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December 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Construction & Design, Industrial Pretreatment, Geographic Information Systems, Biosolids, Operations Challenge


Featured Articles: Construction Management in 2020: Will you be ready?

Operations Challenge 2008: TRA CReWSers win Division I; Terminal Velocity takes Division II

November 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Sewer Rehabilitation, Asset Management, Energy Management, Membranes, Instrumentation 

Featured Articles:

Hidden Potential: Recycled water and the water–energy–carbon nexus

The Tools and the Talent: Given sufficient authority and a better human–machine interface, operators can minimize dewatering costs 

October 2008
Editorial Focuses:

CSOs/SSOs, Teritary Treatment, Clarification, Nutrient Removal, Maintenance

Featured Articles:

Chicago's Underground Revealed: City's tunnel and reservoir plan aims to control overflows

Sewer Corrosion Vs. Plant Permit Violation?: How to overcome hydrogen sulfide problems while preserving biological phosphorus removal 

September 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Green Infrastructure, Groundwater, Financing, Cogeneration, Laboratory Practices 

Featured Articles:

A True Test of Sustainability: The triumph of Incan civil engineering over scarce water resources survives

Fueling the Flames: Maximizing biogas use can improve the bottom line

August 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Water Reclamation & Reuse, Watershed Management. Process Optimization, Public Outreach, and Distributed Systems

Featured Articles:

Going for the Green: This water reuse project is expected to help China create an environmentally sustainable Olympics

Wipe Out: One utility’s public battle against disposable wipes

Coming in the July Issue
July 2008
Editorial Focuses: Stormwater, Automation & Control, Pathogen Reduction, Thickening & Dewatering, Odor Control
Featured Articles: Just Connect: Integrating package control systems with plantwide SCADA systems

Low-Shear Dewatering: Progress in the search for low-shear, high-solids alternatives

June 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Bioenergy, Disinfection, Treating for Microconstituents, Collection Systems, Construction

Featured Articles:

The Power of Digester Gas: As this California utility demonstrates, biogas-derived electricity can reduce our dependence on foreign fuel supplies

Rooting Out SSOs: Evaluating popular root-control methods in a pilot-scale sanitary sewer

May 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Infiltration/Inflow; Fats, Oils, and Grease; Filtration; Preliminary Treatment; Automation

Featured Articles:

Denitrification Takes a BAF: Starting up the first separate-stage biological anoxic filter in Connecticut requires some problem-solving and know-how

The Rock Box: Diversion structure protects headworks of Missouri wastewater treatment plant

April 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Sustainability, Low-Impact Development, Trenchless Technology, Activated Sludge, Stormwater

Featured Articles:

Sustainable Solutions: Much can be learned from recent work in Europe as well as the United States

Natural Assistance: Green Infrastructure Approaches for CSO Control in Urban Areas 

March 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Biosolids and Residuals, Public Education, Tertiarty Treatment and Reuse, Disinfection

Featured Articles:

Green Incinerators: New approaches to solids processing

No Space? No Problem!: Florida plant expands its capacity while maintaining its footprint 

February 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Collection Systems, Distributed Systems, Personnel Issues, Training/Staffing, Pumps

Featured Articles:

A Winning Combination: Innovative MBR technologies and reclaimed water dispersal systems overcome challenges to wastewater treatment in North Carolina coastal areas

Learning From Afar: National, state, and provincial perspectives on distance education in operator certification

January 2008
Editorial Focuses:

Membranes, Nutrient Removal, State of the Industry, Fats, Oils, and Grease, Energy Management 

Featured Articles:

No Chemicals Required: This Minnesota plant removes phosphorus using a completely biological process

A Powerful Byproduct: This California plant has been recovering energy from biogas since 1951