January 2011, Vol. 23, No.1


Priming system

The oil-less vacuum technology (OVT) priming system is designed to operate efficiently with lower maintenance and higher air handling for fast priming. The system’s noncontacting rotors eliminate internal wear to increase longevity and provide reliability. Because the system is dry-running, no recirculating oil is needed, eliminating any possible smoke, mist, or pollution that traditional priming systems may experience. The air-cooled priming system only requires service every 20,000 hours and has no water levels to check and no cooling system to maintain. Designed to perform in various applications, from sewer bypassing to wellpoint dewatering, the system tolerates accidental liquid carryover. Thompson Pump (Port Orange, Fla.).


Level indicator

The series DTP dip tape plastic level indicator provides uninterrupted liquid-level indication for use in storage tanks or vessels. No electricity is required to run the indicator, providing a lightweight design suitable for 30- or 55-gal tanks. The system comes in three highly resistive, engineered-plastic materials for rugged durability in almost any chemical tank. The float and stem are the only parts that make contact with the liquid, so the indication tape remains clean and easy to read. The system can be customized to meet different application requirements. Available in lengths ranging from 6 in. to 6 ft (15.2 to 1829 cm), this level indicator is ideal for quick readouts taken periodically. The DTP is accurate to 0.0625 in., or 1 mm, and is especially useful in remote areas where power is unavailable or undesirable. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).

Conduit bodies

The OCAL-BLUE® type 4X form 8 conduit bodies offer double-coated exteriors for enhanced protection in corrosive environments and extended service life of the conduit bodies. The interior and exterior are coated with blue urethane, and the exterior is coated with additional injection-molded polyvinyl chloride, providing corrosion-resistant protection in harsh-environment applications, such as wash-down areas and outdoor applications exposed to rain, ice, and snow. The systems, made from cast iron, are available in sizes from 0.5 to 2.0 in. Thomas & Betts Corp. (Memphis, Tenn.).



The TruBlue 585 CTD transducer monitors and logs conductivity to 1% accuracy and measures temperature and pressure levels. The transducer’s internal 5-year, 3.6-V lithium battery has on-board surge protection, making it suitable for remote environmental data collection and processing, including environmental and watershed management applications. The system features a fully sealed design, multiple interfaces, and an internal memory capable of storing up to 550,000 conductivity, level, and temperature measurements. Equipped with TruWare software, the system enables users to graph, export, and manage data. Sampling modes include linear, linear average, and event with programmable sampling rates of up to five readings per second. The 0.75-in.-diameter system has a 2-year warranty, comes in welded Type 316 stainless steel or titanium, and operates over a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F). Pressure Systems (Hampton, Va.).

Peristaltic metering pump

The ProSeries® Flex-Flo® M3 and M4 peristaltic metering pumps feature 10,000:1 turndown ratios, 5-year warranties, NSF Standard 61 compliance, patented tube-failure detection systems, and brushless direct-current motors. The pumps have output rates up to 600 L/h (158.5 gal/h); pressure ratings up to 8.6 bar (125 lb/in.2); specially engineered tubing for long service life; revolution count displays with user-programmable alarm setpoints for tube maintenance; and multicolor backlit liquid-crystal displays showing remote and local control status, motor speed, output rate, input signal values, and service and alarm statuses. Blue–White Industries (Huntington Beach, Calif.).


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