March 2010, Vol. 22, No.3


Portable Liquid Management System
The BC210PA series portable liquid management system is compact, self-contained, and battery powered. The system uses the high-precision Proces-Data PD340 Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter as its sensing element. The PD340 utilizes a square measuring tube and unique full-length electrodes for a consistent magnetic field across the entire flow profile and a high turn-down ratio of up to 100:1. The PD340 is mounted in a stainless steel enclosure with a front-panel microprocessor operator interface, gel cell batteries, and 120-VAC charger. The BC210PA is available in sizes from 1 to 3 in., and a calibration certification traceable to NIST standards comes with every system. Conflow Technologies Inc. (Brampton, Ontario).

Conductivity Transmitter
The Rosemount Analytical Model 6081-C WirelessHART™ contacting conductivity transmitter is suitable for conductivity applications that are difficult or dangerous to access or too costly to perform with a wired transmitter. The system, compatible with other wireless devices, functions in a self-organizing network in which every wireless device in the network acts as a router for nearby devices for high data-transmission reliability and network availability. System features include compatibility with 2- and 4-electrode sensors, compatibility with AMS® suite, and a measurement span from zero to 600,000 µS/cm. Local device keypad access permits setup, configuration, and troubleshooting in situ and real-time monitoring of sensor condition. Emerson Process Management (Chanhassen, Minn.).

Pressure Sensors
The OEM pressure sensors from MicroSensor of China, including the models MPM280, MPM281, MPM283, and MDM290, are designed for rugged industrial applications. Various pressure ranges up to 100 MPa are available in either gauge, absolute, or differential versions. Noncorrosive, isolated construction and stainless steel packages for various media make these pressure sensors suitable for embedded applications where ruggedness, anticorrosiveness, and exposure to media are important. These industrial pressure sensors have an unamplified, linear millivolt output, which includes temperature compensation. Using an oil-filled piezoresistive pressure sensor with a stainless steel diaphragm, the pressure-sensor line is designed for durability in such applications as petroleum refineries, wastewater treatment, industrial HVAC and refrigerant systems, and liquid-level measurement. Servoflo Corp. (Lexington, Mass.).

Dissolved-Oxygen Meter
The Model DO700 portable dissolved-oxygen meter is designed for both laboratory and field applications. It measures dissolved-oxygen concentration and saturation, pH, mV, conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity, resistivity, and temperature. It also features automatic salinity compensation and manual barometric pressure compensation for dissolved-oxygen measurements. The meter features a three-point pH calibration, automatic temperature compensation, a backlit dual LCD display, a dissolved-oxygen probe with three membrane caps, and memory that stores up to 400 readings. Extech Instruments (Waltham, Mass.).

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Converter
The Series UXF3 ultrasonic flowmeter converter is paired with series SX1 or SX2 sensors to utilize the transit-time measurement method. The flowmeter, suitable for liquid flow measurements for pipes from 0.5 in. to 19.5 ft in diameter, can be configured from the front keypad to specific applications. The flowmeter’s accuracy is ±1% of the flow rate and provides resistance against aerated flow, such as sludge, untreated wastewater, and bubble-contained flow. Other features include high-speed digital signal-
processing technologies, an LCD screen, and front-panel buttons. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).


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