July 2012, Vol. 24, No.7


Field inspection software  

The Trimble® Field Inspector version 2.1 is compatible with various Trimble hand-held computers and is designed for automating utility infrastructure and smart-grid asset maintenance and inspection. It is scalable and designed to be easy to deploy. In the field, the software provides a robust GNSS-enabled mobile solution for optimizing smart-grid and utility field operations, including asset installation, maintenance, and inspection. In the office, the software leverages existing geographical information system, asset, and work management databases and workflows to deliver a complete end-to-end, hand-held maintenance inspection solution for field workers. Trimble (Sunnyvale, Calif.).


Grit-removal system 

TheMectan V®is engineered to remove grit with a wide range of particle sizes while providing robust, reliable performance in municipal wastewater pretreatment applications. The new configuration is designed to provide increased grit removal in a wide range of hydraulic conditions, providing multiple outlet-channel-positioning options, low head loss, a lower power requirement, and a decreased carbon footprint. John Meunier Inc. (Montreal).


Conductivity sensors 

The CS675 and CS676 stainless steel conductivity sensors are designed to provide highly accurate, reliable monitoring of impurities in boiler water, thereby reducing blowdown maintenance cycles and lowering boiler operating, repair, and energy costs. The sensors feature bodies and pins constructed of Type 316 stainless steel and are built to withstand rugged operating conditions up to 200°C and 250 lb/in.2. The sensors also feature a special thermally resistant PEEK™ (polyether ether–ketone) insert and high-temperature ethylene propylene O-rings. The CS675 sensor family can be used in 0.75-in. FNPT tees or crosses, while the longer CS676 sensors are designed for use in 1-in. FNPT tees and crosses with use of a 0.75-in. reducer to complete the installation. Sensorex (Garden Grove, Calif.).


Ball valve 

The Ener•G® rubber seated ball valve features surge control, low head loss, and energy savings. When fully open, the valve provides a 100% clear flow area equal to the pipe size. The valve also features a standard fusion-bonded epoxy interior and exterior coating, and a bidirectional resilient Tri-Loc™ seating system. The Tri-Loc™ seat-retention system provides a low-friction, wear-resistant seat that enables adjustment or replacement of the seat without removing the valve from the line. Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp. (Elmhurst, Ill.).


Permeation tubes 

KIN-TEK Trace Source™ permeation tubes use a mixture of reagent-grade nitric and sulfuric acids as the analyte source. The sulfuric acid binds the water, reducing water emission to negligible levels. Emission of the sulfuric acid is extremely low compared to that of nitric acid, so the emission is primarily nitric acid. Formation of nitrogen oxides in the vapor is minimized by dynamically blending the emission to form trace concentration mixtures that are then used immediately. Tubes are available for concentrations from low parts per billion to about 10 ppm in 1-L/min dilution flow. KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc. (La Marque, Texas).


Chemical metering pumps  

The ROYTRONIC EXCEL™ Series AD digital pumps feature microprocessor control options and improved electromagnetics to meet all flow and pressure ratings. The pumps provide versatile chemical injection with greater turndown capability. They are available for applications up to 250 lb/in.2, with capacities between 0.002 and 2.0 gal/h. Pushbutton controls for stroke speed and mode, an LCD user interface, stroke adjustment, and a low-level float switch connection also are available. Select models include a graphical display, alarm modes, external control options, pulse divide/multiply modes, pulse and 4–20-mA input and output connections, a dual low-level switch connection, universal voltage, and advanced electronic features for pump configuration. United Technologies Corp. (Ivyland, Pa.).


Flush valve  

Theseflush-valve assemblies are built to ensure exact flow rate while resisting water degradation and component swell. Molded of a custom thermoplastic elastomer and acetal formulation, the valve assemblies have the physical properties intended to meet demanding pressure flex requirements. The assembly diaphragm incorporates the Aqua Advantage™ design with tight tolerance and flash-free bleed holes. The design enables the diaphragm seal to unseat properly for the flush operation and return to its seated position, sealing off water flow once the preset flow has occurred. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (Minneapolis).


Temperature monitor 

The OMEGA® iSD-TC series provides Web-based temperature monitoring in computer server rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, warehouses, or any remote facilities. The device enables users to view and record temperature on two independent thermocouple channels over an Ethernet network or an Internet connection with just a Web browser — no special software needed. The device also triggers an alarm if the AC power fails and will continue to collect data for 2 days powered by a standard 9-V alkaline battery (included). Omega Engineering Inc. (Stamford, Conn.).


Conduit outlet 

The T&B® Fittings Form 7 and Form 8 Conduit Outlet Bodies feature an interior BlueKote® finish, which creates a smooth surface that facilitates wire pulling and prevents wire damage while providing an additional layer of corrosion protection. The finish is in addition to three layers of interior and exterior protective coatings, including two layers of epoxy. The multiple layers of protection exceed industry standards for conduit outlet bodies in a 500-hour, 5% salt-fog chamber test. Form 7 is available with preassembled covers and gaskets. Thomas & BettsCorp. (Memphis, Tenn.).


Surge protectors 

The DIN-rail-mounted Varitector VSPC surge-protection devices safeguard signal circuits in control and instrumentation applications. The surge-protection line includes more than 60 models with a robust range of pluggable, replaceable, single- and multiple-channel modular surge-protection devices. Meeting Underwriters Laboratories 497B requirements, the devices provide a combination of wire-to-ground and wire-to-wire protection. The separate bases accommodate field connections and make a ground path from the surge protection devices via the grounded DIN-rail. Weidmuller (Richmond, Va.).


Solubility instrument 

The SFT Phase Monitor II is an analytical tool for determining the solubility of various compounds and mixtures of compounds in subcritical and supercritical fluids. It provides direct visual observation of materials under conditions that the researcher can control. Experiments may be performed in liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide or other compressed gases. The effect of co-solvents on the solubility of compounds of interest in supercritical carbon dioxide can be investigated with this instrument. It enables the user to view the dissolution, precipitation, and crystallization of compounds over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Experiments can be conducted from a few hundred to 10,000 lb/in.2 and from ambient temperature to 150°C. Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. (Newark, Del.).


Check valve 

The CheckMate® in-line check valve is designed for odor mitigation. In outfalls, stormwater, combined sewer overflow, and sanitary sewer overflow applications, the valve’s custom-engineered, all-rubber unibody design prevents sewer system odors from backing up while still allowing water to discharge as needed. The valve is designed to eliminate the backflow of unwanted gases. Its unique elastomer, fabric-reinforced design is intended to provide maintenance-free performance, cost savings, and results. The valves are available in 4-in. to 72-in. sizes and are built to suit site-specific and flow needs. Tideflex® Technologies (Carnegie, Pa.).



The Traceable® digital hygrometer/thermometer/dew-point meter provides a response time of less than 10 seconds with a resolution of 0.01% RH, 0.01°F/°C, and 0.01° dew point °F/°C. It samples 1.5 times per second. Direct reading has an accuracy of ±1.5% RH and ±0.4°C, with results reported from –40.0°F to 220.0°F (–40.0°C to 104.0°C), and from –40.00°F to 140.0°F (–40.00°C to 60.00°C) dew point. Temperature resolution is 0.01°C with an accuracy of ±0.4°C. Memory recalls both minimum and maximum readings in dew point/frost point, temperature, and humidity at any time. An alarm sounds and the display flashes when an out-of-range condition is sensed. The computer output permits data to be captured, transferred, stored, and printed. Probe length is 7 in., and cable length is 72 in. Control Co. (Friendwood, Texas).


Monitoring system 

The Triton DO8 self-cleaning, dissolved-oxygen (DO) monitoring system features the Triton DO8 sensor, the AC10 air-blast spray cleaner, and the C-22 controller. With a fluorescence quenching sensing element, it has a wide range of municipal and industrial water treatment applications. The system stores calibration data within the sensor and features a maximum error rate of less than 2%, with repeatability of ±0.5% and resolution of 0.01 ppm or 0.01% saturation. It operates over three different output ranges: zero to 20 mg/L (zero to 20 ppm), zero to 200% saturation, or zero to 500 hPa (zero to 6 lb/in.2). The system is designed to withstand ambient temperatures from –20°C to 60°C (0°F to 140°F). The system records temperatures from –5°C to 50°C (20°F to 120°F) and withstands pressures up to a maximum of 10 bar (145 lb/in.2). Electro-Chemical Devices (Irvine, Calif.).



The ETS 6 has been added to the ETS series of electrically operated expansion valves. Designed to control liquid injection into evaporators, the valve regulates refrigerant flow by offering 480 steps from fully closed to fully open and ensures precise resolution for better control of superheat, even at low flow rates. The ETS 6 is designed to help improve energy efficiency in refrigeration, heat pumps, and air-conditioning systems. The valve is compatible with all common refrigerants, including R410A, R407C, R404A, and R134a. Compact and lightweight, it also can be used in heat-pump systems with biflow operations. Danfoss (Baltimore).


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