By GrayMatter

The protection of critical assets has never been more top of mind as industrial attacks on water/wastewater facilities and other critical infrastructure providers are on the rise.

GrayMatter Cybersecurity Practice Lead Scott Christensen unpacks how one cyber incident at a water utility in Florida happened and how similar attacks can be prevented.

In addition, learn how to create a cybersecurity plan that best fits your needs – allowing you to make the best decisions for maintaining safety and availability across your operational technology environment. Solutions outlined here range from creating big-picture cyber strategies; enabling deception technology; determining budget allocation; and providing technology implementation and managed services to be your eyes and ears.

About GrayMatter

GrayMatter is a fast-growing, Pittsburgh-based technology company founded in 1991 that provides consulting, implementation and tech curation services designed to transform operations and empower people.

This might look like transforming manufacturing companies into technology companies that create new revenue, boost the economy and revitalize cities.

Or it could mean empowering professionals to make clean water for communities, saving energy and creating machine learning environments on university and corporate campuses.

Our mission is to help your people and your industrial assets become smarter, more visible and secure.

We don’t focus on product. We focus on co-innovation and curating the best process and technology to drive industrial companies and utilities through digital transformation.



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