November 2006, Vol. 18, No.11



Fiberglass Enclosure
The Composites Fiberglass Enclosure comes fully assembled. Custom-made to customer specifications, the enclosures are available in sizes up to 16 ft by 20 ft. These shelters house and protect contents from the outside environment or protect the outside environment from the contents of the enclosure. Suggested applications include meter stations, regulator stations, odorizer shelters, control housing, instrumentation rooms, analyzer housing, well-heads housing, motor control rooms, switch gear rooms, standby generator rooms, lift stations, and chlorination facilities. Bremen Composites(Bremen, Ind.).

Control Panels
The IFS three-phase simplex control panel controls one 208–240–480 volt three-phase pump, and the IFS three-phase duplex control panel controls two alternating 208–240–480 three-phase pumps in water and wastewater installations. Each features an easy-to-use touchpad on the inner door for monitoring and programming pump and float operation. All IFS models have a NEMA 4X enclosure and come complete with float switches, wiring diagrams, and step-by-step installation instructions. Each IFS panel is UL- and cUL-listed, and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty. SJE-Rhombus® Controls(Detroit Lakes, Minn.).

Conduit Connectors
The Fittings Stainless Steel Liquidtight Conduit Connectors meet the demand for conduit fittings that function well in heavily corrosive environments. The connector’s body and gland nut are constructed of stainless steel, offering the corrosion resistance of nonmetallic fittings and the strength, durability, and ultraviolet resistance of conventional metallic fittings. Connectors in sizes 0.375 in. to 1 in. feature a steel ground cone with a Dura-Plate® finish, which offers six times the comparative resistance to salt spray of standard plating (per ASTM B-117). Connectors in sizes of 1.25 in. to 2 in. feature a brass ground cone plated with nickel. Thomas & Betts(Memphis, Tenn.).

Stirring Hot Plates
The EchoTherm™ Programmable Digital Stirring Hot Plate is ideally suited for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biochemical, and other laboratories where reproducible, accurate, hands-off sample preparation and experimentation are necessary. Programming is performed through the front-panel membrane switch and full-functioned custom liquid-crystal display. The unit can store as many as 10 steps in memory. Torrey Pines Scientific Inc.(San Marcos, Calif.).

Corrosion-Resistant Flow Controls
This low-cost flow control valve — available in natural polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and other rugged thermoplastics — maintains a constant, predetermined flow in a piping system. Flow rates from 0.25 gal/min to 120 gal/min can be maintained to within 10% accuracy with varying inlet pressures from 15 psi to 120 psi. Ideal for highly corrosive or ultrapure liquids, the valve is preset and tamperproof, and requires no electrical connection or electronic control. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.(Cedar Grove, N.J.).

Cryogenic Vials
Vangard Cryos™ is a broad line of cryogenic vials and accessories. Cryos cryogenic storage vials are a comprehensive solution for safe and convenient storage of samples and specimens at a variety of subzero temperature ranges. The vials are available in a range of 1-cc to 5-cc capacities in round-bottom, conical, and self-standing styles. All vials are packaged sterile, with a choice of internal or external screw caps and silicone gaskets or liners to provide a secure, safe seal. Write-on areas and printed volumes, along with color Capcodes™, enable quick identification and sample organization. Biohit Inc.(Neptune, N.J.).

Electronics Cooling Pump
The Guardian 3000 electronics cooling pump is Flowserve’s first production pump designed for use in cooling computer processors and graphics chips in high-end consumer personal computers. Measuring approximately 90 mm (3.54 in) in length and 36 mm (1.42 in) in diameter, the Guardian 3000 is the smallest pump ever developed by Flowserve. It addresses the challenge of how to cool computer electronic components within limited dimensional, cost, and power budgets. An overhung nonmetallic centrifugal magnetic-drive, sealless pump, the Guardian 3000 uses patented motor technology and innovative design to achieve the small form factor necessary to fit microcomputer and other electronic package applications. Flowserve Corp.(Irving, Texas).

The MultiLiner RPP Geomembrane, a flexible, heat-weldable, polyester-reinforced membrane, is ideal for installers seeking another environmentally friendly option for industrial and municipal liners, floating covers, and water conservation applications. Other benefits of MultiLiner RPP include excellent puncture resistance, no stress cracking or crazing after accelerated weathering, low water-vapor permeance and water absorption, and exceptional flexibility characteristics. Firestone Specialty Products(Indianapolis).

Ozone Analyzer
The new Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Analyser provides reliable on-line monitoring and control of ozonation systems. The analyzer is a totally flexible monitor ideally suited to a wide range of applications, from the standard zero- to 2-ppm display range required by water bottling systems and municipal water treatment to the high-range applications of zero to 20 ppm and zero to 200 ppm. Because the instrument can measure dissolved ozone concentrations as low as zero to 200 ppb full-scale with supreme sensitivity, it is suitable for demanding applications, such as pharmaceutical-grade water and semiconductor washwater. Analytical Technology Inc.(Collegeville, Pa.).

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