How do you convince a community to invest in aging utility infrastructure when it has always been, “out of sight, out of mind”? Utilities are facing pressure to increase rates due to age and increased demands. Educating the public to help them understand the state of their infrastructure, what is needed to maintain and expand services, and how this directly affects them is critical to addressing this problem.

This webcast will teach water professionals how to successfully engage communities and college students on the importance of infrastructure and educate them on the necessity of funding for rehabilitation/replacement of critical assets. 

Speakers: Erik Simmons, HDR; Garrett Bergey, SDE; Stacy Thompson, City of Saco WRRD

Sam Rucinski, SUEZ

Kristin Johansen, City of Santa F; Kurt Kinney, Arcadis; Indra Maharjan, Ontario Clean Water Agency; Tayo Olatunji, DC Water; Sabrina Parker, City of Olathe; Shelley Porter, West Virginia American Water; Saa Shemsu, Gresham Smith

This webcast is first in a five part Community Outreach Webcast Series focusing on different outreach activities. The webcast series and was developed as part of the final project for the Water Leadership Institute (WLI). 

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