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December 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Energy management, biosolids & residuals, clarification, and Operations Challenge

Featured Articles:

Virginia teams dominate Operations Challenge 2010: Terminal Velocity wins Division 1, Team HRSD wins Division 2

Tapping into waste heat: Vancouver’s False Creek Energy Centre provides an adaptable, renewable, and innovative energy solution

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November 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Sewer rehabilitation, Instrumentation, Water footprinting, Watershed management, Membranes

Featured Articles:

A ‘Grand’ challenge: Monitoring and assessing water quality in the middle Grand River, Ontario


Resurfacing a reputation: Shotcrete rehabilitation deserves a fresh look

October 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Thickening & dewatering; Fats, oils, and grease; Maintenance; Financial management

Featured Articles:

Warming up to thermal dryers: How to select the right type of system

Finding a 'Class A' solution: To ensure quality of new biosolids product, Kentucky facility optimizes polymer use with automated control system

September 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Design innovation, Workforce issues, Lab practices, Low-tech systems

Featured Articles:

A new life for old tires: Constructed wetland with shredded-tire chips produces consistently high quality lagoon effluent

Rebuilding through recruiting: How one utility bounced back after 10% of its work force retired

August 10 Cover 90
August 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Water Reclamation & Reuse, Tertiary Treatment, Membranes, Bioenergy

Featured Articles:

Approaching the Limit: Membrane bioreactor design for high-level phosphorus removal

Two-Stage Media Filtration Meeting 21st Century Requirements: A conventional technology provides a progressive solution

July 10 Cover 90pix.jpg
July 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Stormwater, Industrial Pretreatment, Microconstituents, Process Optimization

Featured Articles:

Out of Nose, Out of Mind: Multiple systems at new biological nutrient removal plant keep odors — as well as neighbor complaints — in check

Minor Changes, Major Improvements: A phased process controlled via changes in pH and oxidation–reduction potential vastly improves nutrient removal

June 10 Cover 90
June 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Collection Systems, Filtration, Disinfection, Information Management

Featured Articles:

Taming the Wild West: UV disinfection guidance for potable water could provide the foundation of a much needed validation protocol for wastewater applications

A Rocky Problem: Mining industry supplies answers to grit-pumping problem

May 10 Cover 90
May 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Biosolids & Residuals, Membranes, Energy Management, Activated Sudge

Featured Articles:

A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Upgrades: Wisconsin treatment plant expands capacity without adding tanks

A Biosolids Process With a Renewable Power Bonus: Landfill gas dries biosolids, generates green energy

Apr. 10 Cover90
April 2010
Editorial Focuses: Asset Management, Trenchless Technology, Nutrient Removal, Sustainability Featured Articles:

Look Before You Dig: Abandoned utilities may be suitable for reuse in new collection system projects

Factoring Condition Assessment and Asset Management Into Capital Planning

Mar. 10 Cover 90
March 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Odor & Corrosion Control, CSOs/SSOs, Public Outreach & Education, Pumps

Featured Articles:

Taking Control of CSOs: Cities successfully apply 21st century approaches to 19th century infrastructure, improve quality of life for urban dwellers

Maximize Pump Performance: A simple interior treatment can keep pumps operating at manufacturer specifications

Feb. 10 90 Cover
February 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Utility Management, Thickening & Dewatering, Watershed Management, Distributed Systems

Featured Articles:

Step 1: Dewatering: A Florida utility determines which technology would best fit its biosolids master plan

Virtual Knowledge: Cost-effective training of wastewater treatment plant operators with models

Jan. 10 Cover 90
January 2010
Editorial Focuses:

Water Reclamation & Reuse, Hydraulic Modeling, Preliminary Treatment, 2010 State of the Industry

Featured Articles:

How Much Capacity Does It Really Have?: Researchers determine which secondary clarifier model is more useful

Striking Contrast: Flume-based screenings transport improves headworks operations