November 2006, Vol. 18, No.11

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Operations Forum

Nitrification Spreadsheet

 After reading, the article, Nitrification Myths in the June 2006 issue of Operations Forum, reader Joe Middlebrooks created an Excel spreadsheet that uses the equations author James P. Scisson Jr. presented.

Middlebrooks said, “Anyone interested in using the equations in the article will find the program very useful and time saving. I also have found that these equations give approximately the same answers that are obtained with other formulations and design methods for nitrification in activated sludge systems.”

Additionally, on the spreadsheet, the two coefficients that require temperature correction were modified to reflect the effects of temperature. The sheet is protected so that erroneous modifications of the equations cannot be made.

The Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking here .

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