October 2010, Vol. 22, No.10


Centrifugal blowers
Hoffman® Revolution, a line of high-speed centrifugal blowers, is designed for applications in the gas and oil, air separation, renewable energy, and water and wastewater treatment industries. The R-200 and R-300 blowers are capable of flows from 2500 to 8500 ft3/min and pressures from 3 to 15 lb/in.2. The systems use active magnetic bearing technology, patented surge-control technology, permanent magnetic synchronous motors, integrated human–machine interfaces, programmable logic controllers, and variable-frequency drives. Other features include simple operation, reliability, and 25% to 45% energy savings. The blowers are designed to control surge and speed to leverage turndown and maximize power savings by tracking the position of the rotor and actual surge point regardless of changing environmental conditions. Gardner Denver Inc. (Quincy, Ill.).


Polypro ball valve
The series EBVA electrical actuator, a multivolt actuated polypro ball valve, is designed to automatically accept almost any input power signal. The valves are molded with nonpigmented plasticizer-free homopolymer resin. Suitable for pure-water and chemical applications, the valves meet FDA and NSF requirements and are available in sizes 0.375 to 2 in. The standard voltage range is 85 to 240 VAC or VDC. An optional version is offered for 12- to 24-VAC or VDC operation. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc. (Cedar Grove, N.J.).

Mixing-tank system
The Turnkey Mix Tank, a mixing-tank system designed for manufacturers of liquid coatings, handles batches 50 times the size of the prior manual method. For increased production and revenue, the system combines a 250-gal linear polyethylene tank, two air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, a 10-µm outlet filter, and a custom-designed, air-driven mixer with specially-coated shaft and impellers. The tank mixes, blends, filters, and dispenses the liquid coating product and features a powder-coated tubular steel framework on heavy-duty locking casters. Terracon (Holliston, Mass.) and New England Sales (Pembroke, Mass.).


Pressure pump
The H800 high-pressure pump is designed to transfer viscous, solids-laden slurries at high discharge pressures. It uses a 3:1 pressure ratio of inlet air supply to discharge fluid. Engineered with the latest technological advancements in air-distribution systems, the pump includes a ringed air-valve piston for reliability and longer life in filtration, chemical sludge transfer, and industrial applications. Available in stainless steel and ductile-iron-bolted construction, the pump is designed to achieve discharge fluid pressures up to 17.2 bar (250 lb/in.2). The system’s maximum flow rate is 360 L/min (95 gal/min) and maximum inlet air pressure is 5.9 bar (85 lb/in.2). Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC (Grand Terrace, Calif.).


The EPDM gasket, constructed of a clean EPDM compound, does not contribute to microbial growth that can clog membranes and may reduce microbial growth in reverse-osmosis systems by eliminating all possible organic nutrients that support microbial growth and cause membrane biofouling. The new gasket could reduce microbial growth up to 75 times that of other gaskets, which, the company’s research team found, can introduce microoganism-feeding nutrients. The gasket is designed to reduce costs and plant downtime resulting from maintenance and replacement of filtration media. Victaulic (Easton, Pa.).


Supercritical-fluid extractor
The SFT-100XW Supercritical Fluid Extractor (SFE) system, suitable for use in teaching laboratories and initial process development work, is designed to perform extractions in supercritical-fluid media and investigate the feasibility of applying technologies to various analyses and processing challenges. The SFT-100XW accommodates pressure vessels up to 500 mL and can be configured to run with multiple vessels. Dual-sapphire syringe pump technology accurately pressurizes the system’s stainless steel vessel, which can contain fluids at pressures up to 69 MPa (10,000 lb/in.2). It features an integrated preheater for consistent fluid temperature in the extraction vessel. The unit enables users to extract very low levels of key components from materials or process large amounts of bulk material. Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. (Newark, Del.).


Electromagnetic flowmeter
A full-profile-insertion (FPI) electromagnetic flowmeter, the FPI MagTM, features additional sensing electrodes designed to provide increased sensitivity, and continuous measurement and reporting of average flow rate. The meter also compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl, turbulence, and low-flow conditions. Packaged in a heavy-duty Type 316 stainless steel sensor body and coated with an NSF-certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating, the meter is designed to be a cost-effective solution for medium-size and large lines. The compact, single-piece system installs without interrupting service and can be removed without depressurizing pipes for inspection, cleaning, or calibration. McCrometer (Hemet, Calif.).



Full drain outlet
The full drain outlet (FDO) assembly for tanks 2500 gal and larger provides the ability to drain a tank without mechanically installed nozzles. The outlet can be used in situations where heavy solids or salts accumulate in the bottom of the tank. Designed to help eliminate difficult maintenance work, the system is available in 3- and 4-in. sizes with multiple expansion joint options. Outlets are built using Type 316 stainless steel, titanium, and hastelloy. The units also feature a replaceable polyethylene flange adapter that can be removed for installation and replaced when damaged. Assmann Corp. of America (Garrett, Ind.).

The Type 514-519 high-flow, diaphragm valve series features optimized, turbulence-free flow geometry for increased flow-rate performance and lower energy consumption. The design provides linear flow and control characteristics that improve processing stability. A self-draining feature minimizes dead space for improved hygiene and better resistance to crystallizing fluids. Top works are threaded directly onto the valve’s body, eliminating the need to retorque bolts because of thermal expansion. Available in sizes from 0.5 to 2 in., the valves’ metal-free threaded bonnet connection minimizes corrosive buildup in applications with highly aggressive media. GF Piping Systems (Schaffhausen, Switzerland).


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