By Penn Valley Pump

There are many options when choosing the right positive displacement pump technology for your municipal or industrial wastewater dewatering feed application. An understanding of what factors impact your jobsite’s requirements is as important as what attributes your pump needs to deliver. In this whitepaper, compare pump technology types, including rotary, reciprocating and Double Disc Pumps, with a deep look into each design to understand operating principles, features and benefits, and application examples.

About Penn Valley Pump

Since 1980, Penn Valley Pump Company, Inc. (PVP) has been developing, improving and manufacturing the industry’s only true Double Disc Pump™ line of positive displacement pumps for use in the municipal, industrial, chemical and food industries. The pumps can handle large solids up to 2” as well as incorporate a maintenance free design, with no parts to wear out.

PVP’s Double Disc Pumps are based on a ‘non-captive’ free disc design, employing two discs that work in unison in the pump housing to perform both the pumping and valving actions. The pumps feature a short stroke length to provide a consistent, smooth flow rate and can operated dry without the risk of mechanical failure.

Headquartered in Warrington, PA, where all its pumps are manufactured, PVP has continually researched and developed wastewater handling technologies to create a wide range of solids handling pumps that provide unmatched durability, reliability and performance. Customer support includes the risk-free Swap-Your-Pump program, in-stock part availability and highly trained service technicians.



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