May 2012, Vol. 24, No.5


Chlorine sensors

The FCA-22 chlorine sensor, TCA-22 total chlorine dioxide sensor, and CDA-22 chlorine dioxide sensor are designed to fit easily into chlorine monitoring systems in a wide variety of aqueous environments. They are high-accuracy amperometric sensors, which are suited for such freshwater applications as monitoring of industrial cooling water and rinsewater, drinking water, and wastewater. Electro-Chemical Devices (Irvine, Calif.).


Membrane contactor 

The 14 × 40 Liqui-Cel® membrane contactor uses a polypropylene hollow fiber and durable polyvinyl chloride housing. The module contains 373 m2 (4015 ft2) of membrane area, with a pressure rating of 4.1 bar (60 lb/in.2). The product is National Sanitation Foundation/American National Standards Institute (NSF/ANSI Standard 61) compliant. The contactor offers a modular degassing option for many applications. Because of its hydrophobic nature, the membrane acts as an inert support to allow direct contact between a gas and liquid phase without dispersion. Membrana (Charlotte, N.C.).


Indicator light 

The K50L Sealed Audible EZ-LIGHT™ is designed to be a rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-install indicator light with an audible alarm, which are, respectively, seen and heard easily from a distance. It features a fully sealed body rated IP67 or IP69K, depending on the model. It is well-suited for use in the food and beverage industry, processing lines, and other areas prone to high levels of moisture. Banner Engineering Corp. (Minneapolis).



This series of ozone generators produces high concentrations, resulting in more-efficient water treatment and lower energy consumption. The range of generators produces between 100 g and 900 g of ozone per hour, with concentrations up to or more than 300 g of ozone produced per cubic meter of oxygen, or 20% by weight. The generators are designed to be easy to install and maintain, and feature a built-in flexible monitoring and control system. Primozone (Lund, Sweden).


Permeation tubes 

Dynacal® permeation tubes are small, inert capsules containing a pure chemical compound in a two-phase equilibrium between gas and liquid or solid phase. At a constant temperature, the device emits the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate. The devices typically are inserted into a carrier flow to generate test atmospheres for calibrating gas-analyzer systems, testing hazardous-gas alarms, or conducting long-term studies of effects on materials or biological systems. VICI Metronic Inc. (Poulsbo, Wash.).


Wafer check valve 

The polyvinyl chloride wafer check valve is installed on the discharge side of pumps to prevent backflow. The valve conforms to ISO 5752 face-to-face dimensions and is designed to be installed easily by slip-fitting the valve between two mating flanges. A directional-flow arrow on the valve body indicates the upstream and downstream sides. The design of the disc and stopper enables the disc to open fully when upstream flow is present without interfering with schedule piping and mating flanges. The valve is available in 10-in. and 12-in. sizes with ethylene propylene diene monomer seals and no spring. Asahi/America Inc. (Malden, Mass.).


Electronic valve 

The ETS 6, designed to control liquid injection into evaporators, has been added to the ETS series of electrically operated expansion valves. The new valve regulates refrigerant flow by offering 480 steps from fully closed to fully open and ensures precise resolution for better control of superheat, even at low flow rates. The valve improves energy efficiency in refrigeration, heat pumps, and air-conditioning systems. It is compatible with all common refrigerants, including R410A, R407C, R404A, and R134a. Danfoss (Baltimore).


Communication protocol software  

The Model DevCom2000 HART® communication protocol software turns a personal computer into a full featured HART® communicator. The software is designed to configure transmitters and control valves at the desktop or in the field and uses device descriptions to retrieve data stored in the memory of smart field devices. The software is designed to be a simple, reliable, and secure method to add new measurement values to control systems without the need of additional wires. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).


Chemical tubing 

Norprene® chemical tubing for water analysis and testing applications provides a coveted combination of chemical resistance and flexibility. Suited for peristaltic pumps used in water analysis, the tubing has an ultrasmooth bore designed to resist the absorption of water to maintain flow-rate accuracy. The tubing helps municipalities and environmental agencies accurately analyze the quality of water samples. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (Akron, Ohio).


Valve actuator 

Theuniversal valve actuator enables the use of a single motor and control software to operate virtually any two-position or multiposition Valco or Cheminert rotary valve. All Valco and Cheminert valves and selectors feature three actuator versions: high-speed, medium-speed/medium-torque, and high-torque. The actuators include a universal 24-V direct-current power supply and manual interface. The actuator is CE/RoHS-compliant and has a variety of interface options, including RS-232/485, universal serial bus, and binary coded decimal. Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (Houston).


Tag line 

The Solinst tag line, Model 103, uses a weight attached to a laser-marked cable, which is mounted on a sturdy, free-standing reel. It is primarily used during the installation of monitoring wells to measure depth to the bottom of a well or depth to the top of a backfill sand or bentonite layer. The 0.0625-in. (1.6-mm) stranded stainless steel wire line also can be used as a safety support line for down-well samplers, data loggers, and packers and for bailer deployment. Solinst Canada Ltd. (Georgetown, Ontario).


Test gauges  

Type 1082 and 1084 test gauges are designed for sustained accuracy and high reliability for pressure-instrument testing and certification. Available in 4.5-, 6-, and 8.5-in. diameters, the type 1082 provides ±0.25% full-scale accuracy in ranges from vacuum through 10,000 lb/in.2. The gauges also feature an external zero adjuster, temperature compensation, and Monel® wetted parts. For field calibration, the 3-in. Type 1084 pocket test gauge covers ranges to 1000 lb/in.2 with ±0.5% full-scale accuracy. Ashcroft Inc. (Stratford, Conn.).


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