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Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed for applications in the water and wastewater treatment industry that include aeration, nitrification, denitrification, aerobic and anaerobic digestion, and clarification. The agitators feature a high-efficiency gearbox. Models are available in right-angle and parallel-shaft configurations to meet specific application requirements. The agitators incorporate a modular design package that reduces the number of replacement parts that have to be carried in inventory by the customer. The agitators feature a wide range of speeds to provide improved process control and application versatility. Other features include various seal options, standard cast dry-well seal, and reversible rotation. Chemineer Inc. (Dayton, Ohio).


Centrifugal pumps 

System One® centrifugal pumps are designed for high-volume, severe-duty applications. The pumps are designed with stiff, heavy-duty shafts and large bearings to offer a wide operational window of the best efficiency point. Available on four frame variations with multiple size configurations, the line also includes a vortex pump version with capacities of 340 m3/h (1500 gal/min) that is designed to handle entrained solids without clogging. Each frame type offers low stiffness ratios. Frame S is a heavy-duty alternative to small-frame pumps delivering capacities to 102 m3/h (450 gal/min). Frames A and LD17 have the most stable shafts for their size, reducing bearing, mechanical seal, and shaft failures while reaching capacities of 320 m3/h (1400 gal/min). Frame M offers an available centerline mount for high-temperature applications and includes an optional left/right-side discharge and vertical mount configuration. Blackmer® (Grand Rapids, Mich.).


Antimicrobial concrete 

The antimicrobial concrete additive in BioConcrete™ is designed to stop bacteria growth that leads to microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) in concrete wastewater systems. BioConcrete™ contains an MIC-resistant trimethoxysilyl quats microbiocide liquid agent. Because the agent is mixed into the concrete at the time of manufacturing, the antimicrobial properties cannot wash off, chip off, or disband. The protection is impregnated into the full thickness of the concrete and lasts for the designed life of the structure. The agent works by destroying the Thiobacillus bacteria before they can convert hydrogen sulfide gas to sulfuric acid. It is safe to handle and leaves no environmental residue. Jensen Precast (Sparks, Nev.).


Panel-mount flowmeter 

The F-550 series panel-mount flowmeter is available with an optional 0.5-in. barbed hose fitting. The fitting material is polypropylene with Viton O-ring seal. The flowmeter measures liquid ranges from 2 to 20 L/min (0.5 to 5 gal/min) and gas ranges from 2 to 20 ft3/min. Additional features include a solid, one-piece machined acrylic meter body; Type 316 stainless steel floats and float guides; permanent screen-printed scales directly in front of the float for easy reading; bulkhead nuts that attach directly to the inside panel; and an optional flow-control adjustment valve. Blue–White Industries (Huntington Beach, Calif.).


Syringe filter 

The Acrodisc® MS syringe filter is certified for low extractables in high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LCMS) applications. The filter is designed to improve the accuracy of testing, enhance LCMS performance, and extend the longevity of testing instrumentation. The low extractable levels of the new syringe minimize interference with the ionization process and reduce the need for retesting. The syringe filter can be used with both organic and aqueous solvents, and offers excellent chemical resistance, good particulate retention, and minimal protein adsorption. Pall Corp. (Port Washington, N.Y.).


Ultrasonic flowmeter 

The FDT-21 ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid in a full/closed pipe with accuracy of 1% and repeatability of 0.2%. It also features a positive, negative, and net totalizer and includes a four-line LCD display. The unit comes complete with three AAA batteries, high-temperature transducers (S1 and S1H), acoustic gel, tape measure, plug-in charger, RS-232 cable, transducer cable, rugged carrying case, and operator’s manual. Omega (Stamford, Conn.).


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