December 2006, Vol. 18, No.12

Water Volumes

Water Volumes

 Mechanism and Design of Sequencing Batch Reactors for Nutrient Removal
Nazik Artan and Derin Orhon, IWA (2005). Alliance House, 12 Caxton St., London SW1H 0QS, United Kingdom, 116 pp., $100, paperback, ISBN 1843390825.

The sequencing batch reactor (SBR), an activated sludge process designed to operate under nonsteady-state conditions, is the most promising and viable approach for removing organic carbon and nutrients. This book covers SBR process description, process design for carbon removal, process design for nutrient removal, and methods for process performance evaluation. It is a handy manual for environmental engineers and other professionals working in wastewater engineering design. It also is a useful reference for students studying in the discipline of civil and environmental engineering.

The book focuses on practical design. It provides specific technical guidelines of SBR process design for carbon and nutrient removal, which are addressed separately. In this book series, a unified design approach is adopted, primarily based on relevant process stoichiometry. Specific emphasis is also placed on SBR performance evaluation based on model simulations. The various figures, graphs, and flow sheets provided enhance the text and provide a better understanding of the SBR process and performance.

Gang Chen is an assistant professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Florida State University (Tallahassee).