December 2006, Vol. 18, No.12



 Variable Speed AC Drive
The latest in the line of Telemecanique® Altivar® variable-speed AC drives, the Altivar 61 offers a wide range of functions for centrifugal pumps and fans. It’s the solution for OEMs, end users, and system integrators requiring an easy-to-use product with a high level of functionality, customization, and energy efficiency. Schneider Electric(Palatine, Ill.).

Grease Interceptor
The Automatic Grease Interceptor is designed to keep large amounts of pipe-clogging fats, oils, and grease from entering the sanitary sewer system. This interceptor helps all kinds of restaurants and food-processing facilities comply with sewer pretreatment regulations. Maintenance is easy. The removable screen basket separates and contains food scraps and solids. Grease is skimmed from the surface of the interceptor and drained into a bucket or barrel. Lowe Engineering(Friedens, Pa.).

Dual-Syringe Pump
The Harvard Apparatus Pump 33 dual-syringe pump provides two independent pumping channels linked through hardware and software. The pump features four modes of operation. The reciprocal–parallel mode allows the two pumping mechanisms to run independently in the same or opposite directions. The proportional mode allows different flow rates and syringe diameters to be set up for each syringe holder. The auto-stop mode terminates operation when a limit switch is activated, and the continuous-run mode reverses direction at the flip of a limit switch. Harvard Apparatus Inc.(Hollister, Mass.).

Dewatering Pump
The BS-2750 is a slim-design, submersible pump made entirely of stainless steel and engineered to handle corrosive liquids with a pH range of 2 to 10. Because of its slim design, the BS-2750 can be used for active dewatering in tight spaces. The pump is available in 230-, 460-, and 575-volt three-phase versions, and is rated at 13 hp. ITT Flygt Corp.(Trumbull, Conn.).

Stormwater Chambers
The Recharger® V8™ stormwater detention–retention chambers are designed to increase the water storage capabilities of underground stormwater systems. The V8 chambers can be used for retention, detention, recharging, or controlling the flow of onsite stormwater runoff. It includes built-in endwalls for strength throughout the system.  Likewise, the units feature the company’s patented, overlapping rib connection, which allows for easy installation and a stronger connection between chambers. Cultec Inc.(Brookfield, Conn.).

UV Amalgam Lamp
The Heraeus Noblelight 600-W amalgam lamp has a unique long-life coating that doubles its operating life and enables a virtually constant UV output. It delivers 50% more UV radiation over a long time period compared with 400-W lamps. Heraeus Noblelight GmbH(Hanau, Germany).

The redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs offer improved fit, comfort, and performance. They include new material, design, and engineering features. The new product features an internal air-pocket design that incorporates a series of patented, noise-blocking fins within the pocket. As the air pocket compresses in the ear canal, these fins interweave to create a noise-blocking barrier optimized to the wearer’s ear canal. This facilitates more dependable attenuation from one user to another. Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group(San Diego).

Handheld Manometer
Designed for industrial or laboratory users needing an air-pressure meter operable with one hand, the new HHP-2000 Series manometers can withstand continual heavy use in humid environments. The rugged, water-resistant case has a NEMA 4 (IP65) rating, while the high-contrast LCD with backlight stays visible in virtually all applications. Within the series, four differential pressure models are available with ranges varying from zero to 10 and zero to 2815. Omega Engineering Inc.(Stamford, Conn.).

Oil Content Analyzer
The OCMA-350 Oil Content Analyzer is compact and simple, delivering quick, accurate measurements in the lab or field. It efficiently measures the level of oil in water or soil for environmental applications, checks for residual oil on semiconductor parts that have been cleaned, and measures oil on any industrial surface. JM Science Inc.(Grand Island, N.Y.).

Pump System
The IPS Tempo™ pre-engineered pump system is designed to improve performance, lower total cost of ownership, reduce power consumption up to 50%, and improve mean time between repairs. Users can program IPS Tempo to respond to process and condition variables to protect pump equipment against adverse operating conditions, thereby optimizing plant output and pump availability. Flowserve Corp.(Irving, Texas).

Arsenic Adsorption Medium
The ArsenXnp is an ion-exchange resin impregnated with “nanosize” particles of iron, enabling it to be selective for trivalent and pentavalent arsenic with a capacity up to 50,000 BVs. It also removes chromium, vanadium, uranium, selenium, and other oxy-ions. Purolite(Bala Cynwyd, Pa.).

Pipe Maintenance Equipment
Hydra-Stop® products and contract services for line stopping, valve insertion, and line tapping are designed to stop boil orders, system shutdown, costly “pump around” fees, and revenue loss. Hydra-Stop equipment is used for inserting, changing, or repairing valves or hydrants; tying in new lines or services; changing large meters or backflow preventers; abandoning wells; and storage. ADS® LLC(Huntsville, Ala.).

Volumetric Titrator
The AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator (AQV-2100) has a detection range from 100 ppm to 100%. Its automatic background compensation function allows accurate volumetric measurements of trace moisture levels. The AQV-2100S also can be converted to either a two-channel volumetric–volumetric titrator or a two-channel volumetric–coulometric titrator. JM Science Inc.(Grand Island, N.Y.). 
Emergency Water Analyzer
The First Responder Plus can quickly analyze water samples for out-of-tolerance conditions and contaminants, as well as pinpoint the source of the problem on a Web-based graphical interface. The device can analyze more than 25 different measurements — including levels of cyanide, chlorine, conductivity, and pH — on a single handheld device. It has been updated to include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency–American Public Health Association Standard Methods-compliant turbidity–color and colorimetric testing functionalities. Sensicore(Ann Arbor, Mich.).

Dewatering System
The Rapid Gravity Dewatering system is designed to be an easy-to-operate, cost-effective alternative for solids dewatering. Using polymers to flocculate, the system can dewater as much as 20,000 gal/d of 1% solids to 14% dried cake with 99% captured solids. Richmond Systems(Olympia, Wash.).