July 2010, Vol. 22, No.7


Winery Pump
The Moyno® winery pump is suitable for winery applications, such as pumping high fining solids or transferring a tote of crushed grapes. Designed to provide gentle pumping action, portability, application versatility, and low total cost of ownership, the system has a progressing-cavity design that smoothly passes fluids and suspended solids from cavity to cavity. The pump’s process is designed to ensure that the transfer process has minimal impact on the fluid. The pump features a built-in auger feed designed to eliminate the need for a separate feed mechanism and reduce costs, a range of control options to meet specific customer requirements, and an open-throat hopper configuration that can be matched to existing process systems. Skid-mounted and stainless steel units are available. Moyno Inc. (Springfield, Ohio).


Hydroxyl Ion Fog Odor Control
The O-MEGA model v2500 hydroxyl ion fog odor-control device features a new low-power, high-output ozone-generation system and a rechargeable oxygen-generation system capable of treating enclosed chambers up to 16,000 ft3 and up to 250 ppm of hydrogen sulfide. The device is designed to reliably treat large wet wells. Also, the device consumes minimal water and electricity, does not use hazardous chemicals, and requires minimal maintenance. Vapex Environmental Technologies Inc. (Oviedo, Fla.).

Mounting Chock
The RotaChock™, a self-leveling, adjustable, and reusable mounting chock, is designed for machines or equipment that require a coplanar mounting surface. The system, designed to save time in the field and minimize downtime of equipment, eliminates soft foot for equipment in production lines. The chock uses a standard thread that has a high load-carrying capacity, large bearing area on the foundation top plate, and easy adjustability for larger than the standard horseshoe-style shims. The system’s installation process of alignment, insertion, and adjustment often requires no surface preparation or the use of special tools. The chock is available in carbon steel, stainless steel 316 L, and other materials to suit the application. Machinery Mounting Solutions Inc. (Virginia Beach, Va.).


In-Line Disintegrator
The Super Shredder® in-line disintegrator reduces tough solids directly in solids or wastewater lines. The unit combines grinding capabilities with streamlined, easy-to-maintain features. Its design provides a high level of open area compared to fluid flow, making it suitable for applications requiring a heavy-duty size-reduction processor that can handle high flows with minimal headloss. The unit features a patented “spherical shredding” mechanism with few moving parts for less maintenance and two replaceable one-piece cutters for convenient maintenance and minimized downtime. Stainless steel cutters offer wear resistance. An S-250 auto-reversing control system included with the system senses jam conditions and automatically reverses. Franklin Miller Inc. (Livingston, N.J.).


Nitrate Analyzer
The Hydra Nitrate Analyzer System measures the concentration of dissolved nitrate as nitrogen in water. The system features a precision nitrate-ion selective electrode sensor with self-cleaning sprayer, which minimizes the formation of biofilms or other coatings in the system. The primary electrode measures nitrate, and the second electrode measures chloride ions. The sensor detects temperature, and the analyzer provides a temperature-compensation calculation for increased accuracy. The system measures nitrate and chloride in concentrations from 0.1 to 1000 ppm, pH from zero to 14, and temperature from 32°F to 122°F. Accuracy is ±3%, with a T90 response time of 1 minute. Electro-Chemical Devices Inc. (Irvine, Calif.).


Submersible Pressure Transducers
The CS450 and CS455 submersible pressure transducers measure pressure with a static accuracy within ±0.05% FS over a 0°C to 60°C temperature range in all pressure ranges from zero to 7.25 lb/in.2 (zero to 50 kPa) to zero to 145 lb/in.2 (zero to 1000 kPa). The transducers can output either an SDI-12 or RS-232 signal interface to data loggers or other recording devices and consist of a piezoresistive sensor housed in a metal case. The CS450 has a 316 L stainless steel case that can be submerged in most canals, wells, ponds, lakes, and streams. The CS455 has a titanium case that enables it to be used in saltwater or other corrosive environments. The tranducers include a rugged Hytrel cable that remains flexible in hard environmental conditions and incorporates a vent tube to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations. An NTP fitting enables the systems to be used in closed-pipe applications. Campbell Scientific (Logan, Utah).

The C-Level™ sensor, new in the floatless technology line, converts water pressure in a tank into a low-voltage electrical signal and sends it to the Installer Friendly Series® (IFS) control panel. The technology, designed to provide constant level monitoring of tank applications, delivers constant level monitoring to IFS panels and provides an option for redundant pump-off float and high-water alarm float. With a compact design for tight spaces, the sensor features the ability to make adjustments at the control panel and not in the tank. SJE-Rhombus (Detroit Lakes, Minn.).


Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
The series ULT ultrasonic level transmitter is designed to provide reliable, accurate, noncontact measurement of liquid levels. Designed without wearing parts and nothing to clog or jam, the transmitter is suited to handle corrosives, slurries, and fluids with solids. The unit is explosionproof rated, making it suitable for use in hazardous locations. Mapping software makes the effective measuring surface as small as a 3-in. diameter column. The transmitter features a 6-digit LCD display and simple menu structure. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).


The model ML04 Water Specialties Propeller Flow Meter™ is available with an optional transmitter that provides a 4–20-mA output, which indicates either flow rate or totalized flow volume in support of supervisory control and data acquisition systems. The meter is a steel flanged-end tube meter. It features measurement accuracy of ±2% and measures liquid flow from 40 to 35,000 gal/min, depending on line size. The ML04 is suitable for service in line sizes from 2 to 48 in. and is designed for temperatures up to 140°F. Designed with 4-in. display with 250-degree dial, 6-digit totalizer, and test sweep hand, the meter features injection-molded plastic bonnets and a hinged lid with padlock hasp to prevent unauthorized entry. The meter can be installed vertically, horizontally, or inclined. McCrometer (Hemet, Calif.).


Digital Valve Controller
The DVC6200 series digital valve controller, part of the FIELDVUE™ instrument product line, features “linkage-less” noncontact feedback technology. The instrument was designed for applications that experience high levels of vibration, corrosion, or material entrapment. The linkage-less noncontact feedback technology is designed to improve reliability by eliminating linkage wear. The system is suitable for severe environments. Emerson Process Management (Pittsburgh).

Electromagnetic Water Meter
The Waterflux 3070 electromagnetic water meter can remotely transmit flow-rate readings using the Internet or a cellular telephone. Designed for tough applications, such as water with suspended particles, bidirectional metering, or flow metering for pipes larger than DN50, the meter requires minimum maintenance. The meter features an optional compact module that includes a data logger that stores all flow data and a GSM transmitter designed for use in remote pipes or shafts. Krohne Inc. (Duisburg, Germany).


Level Sensor
The Waterpilot FMX21 level sensor for solids and wastewater has a stainless steel housing and flush-mounted process diaphragm. It uses an FMX21 ceramic cell to measure pressure. The system converts changes in pressure into a 4–20-mA signal that is linear to the level of liquid. HART 6.0 is superimposed on the 4–20-mA signal, enabling an operator to adjust the range remotely. The ceramic cell withstands corrosion, and the system is designed to enable cleaning without losing calibration. Endress+Hauser Inc. (Reinach, Switzerland).


Smart Pressure Transmitter
The series 3100 Smart Pressure Transmitter is suitable for use in hazardous locations with a 100:1 range, allowing it to be configured to fit various applications. The microprocessor-based transmitter includes flexible-pressure  calibration and push-button configuration, and is programmable using HART® communication. The zero and span buttons enable it to be configured for differential pressure or level applications. Its software is designed to compensate for thermal effects. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).


Dewatering Bag
The Ultra-Dewatering Bag is designed to prevent sediment and/or hydrocarbons from entering storm drains and catch-basin inlets. The unit can contain sediment and oil from fluids pumped out during dewatering operations. The system accommodates up to a 4-in. discharge hose and is designed to help comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stormwater management requirements. Standard sizes include 3 ft × 4 ft, 6 ft × 6 ft, 10 ft × 15 ft, and 15 ft × 15 ft. Custom sizes also are available. UltraTech International Inc. (Jacksonville, Fla.).


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