June 2010, Vol. 22, No.6


Pipe Liner
The ISG-Liner™, an air-inverted fiberglass composite liner tube, is designed to restore structural integrity to damaged pipelines without drastically reducing inner pipe diameter. The high-strength CIPP liner is vacuum-impregnated within the company’s patented translucent inversion bladder. While the liner does not stretch, the glass-reinforced liner tube provides adequate circumferential stretch, allowing the liner to conform to disfigured pipe sections. The liner has a reduced wall thickness but produces high hoop strength. LMK Technologies Inc. (Ottawa, Ill.).


The C22 controller, designed for fluoride measurement, provides multichannel comparison of measurements or inputs. The controller features a multibus design, which enables customization of up to four inputs and six outputs. A few of this instrument’s features include channel comparisons or measurement compensation; configurable conductivity concentration curves; graphical display of data; and proportional, integral, and derivative control on the outputs or up to eight optional single-pole, double-throw relays.Electro-Chemical Devices (Irvine, Calif.).

Pipe Sealant
The Loctite® QuickStix™ 5671™ PST® pipe sealant is designed to seal tapered pipe thread fittings made of stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, and other inert metals. The product is designed to deliver immediate low-pressure sealing and will not creep, shred, contaminate, or block lines. Designed to prevent corrosion and galling in threads, this off-white anaerobic paste will not shrink or crack, providing long-term reliability. Packaged in a pocket-sized, 19-g, self-feeding stick applicator, this pipe sealant can be used on active metals but will develop high-strength sealant properties. Henkel Corp. (Düsseldorf, Germany).


Mount the PDFM 5.0 portable doppler flowmeter’s ultrasonic sensor on the outside of a pipe to get a flow-rate reading instantly. The meter is designed for flow troubleshooting, spot checks, or balancing flow. Enter pipe diameter on the meter’s keypad for it to display, totalize, and data-log flow rate in the chosen engineering unit — gallons or liters. The hand-held flowmeter includes 4–20-mA output and 300,000-point data logger with USB output and Windows™ software. Other features include a rechargeable NiMH battery, backlit display, reverse-flow measurement, and menu language selection. Greyline Instruments Inc. (Massena, N.Y.).


Manhole Ventilation
The patent-pending Manhole Ventilation Passthru is designed to maintain and redirect airflow with minimal restrictions into manholes, sewers, and tanks. The system combines a low-profile air vent, 90-degree elbow, and built-in mounting in a single unit. Once placed into the manhole, the elbow fits underneath the lower crossbar on the guardrail. The unit comes with a collapsible duct stored in a small storage bag that can be dropped down into the manhole with a quick release of the drawstring. The ducting is vinyl and polyester with polyvinyl chloride coating and heat-resistant up to 180°F. The unit weighs 11 lb and is made of yellow, recyclable, low-density, high-impact polyethylene to withstand heavy use and temperature extremes. Allegro Industries (Garden Grove, Calif.).


Metering Pump
The Series 7000 mechanical-diaphragm metering pump is designed to operate without the need for contour plates on the liquid side of the diaphragm. The pump is designed for improved flow characteristics and the ability to handle corrosive liquids with viscosities in excess of 5000
centipoise. Pump capacity can be adjusted through the use of a micrometer dial while the pump is running. The suction lift of the pump is able to pull sulfuric acid as far as 25 ft from tank to tank. Neptune™ Chemical Pump Co. (Lansdale, Pa.).


Analytical Meter
The LabNavigator®, a hand-held analytical meter, collects data from a range of sensor types, including acidity, colorimeter, turbidity, spectrophotometer, conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity, force or impact, gas detection, and soil moisture. The meter enables users to input methods or instructions for reference, collect data from sensors, analyze data, review protocols, and record notes in a voice or typed format. Analysis features in graphing mode enable users to perform linear and curve fits, draw a prediction line before collecting data, display multiple graphs at once, display a tangent line on the graph, get peak integration, and make baseline adjustments. Other features include a color touch screen, real-time graphing capabilities, electrode amplifier, temperature probe, NavPilot™ data analysis software, and NavCoPilot™ method development software. Forston Labs (Fort Collins, Colo.).


Gas Flow Control Valve
The Capital Controls® series 70CV300 Chloromatic™ intelligent gas flow control valve is designed to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications. The wall-mounted system responds to multiple process signals from a water flow transmitter, chlorine residual analyzer, or both, and is integrated with a microprocessor-based controller. The system features 10 range capacities from 10 to 3000 lb/d (up to 60 kg/h) for chlorine and also is suitable for use with sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide. Severn Trent Services (Fort Washington, Pa.).


Dry Separation Screener
The APEX™ Dry Separation screener is a self-contained production screening machine with ergonomic features designed to increase process uptime and reduce operating costs. The screener uses a gyratory-reciprocating motion with positive screen cleaning. An ergonomic design enhances these features to minimize downtime and reduce operator effort. Designed to provide labor savings, improve plan operating efficiency, and increase process uptime, the system can be maintained by one person. All APEX units use pretensioned modular screen panels that are interchangeable between models. Screens are available in the range of 0.5 in. to 325 mesh. ROTEX Global LLC (Cincinnati).

Turbine-Meter Totalizer
The TM10 turbine-meter totalizer, a battery-powered wireless system, offers flow rate and total accumulated flow volume data for standard turbine meters. The TM10 field unit measures volumetric flow rates of liquids or gases by detecting the frequency of pulses generated with a standard turbine meter and applying a user-configured proportional “K” factor. Designed to provide flow-rate accuracy to ± 0.01%, the system reports field data to a centralized base radio over distances up to 5000 ft (1524 m). The self-contained unit features an integrated 900-MHz frequency hopping, spread-spectrum transceiver, antenna, long-lasting battery, and 1-in. female NPT connection. Accutech (Kamp-Lintfort, Germany).

Adapter Couplings
Hydrosert brass adapter couplings are a connection method for the water industry that is designed to be dependable and leakproof. The coupling is noncorrosive and features a design that separates and optimizes both the gripping and sealing areas of the fitting. Once assembled, the fitting is free to rotate on the HDPE pipe without affecting the watertight seal. Hydrosert fittings are pressure-rated to the design pressure of the HDPE pipe to be connected, up to 200 lb/in.2 (13.8 bar). Elster Perfection (Madison, Ohio).


Trash Pump
The Heavy Duty Trash self-priming centrifugal trash pump, suitable for dewatering applications, features cast-iron construction, cast-iron rubber-lined wear plates, and dry-running abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide mechanical seals with viton elastomers. The pump self-primes and requires little maintenance. Each model includes two or three vane impellers in sizes ranging from 3 to 8 in. with capacities up to 2600 gal/min and heads to 142 ft. Thompson Pump (Port Orange, Fla.).


Rain Gauge Teloger
The RG-32 Rain Gauge Teloger continuously monitors the output of a tipping-bucket rain gauge, collecting rainfall data through a user-defined schedule, alarm events, or both. Data are transferred automatically over a cellular network to a central host computer. It can operate up to 5 years on a single replaceable battery. The system is small enough to install on a pole or mountain platform and only requires one connection to the rain gauge to gather and transmit data. Telog Instruments (Victor, N.Y.).


MBR Package System
The Puron® Plus MBR, a skid-mounted package plant, provides a full scope of treatment processes, from prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step. The pre-engineered membrane bioreactor plants are available with capacities ranging from 5000 to 100,000 gal/d and feature PURON MBR membrane modules. The modules feature improved membrane density, reduced air-scour requirements, and simplified installation, compared to first-generation MBR membrane module designs. Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (Wilmington, Mass.).


Phosphate Analyzer
The Navigator 600 phosphate analyzer is designed to reduce the amount of reagents and maintenance associated with phosphate monitoring while providing high accuracy and reliability. Available in single-stream or multistream configurations, the analyzer enables up to six streams to be monitored sequentially. It provides current loop, Ethernet, and optional Profibus DP V1 outputs. Other features include user-programmable continuous or sampled measurements, onboard diagnostics and predictive maintenance functions, and a videographic operator interface with choice of data display formats. The system includes a built-in Ethernet communications link with onboard Web and FTP servers, enabling remote monitoring, configuration selection, and data and log file access to the analyzer from a Web browser. ABB Instrumentation (Zurich, Switzerland).


The Liquid Alarm sensor detects when drums, tanks, flasks, or beakers are close to overfilling. The sensor may be placed anywhere. The moment a solution touches the sensor, the high-decibel alarm sounds and a red LED light flashes continually until the liquid no longer touches the sensor. Designed for use with aqueous solutions that don’t attack plastic, the battery-operated system includes a 10-ft cable. Control Co. (Friendswood, Texas).

Jet Mixers
Advanced Flygt jet mixers, specially designed for demanding wastewater and sludge applications, combine the patented Flygt N-technology with ejector assembly. The mixers are designed to minimize particle settlement and subsequent sediment buildup with strong bulk flow. Suitable for situations where dry installation is preferred, the mixers deliver homogeneous sludge mixtures with energy efficiency, minimal installation costs, and low maintenance requirements. The system’s ejector assembly consists of a nozzle and ejector pipe configuration, which augments the cross-sectional area of the jet and increases the efficiency of the jet’s entry into the tank. Available in five different models with thrusts ranging between 320 and 5250 N, the corresponding Flygt N-pumps range from 2.4 to 63 kW. ITT Water & Wastewater (Gesällvägen, Sweden).


Fume-Hood Monitor
The Series 670 fume-hood monitorcontinuously senses airflow through the face of the fume hood, exhausting potentially hazardous fumes and eliminating operator exposure. The monitor is designed to provide a highly accurate hot-wire sensor to detect very low flows. This monitor provides several key features, such as simplified calibration and mounting, LED safe and alarm status indicators, audible alarm with temporary or permanent horn silence, relay alarm output, sash alarm input, and an input for night set-back. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).


Peristaltic Pump
The FLEX-PRO® A4 is a high-volume peristaltic pump. The pump has no valves that can clog, meets 3A sanitary standards, and has output pressure ratings to 125 lb/in.2 (8.6 bar). The pump includes a digital touch pad and a display of motor speed, input signal values, and service and alarm status. It includes a no-maintenance, brushless, variable-speed motor and patented tube–failure-detection system. The pump is equipped with multiple analog and digital inputs and outputs for SCADA system connections and is self-priming even against maximum line pressure. Bypass valves are not required, and the system is designed to avoid vapor lock or losing prime. Blue–White Industries (Huntington Beach, Calif.).


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