January 2012, Vol. 24, No.1


Ultrafiltration module
The Liqui-Flux® W10 Ultrafiltration Module with variable connection options uses the UltraPES™ polyethersulfone membrane for inside-out operation. With 75 m2 of membrane area, this module design features the variable connect concept, which enables system integrators to accommodate the many space limitations and different water qualities faced in the field. Configurations include standard setup, compact setup, and optimized footprint. All configurations can operate in dead-end mode. Ports are available in 73-, 75-, and 76-mm sizes. Membrana GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany).


Pipeline protection mesh
The Rock Shield line of protection for pipeline coatings are diamond mesh manufactured from polyethylene. The mesh is designed to protect pipeline coatings from rock backfills or during projects where pipelines are constructed through rocky terrains. The mesh can be supplied in 100-ft-long rolls or in custom pads. The mesh protects pipeline coatings from protrusions and abrasions and is designed to withstand extreme weather and stay flexible during extreme temperatures. Rock Shield comes in standard-duty and heavy-duty options and is designed to be installed easily. Denso (Houston).


Wastewater pumping system
Flygt Experior is a wastewater pumping system designed to offer as much as 50% energy savings, compared to conventional wastewater pumps, in a package that is simple to install and easy to operate. The system features an extended range of adaptive N-impellers, which move axially upward when necessary to enable bulky materials or tough debris to pass through smoothly. N-impellers are available on all pumps between 1.6 and 8.2 kW (2.2 and 11 hp) to significantly reduce stress on the shaft, seals, and bearings. The system includes premium efficiency motors up to 78 kW (105 hp) and SmartRun controls, whichenable the pumping system to be preprogrammed and preset to handle any situation. Xylem (White Plains, N.Y.).


Pressure pipe
Designed for high-voltage AC applications, Aquatherm Climatherm® SDR 17.6 is available in diameters ranging from 6 to 24 in. Greenpipe, which is specifically engineered for potable water, is available in SDR 11 in diameters ranging from 0.5 to 18 in. Greenpipe SDR 7.4 will still be available in diameters between 0.5 and 10 in. Aquatherm Inc. (Lindon, Utah).


Telemetry system
The RemoteCONNECT™ RC45 telemetry system is a wireless data collection system designed to provide information via the Internet from installed flowmeters, pumps, and other agricultural water management sensors. The compact, entry-level telemetry solution is suitable for farmers and water districts requiring four or fewer data inputs. With two digital inputs, two analog inputs, and one analog output, the system features constant monitoring capability and an intuitive user interface. Designed to operate in rugged outdoor environments, the system includes a choice of either a 300-mA solar or 110-V AC power supply. Both include battery backup with a 5-year rechargeable battery life. Electronics are housed in a heavy-duty polycarbonate enclosure with hinged door and locking clasp for security. McCrometer (Hemet, Calif.).


The E40 bolted metallic line of pumps feature the enhanced Elima-Matic air-valve system. The E40 is a 1.5-in. air-operated, double-diaphragm, metallic-bolted pump designed to offer superior flow rate, displacement, and suction lift while maintaining air efficiency. Versa-Matic (Mansfield, Ohio).


Mobile clarifier
The ROVER system, a mobile clarifier package, is a rugged, durable in-field technology designed for primary treatment of shale-gas flowback at or near the source. Designed to provide oil- and gas-field water treatment solutions, the self-contained system, which can treat up to 10,000 barrels of flowback and produced water per day, removes suspended solids and soluble organics from shale-gas wastewater. The system returns clean brine that can be blended for reuse as hydraulic fracturing fluid. Suitable for various drilling locations, the system consists of a low-profile clarification trailer and auxiliary support trailer. Fountain Quail Water Management (Roanoke, Texas).


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