September 2010, Vol. 22, No.9

From the Editors

“People used to call me a good writer. Now they say I can’t write at all; because, for instance, if I think anybody’s house is on fire, I only say, ‘Sir, your house is on fire.’ … I used to say, ‘Sir, the abode in which you probably passed the delightful days of youth is in a state of inflammation.’”

John Ruskin (1819–1900), art critic and essayist


We’ve made quite a few changes to the design of WE&T. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably noticed some of them already. We had several goals for this redesign, but the underlying theme for all of them is simple: To clear away the clutter and get down to the essentials.

The water industry is a serious business with public health at stake. You need the best information available to do your job. And you need it in a straightforward, easy-to-read package.

Our goal for each issue is to pack in as much useful information as possible and make sure each article lives up to its potential. The list of topics we cover is expansive, and each one is complex and intricate. By streamlining the magazine’s design, we hope that the content becomes more accessible and useful to you. We also hope you will enjoy new additions to the magazine, such as the “Projects” column, which makes its debut this month. We have several additional enhancements planned for the coming year.

As before, each issue of WE&T will include a blend of operations and engineering articles. Based on your feedback, we have changed the way in which we call attention to operations-related content. Instead of being relegated to the back of the magazine in their own section, operations stories will be distributed throughout each issue. Each operations-focused article will be marked with its own symbol — both in the table of contents and at the beginning of the article, so it will be easy to find at a glance.

Our surveys have shown that all of our readers — operators and non-operators alike — are interested in operations-related content. Therefore, it makes sense to integrate operations issues throughout the magazine where they can have greater prominence than before. We hope this new layout encourages you to check out features you might have missed previously. If you haven’t been taking advantage of some of our most popular resources, such as “Plant Profile” and “Safety Corner,” now is the perfect time.

This is your magazine. Therefore, we strive to continually improve it — both its content and its design — to meet your needs. We welcome your feedback on the new WE&T and hope you will continue to let us know what you think. Please address your comments to We look forward to hearing from you!

The Editors

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