June 2010, Vol. 22, No.6

Water Volumes

Anaerobic Biotechnology and Odor/Corrosion Control for Municipalities and Industries

R.E. Speece (2008)., Archae Press, 5840 R.E. Lee Drive, Nashville, Tenn., 37215, $135, 586 pp., hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-57843-052-9.

This book changes the perspectives about anaerobic processes by systematically integrating methane and hydrogen sulfide, byproducts from sludge digestion, and sulfate reduction in wastewater treatment and collection systems. Theories and operations of methane formation and hydrogen sulfide transformation are visited, and an in-depth discussion of the microorganisms that are responsible for methane and hydrogen sulfide production are presented.

Performance optimization of anaerobic sludge digestion for municipal applications and operations considerations for industry applications are reported in detail, as are prevention of odor and corrosion formation in collection and treatment systems. Specifically, principles of the anaerobic process, including the chemical oxygen demand equivalent of methane, biological safety factors, microbial generation time, pH response, and kinetic, energetic, stoichiometric, and basic requirements to sustain microbial processes, are discussed thoroughly. In addition, approaches to odor control are described.

This book is a unique resource for understanding theories and optimizing design and operation of municipal solids digesters and industrial anaerobic treatment processes, as well as for efficient, green solutions for odor control and corrosion-formation prevention in collection and treatment systems. It has examples with complete developed calculations that are directed to the main theme: no high-math exercises, only right-to-the-point, clear, descriptive calculations. Text boxes scattered throughout the book provide a convenient way to add clarity and help with fact retention. Practical case studies offer a good way to examine how the equations and the calculations can be used daily in the field.


Gang Chen is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Florida A&M University – Florida State University (Tallahassee).