April 2010, Vol. 22, No.4


Plunger Pumps

The 7CP6111 and 7CP6171 stainless steel triplex plunger pumps feature corrosion-resistant Type 316 stainless steel liquid-end for corrosion resistance. The pumps are designed for pumping liquids, such as seawater in small reverse-osmosis installations, deionized water for misting, or hot water and sanitizers for sterile cleaning systems. The pumps offer the flexibility of either belt-drive or direct-drive bell-housing mounting, provide a compact footprint, and deliver 10.5 gal/min up to 2000 lb/in.2. Cat Pumps (Minneapolis).

Piston Pumps

The H25 and H38 Advanced™ series metal piston pumps have been designed for use in applications with low volumes and high discharge pressures. The H25 pump utilizes a simplex-action piston to create approximately a 13:1 pressure ratio of discharge fluid to inlet air supply to generate up to 110.3 bar (1600 psig). The H38 model uses a double-action piston to create a 26:1 pressure ratio of discharge fluid pressure to inlet air supply to generate up to 220.6 bar (3200 psig). The pumps are designed for applications that require discharge pressures greater than the 1:1 pressure ratio. The maximum flow rate for the H25 is 4.1 L/min (1.1 gal/min) and the maximum flow rate for the H38 is 7.6 L/min (2 gal/min), with a maximum inlet air pressure of 8.6 bar (125 psig). Both models feature wetted housings made of aluminum. Wilden (Grand Terrace, Calif.).

Speed Vane Pumps

ProVane® Motor Speed Vane Pumps are designed to reduce shaft–bearing contact and minimize friction. The pump includes the hydrodynamic journal bearing, a fluid-boundary-forming principle that eliminates shaft-to-bearing contact by hydroplaning above the bearing surface on a cushion of liquid. Designed to achieve hydrodynamic mode quickly to preserve bearing life, it also maintains optimum bearing characteristics under a wide range of operating conditions. The pump is suitable for operating speeds up to 3600 rpm, with capacities from 6 to 100 gal/min in sizes ranging from 0.75 in. to 2 in. Blackmer (Grand Rapids, Mich.).

Dewatering System

The Cinetik™ line of linear electrodewatering solutions is designed to extract water efficiently. Designed to produce high-quality biosolids with pathogen and odor reduction, the technology relies on the combined action of a controlled mechanical pressure and electro-osmosis, in which an electrical field generated inside the solids liberates and carries away the water bonded to hydrophilic particles.  Eimco Water Technologies (Boucherville, Quebec).

Diaphragm Pumps

The AH Series of high-pressure diaphragm pumps was developed for charging filter presses with chemical wastes and special sludges. The pumps have a driving pressure of maximum 7 bar with an internal pressure boost that can build a delivery pressure of up to 16 bar. The pumps are available in three sizes, based on their maximum delivery volume: AH 15 (18.5 gal/min), AH 25 (48 gal/min), and AH 40 (87 gal/min). Other built-in features include self-priming and dry-running capabilities, corrosion- and abrasion-proof housing, heavy-duty diaphragms, the maintenance-free PERSWING P® air-control system, and flange connections to DIN or ANSI. Almatec(Kamp-Lintfort, Germany).

Pneumatic and Electric-Actuated Ball Valves

The compact, lightweight BVP70/BVP80 series features a stainless steel external trim and FKM O-rings standard. It is designed to operate using an air supply of 3.5 to 8.6 bar (50 to 125 lb/in.2) and the direct valve stem coupling to actuator shaft minimizes backlash. Electric actuators feature two 0.5-NPT conduit ports and integral thermal overload protection. Omega Engineering Inc. (Stamford, Conn.).


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