September 2010, Vol. 22, No.9


Biosolids drying system
Booth No. 2327

The K-S biosolids drying system is designed to use indirect drying technology with either steam or thermal fluid to produce sterile, free-flowing granular U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- classified Class A biosolids. Used to help municipal wastewater treatment plants reduce their sludge and biosolids disposal costs, the system also enables beneficial use of biosolids as soil amendments and fuel. Komline–Sanderson (Peapack, N.J.).


Butterfly valve
Booth No. 1944

The Type 57LIS butterfly valve is an industrial-quality thermoplastic valve that directly replaces metallic butterfly valves without any modification to the existing piping system. Designed for applications where metal valves constantly corrode, the valve is available in 3- to 8-in. sizes as a lever-style or with the company’s PlasgearTM plastic gear-operator. The valve conforms to ISO 5752 short face-to-face dimensions, which are designed to be the same as those of the metal it replaces. Standard models are supplied as wafer-style for installation between two flanges or factory-equipped with type 316 stainless steel lugs for end-of-line applications. Asahi/America Inc. (Malden, Mass.).


Odor-treatment chemical
Booth No. 1548

OdorFlo MPOX 40 was developed specifically to eliminate sludge odors in municipal wastewater treatment works. The product is typically injected into the sludge transfer line prior to dewatering. The system selectively oxidizes hydrogen sulfide and other reduced sulfide compounds, such as dimethyl sulfide and mercaptans, and does not react with any other organic compounds, resulting in low dosage demands. The system is designed to eliminate odor from sulfides, remove health and safety issues associated with high hydrogen sulfide concentrations, protect equipment from corrosion, and not destroy any organic materials beside sulfide compounds. SNF Polydyne Inc. (Riceboro, Ga.).

Pipeline scanner
Booth No. 6413

The PANORAMO® 150 is the newest system in the PANORAMO 360º Pipeline Scanner product line. The 150 system was designed for 6- to 12-in. pipelines. It provides users with the same increased speed, increased safety, and decreased operational costs as the standard manhole-inspection systems. This system is designed for contractors and cities that want to increase the speed and accuracy of their pipeline assessments. RapidView IBAK North America (Rochester, Ind.).


Filter control system
Booth No. 7413

Filter Magic®, a water and wastewater filter control system for tertiary filter plants, incorporates the latest technological advances to perform well while reducing costs. The system controls the flow of water through all media-type filters. It is pre-engineered for new plants and designed for retrofitting in existing plants. Filter Magic/Industrial Control Systems (Sandston, Va.).


Wireless base station
Booth No. 3335

The self-contained K2 Wireless Base Station portable closed-circuit television inspection system is mounted in a compact, lightweight, rugged, weatherproof enclosure that can fit into an all-terrain vehicle, van, trailer, or pickup truck to access easements and hard-to-reach areas. A hand-held portable wireless control operates the company’s cameras, transporters, and reels for a 4- to 200-in. pipe inspection. A heavy-duty reel is supplied with a rotating-side-load feed-out assembly, optional automatic payout, and up to 1500 ft of high-strength, lightweight video cable. Camera options include a built-in inclinometer, sonde, or laser diode system to measure cracks and offsets. CUES Inc. (Orlando, Fla.).


Control system
Booth No. 5857

The P3 Pakscan master station now enables users to choose a fully wired loop for control and monitoring, a fully wireless system, or wired control with wireless monitoring. The new Pakscan P3 Wireless network system is designed to provide easy access to asset management information. Built-in Web pages make it possible to easily extract actuator data-logger and configuration files from the control room. Rotork Controls Inc. (Rochester, N.Y.).


Double-diaphragm pumps
Booth No. 5429

This line of air-operated double-diaphragm pumps is designed to provide stall-free and pulse-free operation for a range of industrial pumping applications. Suitable for fluid handling, the pump provides high air efficiency with an increase in flow at rates of zero to 275 gal/min and includes a stall-free modular air valve for low pulsation and a smooth changeover. Available in metallic and nonmetallic body materials, the pumps are designed to handle pressure up to 235 lb/in.2; be low-maintenance; require little downtime; and provide leak-free operation, long diaphragm life, and increased material strength. VerderGPM (Macon, Ga.).


Pressure transmitter
Booth No. 5040

The PSD-30 pressure transmitter features a 0.35-in., light-emitting diode display, single or dual NPN or PNP solid-state switches, and user-friendly three-key operation. The programming buttons provide tactile feedback designed for immediate confirmation that the touch event was registered by the transmitter. The transmitter is available with 4–20-mA two-wire or 0–10-V three-wire analog signal outputs. The M12 × 1 electrical connection and display rotate independently to maximize visibility. The PSD-30 is available in ranges from 15 to 8000 lb/in.2. WIKA Instrument Corp. (Lawrenceville, Ga.).

GXV glass
Booth No. 1863

GXV pH glass formula is designed to streamline inventories. The GXV formulation is suitable in low-ionic-strength solutions, as well as high-pH applications, and is specially designed to have fast response time with high accuracy and repeatability. GXV is designed to register sample pH in less than 20 seconds, producing a result correct to within 0.02 pH units and reproducible over the entire pH range of zero to 14. Van London pHoenix Co. (Houston).


Integrated treatment process
Booth No. 6629

The Headworks Integrated Treatment (HIT™) process is a compact wastewater treatment plant designed to be expandable, portable, and easy to operate. The HIT process provides a complete solution — screening, grit removal, moving-bed biofilm reactor or integrated fixed-film activated sludge treatment, clarification, and tertiary filtration —with low investment and operational costs. The system can be installed as a stand-alone process or to enhance or upgrade the treatment potential of existing activated sludge systems. Headworks Inc. (Houston).

Abandoned-service sleeve
Booth No. 6038

The 6636 abandoned-service sleeve is designed to seal off abandoned or decommissioned 0.75-in. and 1-in. main stops without requiring removal of the main stop from the direct-tapped pipe. This prevents disruption in water service to customers and prevents the need for rechlorination of lines that can be required with atmospheric exposure. Robar Ind Ltd. (Surrey, British Columbia).


Booth No. 2155

The model 1020™ controller is designed to provide accurate monitoring of water treatment chemicals when used with the company’s drum, tank, platform, and ton cylinder scales. It is suitable for measuring the usage of chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, and other chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment applications. The controller features an easy-to-use interface; one or two channels, each with 4–20-mA standard; and a display showing pounds, kilograms, gallons, or liters. System options include up to four setpoints, programmable for high or low-level alarms with relay contacts. Scaletron Industries Ltd. (Plumsteadville, Pa.)

Sand filter
Booth No. 505

The Manz Slow Sand Filter™ enables on-demand operation with ease of cleaning by using a backwash process under low pressure. This results in a wide range of water treatment applications while retaining the pathogen removal characteristics of a traditional slow sand filter. As a polishing filter, it is designed to provide effective, low-cost solutions for removal of arsenic, manganese, or iron with less chemical use or wastewater production. While appropriate for use at any scale, the system is designed to be affordable, offer ease of maintenance, and provide simple operation, all of which makes it uniquely suitable for smaller communities. Oasis Filter International Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta).

Process management system
Booth No. 1601

The IntelliPro® process management system now includes biological nutrient removal and automatic chemical addition capabilities. The system provides a link between operations, equipment, and treatment goals, with the added benefit of energy and time savings. The system offers beneficial features for operators, including calculation of process parameters, instrumentation feedback, enhanced process trending and status response, process optimization through automatic adjustment of biological and chemical nutrient removal, on-line process support through the BioAlert™ notification and guidance system, and operations and maintenance support tools. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. (Loves Park, Ill.).

Booth No. 1630

The NanoCourier™ transmitter, available with spread-spectrum or satellite telemetry, can transmit data to a home or office computer or make data available on the Internet. The system is suitable for specific applications, such as sending flow or soil-moisture data. With essential features and all-in-one small packaging, the transmitter has low standby current, making it suitable for solar sites. Many flowmeters and frequency output devices are supported by the transmitter with no additional interface circuitry required. It includes a set of configurable parameters that add versatility to many monitoring applications, such as time averaging and peak reading over adjustable times. Automata Inc. (Nevada City, Calif.).

Grinder pump
Booth No. 1015

The MTS grinder pump has a patented macerator design with scissor-cutting action that reduces solids to a fine fluid that can be easily pumped. The pump’s efficient design and nonclogging operation make the MTS a suitable pump for drainage and wastewater treatment, as well as solids and wastewater handling. Wilo USA LLC (Melrose Park, Ill.).

Automatic self-cleaning filter
Booth No. 1654

The V-200PA plastic automatic self-cleaning filter provides a cost-effective solution where automatic removal of organic and/or inorganic suspended solids is required. The filter includes all of the features of the patented V-series design and is available in 2- and 3-in. sizes, which are capable of handling 20 to 220 gal/min (1.3 to 13.91 L/s), 30 to 150 lb/in.2 (206 to 1034 kPa), and filtration from 1500 to 10 micron. The filters are designed to self-clean in less than 15 seconds. VAF Filtration Systems Ltd. (Arvada, Colo.).


Booth No. 2264

The Dynamic Lifter® is a patented compact wastewater relief valve designed to offer minimum maintenance and ensure that it will open quickly and consistently when needed. The new surge anticipator is a safety feature on the pneumatic dynamic lifter designed to force the valve open if there is a power failure and a surge ensues. This solution is suitable for wastewater, industrial waste, and stormwater systems that are under high pressures or have space limitations and where reliability is critical. Singer Valve Inc. (Surrey, British Columbia).

Booth No. 5743

The model 20 HT and GT units feature a gearbox designed specifically for agitator service. Available in right-angle (HT) and parallel-shaft (GT) configurations, these rugged units can be tailored to meet virtually any process, from critical chemical reactor systems to storage applications. Combining the two agitators into a modular design package has enabled optimization of mixing applications and provides flexibility to handle changing requirements. Chemineer Inc. (Dayton, Ohio).

Activated sludge system
Booth No. 5527

The Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix (ISAM™) activated sludge system provides tertiary-level wastewater treatment with integral sludge reduction in one process. Anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic zones in the biological process provide a suitable environment for biochemical oxygen demand reduction and nutrient removal. Sludge reduction is inherent in the ISAM™, with low power usage through sludge recycling, solids separation, and anaerobic destruction. Sludge production is as much as 85% less than other systems without the need for separate sludge-reduction processes. Fluidyne Corp. (Cedar Falls, Iowa).

Control panels
Booth No. 5119

Variable-frequency drive (VFD) panels are specifically designed for irrigation-pump pressure-control applications up to 125 hp. Units are shipped within 48 hours from time of order. Each VFDC-1300 quick-ship control panel is equipped with a VFD in a ventilated NEMA 3R enclosure, a system controller, and a pressure transmitter. Each is factory tested and preprogrammed for each application to help make installation and startup simple and quick. SJE-Rhombus (Detroit Lakes, Minn.).



Variable-frequency drive
Booth No. 3405

The VARIOspeed™ variable-frequency drive is designed for constant-pressure-control applications. As the flow and head conditions change in the pumping system, the system automatically controls the pump speed and maintains a constant discharge pressure. Available from 5 to 150 hp at 208 to 240 V, and 5 to 250 hp at 380 to 480 V with single-phase or three-phase supply voltage, the system features P.I.D. control, energy optimization control, adjustable electronic overload, automatic system restart, and high- and low-pressure alarms. The standard system is supplied in a NEMA 3R enclosure with a zero to 200-lb/in.2 pressure transducer. CSI Controls (Ashland, Ohio).


Denitrification upflow filter
Booth No. 7658

The denitrification upflow filter is a patent pending, engineered solution that meets low total nitrogen requirements of less than 10 mg/L for a variety of wastewater applications. The filter is designed to meet the need for a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable denitrification solution. It is designed so that no chemical additives are required, and the company will guarantee the system meets discharge requirements. In addition, it has no moving parts and requires only minimal energy and maintenance with low capital and life-cycle costs. Integrated Water Services Inc. (Pleasanton, Calif.).


Tank cleaner
Booth No. 801

The E-Z8 rotary impingement tank cleaner, used in conjunction with a jetter truck or the GobyJet, a portable pump system, is a safe and fast way to clean wet wells, lift stations, and large tanks. This automated tank-cleaning machine produces high-powered cleaning jets to scour the entire inside of the vessel in a 360-degree repeatable and reliable pattern, emulsifying grease from the tank interior. The machine is fluid-driven and designed to eliminate the need for confined-space entry. Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. (Exton, Pa).

Selector valve
Booth No. 5319

The Shand & Jurs 97190 3-way selector valve is designed to enable safe and efficient maintenance of redundant pressure-relief systems without process interruptions. This is achieved through the smooth operation of the valve, allowing full flow from the primary system to be diverted to the secondary while providing positive shutoff for the isolated system. The switching of the systems through a single valve only requires one connection into the pressure vessel, enabling the quick changeover and avoiding costly depressurization of the system. L&J Technologies (Hillside, Ill.).


Pneumatic mixing system
Booth No. 3550

The BioMix system may be installed in numerous wastewater treatment mixing applications, including biological process basins (anaerobic, anoxic, or aerobic), digesters (anaerobic or aerobic), sludge holding tanks, channels, pump stations, and equalization tanks. The system connects to programmable logic controllers, which tell it when to fire short bursts of compressed air through engineered floor-mounted nozzles to mix and provide performance, cost, and environmental benefits. EnviroMix (Charleston, S.C.).

Booth No. 5349

Measure flow from outside a pipe with the Portaflow PT500 transit-time flow meter. It is designed for clean liquids, such as water, oils, and most chemicals. Recommended for troubleshooting, spot checks, and balancing flow, the meter works on pipes with an outside diameter from 0.51 to 78 in. (13 to 2000 mm). Clamp-on sensors mount on the outside of plastic or metal pipes, and ultrasonic signals are injected through the pipe between the two sensors. The flowmeter features a large, backlit graphics display, 4–20-mA output, data logger, RS232 and USB outputs, user-friendly operating system with a quick-start calibration menu, and ability to store calibrations for up to 20 different sites. It operates 16 hours on its internal battery and recharges overnight. Greyline Instruments Inc. (Massena, N.Y.).


Vent lock cover
Booth No. 1129

The standard 38-in. composite cover and frame with a patented venting lock system is designed to securely lock the cover to the frame yet allow the cover to lift and vent in the event of a surcharge. Once the surcharge pressure has been reduced, the cover returns to the closed position. The composite system is designed to be high strength, lightweight, and provide an ergonomic solution, along with corrosion resistance. The system meets both the AASHTO M306-05 H-20 and EN 124 D400 load ratings for highway traffic installations. GMI Composites Inc. (Muskegon, Mich.).



Flow monitor
Booth No. 6039

The FlowShark® Triton is a flow monitor with four combined technology sensors for versatile and redundant monitoring. The system offers multiple depth and velocity sensors, with cross-checking of measurements for accuracy in standard and challenging hydraulics. Velocity measurements include peak Doppler, profiling, and surface. Designed to provide an affordable solution for the challenges of flow monitoring, the system is a fit-for-purpose monitoring device. ADS LLC (Huntsville, Ala.).

Booth No. 6533

The GridBLOK™ delivery system is designed to eliminate the threat of media settling. It is a monolithic structure-based system composed of adsorbent materials that function as a gas filter within the newly developed PuraGRID™ filter. The PuraGRID is designed to supply a large amount of chemical filtration with a minimal pressure drop. The filter features no bypass and a dust-free filter design. The media delivery system is designed to provide increased operational performance and energy savings. Purafil Inc. (Doraville, Ga.).


Wastewater treatment system
Booth No. 1963

The BIOWORKS® wastewater treatment system uses earthen or concrete basins and a floating aeration system to produce a high-quality treated effluent. The system combines high process stability with minimal investment and operating and maintenance costs for a variety of applications in municipalities, towns, villages, rural areas, and industrial settings. Components of the system include the OXIWORKS® aeration system and OXIRISE® maintenance and retrieval system. Other features include nitrification, denitrification, and biological phosphorus removal, as well as a cross-flow clarifier for optimum settling efficiency. Bioworks (Richmond Hill, Ga.).


Batch reactor wastewater treatment system
Booth No. 1963

The advanced sequencing batch reactor (ASBR) wastewater treatment system is designed to produce high-quality effluent and remove biological nutrients with low capital investment and operating costs. ASBR provides an optimal process solution for various municipal and industrial treatment applications. The system also is designed to have a small footprint with fewer tanks, high-efficiency aeration that minimizes power consumption, minimal equipment for easy maintenance and operation, and robust equipment for long service life and reliability. Single or multiple basins give operational flexibility, with treatment capabilities ranging from 5000 gal/d to more than 50 mgd. AWT Technologies Inc. (Calgary, Alberta).


Rack system
Booth No. 1463

The T-Rack®vario is a compact rack system featuring feed and drain pipes integrated in the end caps of the modules. Filtrate connections are welded to the module bodies and headers, and there are no O-rings. All the flanges of the header pipes are mounted in the same plane. The modules can be arranged in either two or four rows, and each row can be operated as a separate filtration line. The system is designed to offer flexibility and help keep investment and operating costs to a minimum. inge watertechnologies AG (Greifenberg, Germany).


Vacuum pump
Booth No. 427

The oil-less vacuum pump series is designed to provide high air-handling capabilities and fast priming while providing an oil-less vacuum-assisted automatic priming system. By eliminating the need for lubricating oil and all related oil accessories, the dry-running operation results in lower maintenance costs, less downtime, and a more eco-friendly environment. The portable pump series is designed to be durable, efficient for longer life, and cost-effective, with lower fuel costs and efficient operations. The pumps are available with automatic start–stop controls for more fuel savings. Thompson Pump (Port Orange, Fla.).


Booth No. 2851

The intelligent IQ blower package range delivers pressure to 15 lb/in.2, vacuum to 16 in. Hg, and air flows from 200 to 1400 icfm. The large, 50- to 100-hp factory-direct blower package features quiet operation designed to reduce sound levels by as much as 20 dBA, intelligent digital monitoring, and integrated full-voltage starter or optional variable-frequency drive for premium efficiency. Blower options include the DuroFlow®, Sutorbilt® Legend® DSL, and HeliFlow®. Gardner Denver Inc. (Quincy, Ill).

Telemetry system
Booth No. 5016

STS Gold Telemetry Systems are designed to provide a cost-effective, efficient method to access remote water data. Built for Solinst Leveloggers, the systems combine data loggers with intuitive software designed to provide a reliable monitoring solution. With the addition of land-line communication options, STS Gold is suitable for water supply facility management and for large properties where Ethernet connections are available at each monitoring location and a home-station computer. Stations can be powered by direct AC and backed up by standard 12-V batteries. Two-way communication between data loggers and your computer provides full control of your data and alarms. Solinst Canada Ltd. (Georgetown, Ontario).


Booth No. 1051

The EE-Pac blower system is a variable-flow and variable-pressure machine with turndown capability and remains efficient across the entire operating range. For variable processes that require high efficiency at all operating points, the system is designed to be energy-efficient and keep capital expenses and operating costs low. Units are capable of flows up to 3100 ft3/min and are equipped with an onboard control system and touch-screen human–machine interface to enable local or remote control. The EE-Pac can be placed indoors or outdoors because of its durable, weather-tight enclosure. Universal Blower Pac (Noblesville, Ind.).


Servers and workstations
Booth No. 2409

The PlantPAx process automation system is designed to help engineers efficiently build a process automation system. With preinstalled software and a preconfigured operating system, visualization servers and operator workstations help reduce the time and costs associated with specifying, procuring, and installing system hardware and software. Available for shipping, the initial offering includes two process application system servers that can be used to host human interface displays and consolidate data access, and one operator workstation which serves as the window to the process. Rockwell Automation Inc. (Milwaukee).

Hydrogen sulfide analyzer
Booth No. 3200

The Jerome® J605 hydrogen sulfide analyzer has an accuracy of ±1 ppb at the calibration of 5 ppb, which fulfills U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for hydrogen sulfide testing. The analyzer has a resolution of 20 ppt and detects hydrogen sulfide levels as low as 3 ppb. Communication options and data acquisition are designed to be easy, with USB communication, SCADA compatibility through 4–20-mA output, and menu-driven programming options. Arizona Instrument LLC (Chandler, Ariz.).


Ultraviolet lamp
Booth No. 1427

The Solo Lamp™ is a powerful high-efficiency ultraviolet lamp that is paired with the energy-efficient Solo Lamp™ Driver. Combining the best features of both low- and medium-pressure lamps, the lamp is designed to have low power consumption, using one-third the energy of medium-pressure lamps, low lamp count, low carbon footprint, long lamp life at greater than 12,000 hours, and simplified ultraviolet system maintenance. The lamp is designed to provide ultraviolet technology that is energy-efficient with a small footprint. Trojan Technologies (London, Ontario).

Modeling and GIS software
Booth No. 6056

MIKE URBAN collection system modeling software is an urban water modeling and geographical information system (GIS) designed to set new standards for GIS integration, productivity, ease of use, and visualization. The system covers all urban water, including all types of sewers and stormwater drainage systems, including two-dimensional overland flow and water-distribution systems. The modular system comes in different sizes to fit project needs and budgets, and all packages enable the user to edit network data in GIS and run simulations of collection systems, as well as water-distribution systems. By providing a single software package for all urban water modeling, the system is designed to maximize productivity, investment, and time. DHI Water & Environment Inc. (Hørsholm, Denmark).

Green package treatment system
Booth No. 3171

The AlgaePac package wastewater treatment plant provides low-energy tertiary treatment. Featuring Algaewheel® technology, AlgaePac combines algal and bacteriological processes in a controlled symbiotic relationship for expanded eco-treatment. Algae convert nutrients directly to algae-biomass while producing oxygen that is used by bacteria. Bacteria convert organic wastes into carbon dioxide that is used by the algae. High-Btu-value biomass from the system is a renewable biomass source for biofuel production, cogeneration, or fertilizer, or it can be digested. AlgaePac’s modular prepackaged design enables quick installation and easy expansion. Oldcastle Precast Inc. (Auburn, Wash.).

Smart probes
Booth No. 1615

The Hach HQd digital meters and IntelliCAL™ smart probes are customized electrochemistry systems that provide a solution for water quality testing. The meters provide measurement flexibility with interchangeable probes, automatic parameter recognition, calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time. The IntelliCAL™ measurement suite includes nitrate, ammonium, ammonia, fluoride, chloride, pH, conductivity, luminescent dissolved oxygen, luminescent BOD, oxidation–reduction potential, and sodium. Hach Co. (Loveland, Colo.).

Water-recycling system
Booth No. 3504

Aquacell™ water-recycling solutions provide onsite chemical-free graywater and/or blackwater purification and recycling systems for commercial and multiple-dwelling residential properties. The system processes wastewater onsite for reduced pumping energy while recycling the water for toilet flushing, irrigation, and other nonpotable purposes. Aquacell Pty. Ltd. (Katoomba, Australia) has appointed Phoenix Process Equipment as the exclusive U.S. distributor of the product. Phoenix Process Equipment Co. (Louisville, Ky.).


Booth No. 1151

The line of ZS screw blowers is designed to be, on average, 30% more energy-efficient than lobe-style blower technology and save on total electricity costs in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The ZS line uses internal instead of external compression to achieve this energy efficiency. Atlas Copco Compressors LLC (Stockholm, Sweden).

Water quality unit
Booth No. 3265

Water quality units are used on both new developments and retrofit applications to comply with the Clean Water Act by removing total suspended solids and other pollutants leaving the site. Fabricated from high-density polyethylene, the water quality unit is designed to provide watertight, long-lasting, efficient, and cost-effective treatment. The line has been developed to help engineers, owners, and developers meet complex and evolving water quality standards. Units are available in sizes from 36 to 60 in., for various flow rates. The units have been approved by the ASTM F2737 Standard Specification for Corrugated High Density Polyethylene Water Quality Units. Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (Hilliard, Ohio).


Booth No. 710

The Saertex-Liner is designed for the rehabilitation of old, corroded, or leaking sewer pipes that range in diameter from 4 to 48 in. The liner is designed to provide stability and longevity under load, elasticity and flexural strength at a low cost, and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. The liner is cured by an environmentally friendly, cost-effective ultraviolet-light method. Saertex multiCom GmbH (Saerbeck, Germany).


Booth No. 720

Featuring power-conserving microprocessor technology, the TruBlue 555 submersible transducer is designed specifically for long-term water-level measurement. Capable of storing up to 550,000 level and temperature measurements with an internal memory of 8 MB, the transducer has sampling modes that include linear, linear averaging, and event with programmable sampling rates of as many as five readings per second. The 0.75-in.-diameter unit comes in welded type 316 stainless steel or titanium, making it suitable for various applications, including brackish water and seawater. Pressure Systems Inc. (Hampton, Va.).


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Aug. 25.


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