By Atlas Copco

Choosing an aeration blower for your wastewater plant should be at the heart of your overall design concept. The wrong blower can lead to massive inefficiencies, cost, and downtime. This paper discusses the key considerations for any plant which is looking to select a blower that’s right for their needs – both today, and tomorrow.

About Atlas Copco

Every day, across the United States and around the world, products are manufactured, facilities are constructed, critical bolts are fastened, and all types of gases are compressed and turned into energy. This may seem like a collection of unrelated processes, but one company unites them – Atlas Copco. With over 5,000 employees in over 100 locations and greater than $2 billion in sales in the United States, we pride ourselves on being a trusted solutions provider for all types of industrial equipment. Our portfolio specifically includes compressed air and gas equipment, industrial tools and assembly solutions, mobile compressors, pumps, and generators, industrial vacuum equipment, rental equipment, as well as service and maintenance!

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