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Dissolved-oxygen meter

The DOH-SD1 series dissolved-oxygen meters include real-time secure digital card data loggers. The product features a liquid-crystal display with green-light backlighting, altitude and salt adjustments, RS-232/USB interface, and automatic temperature compensation. Omega Engineering Inc. (Stamford, Conn.).


Microbiology pump

The Sentino microbiology pump uses the membrane filter technique for microbial analysis of aqueous samples. Using a small peristaltic-action pump that draws aqueous samples through a membrane filter, the system channels filtrate directly to drain or waste collection. The pump is designed to ensure that liquid flows in one direction without the possibility of backup, minimizing the potential for sample contamination. It also includes a disposable fluid path that can be replaced before biofilm buildup becomes a contamination hazard and causes a false positive. Designed to simplify filtration while improving contamination control, the pump features a compact design, soft-touch keypad with simple on/off and pulse functions, and preset and fixed operating parameters. Pall Corp. (Port Washington, N.Y.).


Coriolis flowmeter

The Promass E 200 Coriolis flowmeter with true two-wire 4–20-mA HART technology simultaneously measures mass flow, fluid density, and temperature. The flowmeter measures such liquids as acids, alkalis, and solvents, as well as most gases. The system features built-in diagnostics and displays clear English text errors and root causes on its local display. Designed to perform safely without the need for external adapters, power supplies, or barriers, the sensor is highly immune to external disturbances and is stable under such changing process conditions as pressure, density, temperature, and viscosity. The system often can replace existing flowmeters without the need for additional hardware or rescaling of control systems. The 4–20-mA interface can replace legacy flow sensors without any change in field wiring. The system can be supplied in line sizes of 0.375 to 2 in. (DIN 8 to 50) with 904L stainless steel as a standard wetted material. Endress+Hauser Inc. (Greenwood, Ind.).


Power-factor correction bank

The StacoVAR® mini, an automatic power-factor correction bank, maintains the desired power-factor level by using a microprocessor-based controller to adjust to system load conditions. Capacitor-rated contactors with damping resistors reduce back-to-back switching currents. The system’s metalized polypropylene dry-type capacitors are placed in a compact enclosure, enabling the bank to fit in a small footprint. The heavy-duty design includes self-healing metalized polypropylene film dry-type capacitors. Each capacitor is contained in an aluminum cylindrical housing and incorporates an overpressure device and discharge resistor safety system, and includes a 5-year warranty. The system also is designed to regulate power factor regardless of plant conditions, use supplied power efficiently, and reduce costs and carbon footprints. Staco Energy Products Co. (Dayton, Ohio).


Blinding-control system

The ULTRASONEXTM blinding-control system is designed to increase sieving capacities by enabling powders to pass through screens quickly, providing high throughput, fine-screen separation, and extended mesh life. The system can be field-retrofitted to existing machines and is designed to minimize mesh binding and bridging when screening difficult or sticky materials, such as metal powders, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, powder paints, powder coatings, plastic resins, toner powders, food, and various chemicals. The system applies an ultrasonic frequency directly to the screening mesh via an ultrasonic probe. The action injects a secondary, high-frequency, low-amplitude vibration that breaks down surface tension, preventing particles that are slightly larger or smaller than the apertures from blinding or blocking the screen mesh. The system is capable of screening powders through meshes as fine as 20 µm. Also, the system features a detachable ultrasonic probe with a titanium core for durability and nonwear on contact surfaces. ROTEX Global LLC (Cincinnati).


Water-purification system

The Cactus ultraviolet (UV) water-purification system, suitable for residential and light commercial facility use, offers water treatment and purification. The system features patented crossfire technology that provides a UV dose of 40 mJ/cm at the end of lamp life. The lightweight, compact system is designed to reduce Escherichia coli, bacteria, cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, Legionella, and most viruses to safe levels. The system features air-cooled lamps and a standard antifouling system to minimize quartz fouling and allow for a wider effective temperature range. It also features elliptical reflectors to eliminate UV shadowing and increase effectiveness. UV Pure (Toronto).


Multigas scrubber

NRP 90 and NRP 135 air scrubbers are small-footprint, multigas scrubbers that not only filter but also scrub gases from the air. The air scrubbers detect gases and automatically turn on and off via electronically controlled sensors. The units are operated by battery or alternating current and can be used in locations as small as manholes. They also can be used in pump stations, lift stations, and other confined spaces. NRP Group (Cleveland).


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