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December 2007
Editorial Focuses: Bioenergy, Industrial Treatment, International Issues, Operations Challenge, WEFTEC Equipment Finds, Nutrient Removal Featured Articles: Make Money While Saving the World: Carbon funds are designed to help reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases

Operations Challenge 2007: Consistency Carries Commandos to Championship

November 2007
Editorial Focuses:

IFAS, Pathogen Reduction, WEF Awards, U.S. EPA Awards, Thickening & Dewatering

Featured Articles:

Infrastructure Woes Take Center Stage: Will public attention lead to greater support for infrastructure funding?

Proper Dose: Getting the most from your polymer 

October 2007
Editorial Focuses: Clean Water Act, Biosolids, Sewer Rehabilitation, Screening, Disinfection, Maintenance Featured Articles: Advancing With ATAD: After comparing different digesters, a Spanish utility opted to deploy autothermal thermophilic aerobic digesters as part of a centralized approach to treating solids

Let the Light Shine In: Proper maintenance helps keep UV disinfection operations smooth  

September 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Sustainability, Groundwater, Disaster Recovery, Lab Practices, Peak Flows

Featured Articles:

Sustainability, One Project at a Time: A Pacific Northwest utility takes an incremental approach to managing capacity of its recycling, groundwater recharge, and marine discharge programs

Survival Without Bypass: Stormwater management for BNR facilities 

August 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Water Reuse, Public Health, Public-private Partnerships, Public Outreach, Instrumentation

Featured Articles:

Water Reuse: An evaluation of the technologies and their benefits

What Is the Public Really Thinking?: Separating fact from assumption

July 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Asset Management, Fats, Oils & Grease, SSOs/CSOs, Headworks and Screening, Automation

Featured Articles:

Asset Management: Just Do It: Engaging your greatest asset — people — is the key to organizational change

The Nitty Gritty: Grit sampling and analysis

June 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Bioenergy, Disinfection, Treating for Microconstituents, Collection Systems, Construction

Featured Articles:

The Power of Digester Gas: As this California utility demonstrates, biogas-derived electricity can reduce our dependence on foreign fuel supplies

Rooting Out SSOs: Evaluating popular root-control methods in a pilot-scale sanitary sewer

May 2007
Editorial Focuses: Featured Articles:

April 2007
Editorial Focuses: Biosolids, Automation, Clarification, Odor Control, Activated Sludge Featured Articles: A Model Decision: An understanding of fluid dynamics combined with innovative modeling helped a utility determine how best to expand digester capacity

The Scale of Smell: Making sense of hydrogen sulfide limits

March 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Membrane Pretreatment, Trenchless Technology, Design Optimization, Construction, Safety & Security

Featured Articles:

Prerequisite Pretreatment: Stable long-term operation of membrane bioreactors demands adequate pretreatment, particularly fine screening

Cold and Clean: Antarctic researchers depend on this facility to protect them and the local environment

February 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Strategic Planning, Nutrient Removal, Biosolids, Energy Management, Headworks

Featured Articles:

Ditch the Phosphorus: An oxidation ditch system proves to be the most cost-effective phosphorus removal option for a Michigan plant

Less Power, Great Performance: System modifications shrink a Georgia membrane bioreactor’s power demand

January 2007
Editorial Focuses:

Decentralized Systems, Disinfection, Pumps, Collection Systems, State of the Industry

Featured Articles:

Remediation to the Rescue: After failing to meet its discharge permit limits, a utility faced a tough decision: Replace its old sand filter at a significant cost to the community or face a consent order. The district decided to pursue an alternate course.

Digital Dosing: Changes in the way a metering pump operates truly have expanded the scope of what a metering pump can achieve.