August 2006, Vol. 18, No.8

Certification Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Plant Safety

    True or False Questions:
  1. When working near wastewater or solids removed during various treatment processes, always wear impervious gloves to protect chapped, burned, or broken skin.
  2. A confined space is defined as an accessible area with at least two of the three following characteristics: limited openings for entry and exit, unfavorable natural ventilation, or a design that allows for limited worker occupancy.
  3. Air-purifying respirators should be used in confined space entries.
  4. Use only metal tape measures throughout the plant, because their nonporous metal surfaces can be sanitized easily.

  5. Multiple Choice Questions:
  6. A worker should not enter a confined space without a self-contained breathing apparatus if the oxygen content of the space is less than how much?


  7. A. 25.3%
    B. 19.5%
    C. 17.6%
    D. 22.0%

  8. Which of the following is a safe use for treated effluent?

  9. A. BOD dilution water.
    B. Hand washing.
    C. Process tank cleaning.
    D. Emergency shower.

  10. Which type of fire extinguisher should be used on a burning electric motor?


  11. A. Type A.
    B. Type B.
    C. Type C.
    D. Any of the above.

  12. When working in an explosive atmosphere, what type of tools would be effective and prevent sparking?

  13. A. Brass
    B. Steel
    C. High-carbon steel.
    D. Wood.

Questions were developed by Steve Spicer and reviewed by the Association of Boards of Certification (Ames, Iowa) Validation and Examination Committee.

Answer Key:
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Water Environment Federation (1996). Operation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (Manual of Practice No. 11), Fifth Ed. Alexandria, Va.: Water Environment Federation.