December 2009, Vol. 21, No.12


Transfer Switch

The StormSwitchTM combines an industrial-grade transfer switch with color-coded cam-style connectors for quick connection to a portable power generator. The system is designed to provide portable generator hookup to lifts or pump stations when utility power is out. Utility and generator manual disconnects are interlocked to prevent cross-connecting the power sources. The system features a safety-interlocked door and dead-front panel to protect from unauthorized access and is available in 200-A, 400-A, and 600-A versions with 1 P, 3 P, 3 P+N configurations for voltages up to 600 VAC. ESL Power Systems Inc. (Corona, Calif.).

Gas Seal

The Cartex® GSDN gas seal, suitable for centrifugal pump applications, features high axial tolerance and the absence of dead space. Designed to withstand critical situations during startup and shutdown, the system features wide-sliding faces for high gas film stability. Other features include silicon carbide face materials and a diamondlike carbon (DLC) coating. Internal pressurization and centrifugal forces create a self-cleaning effect at the sliding faces during operation to prevent contamination and increase reliability, especially where the media contain solids. EagleBurgmann (Houston).

Metering Pump

The Moyno® metering pump features new pumping elements and new variable-frequency drive and motor controls to expand the scope of metering applications and enhance performance when metering low-flow liquids. The progressing-cavity design of the pump is designed to provide smooth flow, free from pulsations and variations in velocity and volume, to prevent material waste or mixture imbalance. Features include capacities from 0.1 to 400 gal/h, pressures to 300 lb/in.2, bare-shaft and close-coupled configurations, and the capability to handle substances from clear liquids to corrosive fluids. Moyno Inc. (Springfield, Ohio).

Hydro-Powered Generator

The X143HP hydro-powered generator is a renewable energy source that generates power to operate electrical equipment without connecting to an external power supply. The system uses the water flow in a pipeline to operate an auxiliary turbine, generating enough electricity to operate equipment, with excess power going to charge a battery that can be used to provide backup electricity in the event of loss of flow. Cla-Val (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Metering Pump

The HRP compact DC-driven metering pump, designed for OEM fluid-injection applications, features digitally controlled high-resolution injection capability operating from zero to 720 SPM with 0.055 cc per stroke for low-volume injection capability. Pump applications include disinfectant, detergent, and chemical injection. The system features four external control options and is available in 12-V or 24-V DC configurations, with flows ranging from zero to 38 mL/min and pressures to 0.2 MPa. Iwaki America Inc. (Holliston, Mass.).

Telemetrics System

Grundfos Remote Management, an Internet-based telemetrics system, is designed to provide municipal utilities with timely information to keep wastewater and water supply systems operating effectively. Monitoring and control tasks can be performed from a computer. Performance data collected from the pumping installation enables prioritization and planning of maintenance and larger renovation projects. The system tracks changes in pump performance using trend graphs. Users can upload aerial photos or maps and Òdrag and dropÓ installations to their actual locations. The startup screen shows details of problem type and location. Grundfos Management A/S (Bjerringbro, Denmark).

Epoxy Coatings

PermaSafe 100, PermaClean 100, CeramaPure PL90, and CeramaPure TL70 ceramic epoxy coatings are designed for steel, concrete, and iron for potable and wastewater uses. Induron Coatings (Birmingham, Ala.).

Gas Regulator

The Model 3011/3041 blanket gas regulator is designed to eliminate the need for a multiple regulator system or pilot-operated blanketing valves. The line now includes 0.5-in. connection sizes, designed to provide a more cost-effective solution for lower-volume processes requiring lower flow capacities. It features direct-acting, modulating valves with a patented force-multiplying linkage, single-stage regulation from 200 psig to 0.5 in., WC, and a spring-loaded balanced piston design. Groth Corp. (Stafford, Texas).

Channel Grinding

The Taskmaster Titan (TM 22000) twin-shaft channel-grinding technology features heavy construction for tough application requirements and large cutting chambers for handling bulky solids. The system includes two counter-rotating shafts with one cutter stack intermeshing with a second that has a greater diameter. This design leads to efficient feeding, reduction of bulky solids, and higher flow capacity. The system also is available as Titan Duplex, which features twice the cutting area for higher-flow and wider-channel applications. The unit features a 10-hp motor and cycloidal gear drive. They are provided with a PLC-driven S260 automatic-reversing control system, as well as true-submersible explosionproof motors that can operate while continuously submerged. Franklin Miller Inc. (Livingston, N.J.).


The Quick4 Plus line of chambers is designed for maximum strength in onsite septic wastewater treatment applications through its center structural column design. Two models in the line include the Quick4 Plus Standard LP, suitable for shallow installations at 8 in. tall, and the Quick4 Plus Standard, designed for all installations at 12 in. tall. Both feature the Contour Swivel ConnectionTM, which enables 10-degree turns for advanced contouring capability. Systems also feature the Quick4 Plus all-in-one end cap for pipe connections and the Quick4 Plus all-in-one periscope with 180-degreedirectional inletting for raised-inlet elevations. Infiltrator Systems (Old Saybrook, Conn.).


The CSCPC4 microprocessor-based controller for pressure booster applications features automatic alternation, data logging, and communication capabilities. The system is capable of controlling up to four variable-
frequency drives. The system features a backlit graphic display that enables the operator to monitor pressure, pump speeds, and alarm status. The menu-driven setup is designed to make navigation and configuration quick and simple. The system comes with a 1-year limited warranty. CSI Controls¨ (Ashland, Ohio).

Peristaltic Hose Pumps

The King Cobraª Peristaltic Hose Pumps are available in larger pump sizes with factory-supplied drive options and improved availability in the Western Hemisphere. Pumps are available in sizes from 0.63-in. barbed connection through 4-in. ANSI flange connection. The maximum available flow ranges from 18.2 to 47.9 m3/h (80.1 to 211 gal/min). Available to be ordered and shipped from Blackmer® in Grand Rapids, Mich., the pumps can be ordered as bare-shaft pumps or with various drive options, including integral gear motor, C-face gear reducer, and C-face gear reducer with TEFC. Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC (Grand Terrace, Calif.).

Dissolved-Air Flotation System

The HD2 XLRatorTM series dissolved-air flotation system maximizes total suspended solids removal while minimizing chemistry usage and sludge production. The system features the Tru Counter-Cross FloTM plate pack, the ParaLam WeirTM system, the integrated pipe flocculator, and the Rogue Max RGTTM regenerative-turbine aeration system. The system’s chassis and vessel are constructed from welded AISI Type 304 stainless steel with noncorroding components. Model sizes range from 50 to 1200 gal/min. Process Engineered Water Equipment LLC (Camas, Wash.).


The Multibore membrane is flexible and resistant under heavy loads and designed to make the ultrafiltration process reliable. The membrane features increased permeability, increased flow rate, and retention levels greater than log 4 for MS2 phages. Higher permeability means that lower transmembrane pressure is required for treatment plant operations. inge watertechnologies AG (Greifenberg, Germany).

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