engineer smarter, operate better and drive sustainable efficiency. AVEVA supports customers through a trusted ecosystem that includes 5,500 partners and 5,700 certified developers around the world. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 6,500 employees and 90 offices in over 40 countries. Learn more at


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