September 2006, Vol. 18, No.9

WEFTEC.06 Products

WEFTEC.06 Products

Fixed Film Media
Booth No. 4981
The Bio-ffilmTM in-lagoon fixed-film media system is a submerged, attached-growth media process using proprietary fabric technology with a high effective surface area to facilitate year-round nitrification and biological nutrient removal in conventional lagoon systems. AIII engineering has paired the media with its floating AIRE-O2® aerators to create dedicated treatment arrays to provide the proper amounts of mixing and aeration for solids suspension, nutrient transfer, and oxygen diffusion to the media. The system is easy to install directly in existing lagoons since all of the necessary equipment is float-mounted. Aeration Industries International Inc.(Chaska, Minn.).

Universal Spreader
Booth No. 3644
The Terra-Gator NMS Universal Spreader is a high-flotation land application vehicle for cake and biosolids. It uses a computer controller and global positioning software. This spreader creates “as-applied” records automatically during application. AGCO/Ag-Chem Application Equipment (Apple Valley, Minn.).

Electrical–Electronic Enclosures
Booth No. 4333
The UltralineTM NEMA 4X line of fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosures comes standard with industry-exclusive mounting options, including an out-of-the-box mounting flange or adjustable mounting feet to cover various configurations. Featuring molded latch keepers, a tongue-and-groove seal design, and a flange design that can be retrofit to competition, Ultraline is the ultimate in fiberglass enclosures. A clear polycarbonate cover option also is available for instrumentation applications in which critical electronic equipment must be visible and protected from the elements. Allied Moulded Products Inc.(Bryan, Ohio).

Laboratory Information Management System
Booth No. 5995
This new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is designed specifically for the municipal wastewater treatment laboratory. The LIMS incorporates a sample log-in, data handling and calculations, and quality control. The program is compatible with Microsoft Office products, and data can be exported to popular operations software programs. Alloway(Lima, Ohio).

Activated Sludge System
Booth No. 1503
The AquaPASS system combines advanced wastewater treatment performance benefits with lower operation and maintenance costs. This compact system is appropriate for a full range of design flows for new plants and retrofits. Its design flexibility supports a wide range of tank geometrics, depths, and footprint limitations. Innovation management of aeration and mixing systems promotes operator-defined reactor environments for exceptional nitrogen control. With the simple yet powerful control system, instrument-based monitoring and response programming is easily adapted to achieve consistent, superior process performance. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.(Loves Park, Ill.).

Pressure Gauge
Booth No. 2417
The new Xmitr™ pressure gauge combines the advantages of the PowerFlex™ pressure gauge with patented transducer technology to create a single, convenient, dual-function instrument. With only half the number of instruments to install, the gauge is designed to save instrumentation and installation costs, time, and space. Ashcroft Inc.(Stratford, Conn.).

Chemical Feed Station
Booth No. 6783
New additions to the chemical feed station family include 175-gal, 200-gal, and 250-gal capacities. Compact feed stations store small amounts of hazardous liquids and other chemicals. Corrosion-resistant feed stations are lightweight, strong, and easy to handle. Capacities range from 40 gal to 550 gal. The feed stations feature easy-to-read volume markers, and pump shelves to support most pumps and metering devices. Options include fittings and accessories, material choices and a wide range of colors. Assmann Corporation of America(Garrett, Ind.).

Wireless Irrigation Flow Sensor
Booth No. 4631
Badger Meter T-series flowmeters can be configured with a wireless option.  The sensor is unique and can be installed into any existing plastic tee size. The sensor is connected to a radio transmitter that broadcasts totalized flow information. This signal is received by a receiver, which then provides a pulse output. Badger Meter Inc.(Milwaukee, Wis.).

Belt Press Package System
Booth No. 5597
BDP Industries has introduced the modular DDP Belt Press Package System that includes all required accessories. The system incorporates a new three-belt technology, which includes an independent gravity zone and a two-belt independent pressure zone. The new design features a frame cut from stainless steel plate on a water jet. Typical capacity is 40 gal/min to 50 gal/min (151 L/min to 189 L/min) and cake solids of 15% or higher. BDP Industries Inc.(Greenwich, N.Y.).

Skid-Mounted Chemical Feed System
Booth No. 6187
Blue Planet custom-designs and manufactures skid-mounted chemical feed systems. As an original equipment manufacturer for many pump manufacturers, Blue Planet can provide metering pumps of the customer’s choosing and then expertly install them as part of the system. Materials used include polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, Halar, polyvinylidene fluoride, and polypropylene. Benefits include single-source system responsibility; unitary construction with minimal use of corrosive metals; simple startup and installation (the systems are quality-tested at our facility); and flexibility in design. Blue Planet Environmental Systems Inc.(Melbourne, Fla.).

Portable Jar Tester
Booth No. 3425
The JTA-704/204 tester incorporates rave-earth magnetic field coupled stirring. The simple, lightweight design and custom aluminum cover with handle make this jar tester truly portable. Challenge Technology(Springdale, Ark.).

Nitrate Tester
Booth No. 2445
This low-range, ampoule-based, cadmium-free method of testing nitrate in water uses the zinc reduction method developed to eliminate the use of cadmium and the treatments involved. Toxicity and safety are no longer a concern, and hazardous waste is greatly reduced. The instrumental test has tight precision and low scatter, and the kit contains everything needed to perform 30 tests in just 2 min. This stable, field-portable kit can even be used with seawater. CHEMetrics Inc.(Calverton, Va.).

Plastic Back Pressure–Relief Valves
Booth No. 2434 
The solid plastic SB12 Series Back Pressure–Relief Valves are designed for long, maintenance-free life for chemical dosing lines 0.5 in. to 4 in. (13 mm to 102 mm). They offer reliable opening and adjustable relief pressures of 3 psi to 150 psi. Advanced hydraulic design offers high flow rates, low hysteresis, and low overpressure to fully open. All-plastic construction (polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, or polyvinylidene fluoride) offers high chemical resistance at reasonable costs. True union end connections up to 2 in. (51 mm) eliminate leakage common with old-fashioned threaded body valves. This valve is specially designed to open always at the same set pressure-to-open even when pressure downstream of the valve changes. Chemline Plastics Limited(Ontario, Canada).

Direct-Flow Reverse Osmosis System
Booth No. 5691
The RO-116 direct-flow reverse osmosis system for drinking water features a reverse osmosis output of 300 gpd, 10-in. disposable cartridges, a single 300-gpd reverse osmosis membrane, and an economical direct-flow reverse osmosis system. Chieh Sheng Co. Ltd. (Taichung, Taiwan.)

Chemical Feed Pump System
Booth No. 2027
These standard pre-assembled systems are available in various configurations with a variety of chemical pump models and sizes. The factory-assembled units are delivered to the site complete with process control accessories and interconnecting piping to facilitate ease of installation. Packaged systems can be provided with duty standby chemical pump arrangements to eliminate downtime and provide immediate change over without interrupting operation. All skids and piping are constructed of weatherproof and corrosion-resistant materials. Duall Division, Met-Pro Corp.(Owosso, Mich.).

Headworks Screening
Booth No. 1702
The CF 100® band screen is an ideal solution for fine headworks screening at small-to-medium municipal waste water treatment plants. The CF 100 uses the patented ProPaPanel® (thick plate mesh) with apertures ranging from 5 mm (0.2 in) to 2 mm (0.08 in) for conventional or membrane bioreactor treatment processes. The plate mesh eliminates the problem of fibrous buildup common to other headworks screens. The center flow pattern and unique sealing combination eliminate carryover and prevent debris larger than the mesh aperture from bypassing the screen. The CF 200® is also available for lager plant flows. Eimco Water Technologies(Salt Lake City, Utah).

Magnetic Flowmeters
Booth No. 4673
Measuring a wide variety of liquids, the UniMag series offers advantages unique to the industry, including the ability to remove sensors in the field, and no dependence on liners. Electrode cleaning is not required for accurate measurement. Accuracy is unaffected by raw sewage, grease, calcium carbonate, algae, and similar coatings. Grounding rings typically are not required. The flowmeter offers conductivity down to o.08 µS/cm, an optional sampling port is available, variable tube lengths in any material, NEMA 6 /IP68 rated flowtubes, calibrated accuracy with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and international traceability. EMCO Flow Systems(Longmont, Colo.).

Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pump
Booth No. 5989
The new 4001 Series peristaltic pumps are designed for continuous-duty metering and transfer applications. The unique spring-loaded pumphead extends tubing life and requires no lubrication. Pumpheads are constructed in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are completely sealed to prevent fluid leakage should a tubing rupture occur. Flomotion Systems(Buffalo, N.Y.).

Polymer Blending and Activation System
Booth No. 1817
The L-Series dynaBLEND™ polymer blending and activation system features diaphragm metering or progressing cavity pumps, plus a nonmechanical, high-energy polymer mixing chamber. Control options range from simple manual systems to fully instrumented programmable logic controller-based units with an unlimited variety of inputs and outputs. Standard units are available to provide activated polymer solution from 30 to 21,000 gal/day. Custom units are also available. Fluid Dynamics Inc.(Boulder, Colo.).

Stainless Steel Pump
Booth No. 4752
The INOX series pumps are submersible drainage–sludge pumps constructed of corrosion- and chemical-resistant stainless steel. All are built on the same reliable platform as the Grindex ProlineTM pumps. Casted parts are made of stainless steel and can handle fluids with pH levels from 2 to 10. As the INOX series is corrosionproof, it provides a longer lifetime and higher durability in corrosive environments — an ideal choice for tough applications such as copper mines, coal power plants, saltwater, landfill leachate, and process plants. Grindex Pumps(Tinley, Ill.).

Screw Press
Booth No. 5575
Huber has expanded its dewatering screw press offering with the addition of its horizontal Screw Press RoS3Q. The press was specially designed for difficult-to-dewater solids such as waste activated sludge and membrane bioreactor solids. The press is fully enclosed to contain odors, and is made completely of 304 or 316 stainless steel to ensure a long product life. Operation and maintenance costs are very low due to the slow rotating action of the screw, requiring less than 2 hp to operate the press. Huber Technology Inc.(Huntersville, N.C.).

Advanced Photometric System
Booth No. 1925
The eXact EZ System is a waterproof photometer with the sampling cell built into the meter, eliminating the task of handling cells or cuvettes. The system is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-compliant for both free and total chlorine testing, features 0.01 ppm resolution, measures 18 different parameters, and is ideal for all regulatory testing purposes. Industrial Test Systems Inc.(Rock Hill, S.C.)

Extreme-Duty Grinder for Extreme Pump Stations
Booth No. 5253
JWC’s Channel Monster© XD wastewater grinder is built with larger shafts, bigger cutters, and heavy-duty coil screening drums to handle the large, heavy solids loading found in large pump stations. This grinder was designed to perform for years in extreme pump station conditions. It grinds solids into particles that flow easily through pumps and are removed downstream at the headworks. An optional three-drive motor option offers independent sensing and auto-reversing features. JWC Environmental(Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Submerged Membrane Modules
Booth No. 5681
The PURON™ submerged membrane modules for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater removes solids and meets stringent effluent requirements. The PURON aeration system ensures optimal solids management, high flow rate, and reliable operation, while halving energy consumption. Koch Membrane Systems Inc.(Wilmington, Mass.).

Submersible Wastewater Pump Line
Booth No. 6175
The heart of the KRT submersible wastewater pump line is the closed-jacket cooling system. Independent of the fluid handled, it ensures optimal heat dissipation in all operating conditions (wet, dry, partially flooded, or permanently submerged), just as the non-jacketed wet well model but with added cooling to compensate for the extreme ambient conditions found in most dry wells. Other important features are the FM-approved explosionproof motors, class H insulation, and sensors that constantly monitor the windings, bearings, and mechanical seals. KSB Inc. (Richmond, Va.).

Cantilever FRP Pumps
Booth No. 1224
 The 7530 Series close coupled cantilever pump is a corrosion-resistant, structurally sound, highly dependable pump suitable for handling the most difficult applications including acids, bleaches, brine, and industrial wastewater. This pump is currently available in five sizes with flows to 600 gal/min (2.27 m3/min) and heads to 230 ft (70 m) total dynamic head. Critical design details make the 7530 Series an excellent choice for use on odor control scrubber systems. Design features include zero corrosion, fiber-reinforced plastic components, 316 stainless steel shaft, no submerged bearings, vapor seal with leakoff, and simple design and installation. Met-Pro Corporation, Fybroc Division(Telford, Pa.).

Control/Valve Package
Booth No. 6756
The Metro-CV Pac All Access is a prefabricated, aboveground control–valve package for lift stations, self-priming pump stations, and booster pump applications that provide complete access to all working parts. The system features removable, insulated panels and large double doors with lift-off hinges on both sides, allowing easy access in the field. It is prepiped and wired, with a custom control package, level package, and heater. Metropolitan Industries Inc.(Romeoville, Ill.).

Diaphragm Metering Pump
Booth No. 1817
The 500AR Series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is designed with an automatic air release valve to be used in sodium hypochlorite service or with other chemicals that off-gas at room temperature. The 500AR features a polyvinyl chloride head design that minimizes internal space eliminating areas where gas can accumulate.  All ports slope upward to vent gas through the top of the pump and away from the diaphragm. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.(Boulder, Colo.).

Rotary Thickener
Booth No. 1239
The Prime Inline Rotary Thickener is the newest product from Prime Solutions line of rotary biosolids handling equipment. This design has the advantages of being totally enclosed, is automated, and requires very little space, no repumping of the thickened solids, and minimal maintenance. It is fully adjustable for setting the desired amount of concentration. Capacities range from as low as 5 gpm, and they can be installed in series or parallel for increased capacities. The Prime IRT can easily be converted from a thickener to press for dewatering should additional biosolids be required. Prime Solution Inc.(Allegan, Mich.).

Wet Wells
Booth No. 5877
Romtec Utilities Inc. has expanded the wastewater and stormwater storage capacity of its complete pre-engineered package submersible lift station. The new 8-ft-diameter, pre-cast concrete wet wells, configured with a duplex pumping system, offer greater capacity for stormwater or wastewater storage. The new well size also gives station owners the ability to add a submersible pump in triplex configuration for maximum efficiency. The larger well size and triplex pumping system offer water managers a cost-efficient way to handle their current needs, while planning for future events at the same time. Romtec Utilities(Roseburg, Ore.).

Duplex Panels
Booth No. 5891
The SEEWater® Duplex Panels come as a total pump controller and alarm package featuring two-pump rotation, high-demand two-pump, no-load lockout, lockout contacts for overload, overheat, water seal, and vibration. The product also features optional, adjustable overload lockout; pump No. 1 and No. 2 switches; green run lights and red lockout light with reset button; Oil Smart® pump controller; red beacon alarm light; 84 decibel alarm and dry contact; oil present yellow light and dry contact; and water present white light and dry contact. Alarm test and silence buttons automatically reset the high liquid switch for high-demand two-pump operation. SEEWater(San Jacinto, Calif.).

Telescoping Conveyor
Booth No. 5143
The Puratek telescoping conveyor discharges material where you want it. The telescoping conveyor extends, retracts, elevates, and rotates 360° under power to uniformly fill each bin in an array of bins. A sensor automatically repositions the discharge point to load different areas of the same bin or moves it to another empty bin. The troughed belt is designed for hauling dewatered sludge and screened materials associated with wastewater treatment. Serpentix Conveyor Corp. (Westminster, Colo.).

Flow and Level Switch
Booth No. 5493
The new Innova-Switch™ flow and level switch represents state-of-the-art gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control. Innova-Switch is easy to install and adjust and gives reliable, low-maintenance performance in the most demanding applications. The instrument switches on a flow–no flow condition in both gases and liquids. Innova-Switch has a range of 0.01 to 5 fps in liquids and 0.1 to 500 fps in gases. The response time is 0.5 to 10 seconds (media dependent) with a wide operating temperature range of -100°F to 390°F (-70°C to 200°C). The switch is CE compliant and has been approved by the European Committee for the Electrotechnical Standardization and the Canadian Standards Association. Sierra Instruments Inc.(Monterey, Calif.).

Water Pressure Booster Controller
Booth No. 5276

The VFDC-4000 controller is capable of monitoring the discharge pressure of a multiple pump system and adjusts the speed of each pump to maintain a constant pressure. The VFDC-4000 controls up to four variable frequency drives and features proportional, integral, derivative control, automatic alternation, data logging, and communication capabilities. The backlit graphic display allows the operator to monitor pressure, pump speeds, and alarm status at a glance. The menu-driven setup makes navigation and configuration fast and simple. SJE-Rhombus Controls(Detroit Lakes, Minn.). 
Handheld Condition Analyzer
Booth No. 4695
The Leonova™ Infinity handheld machine condition analyzer measures and analyses shock pulses, full vibration spectra, speed, temperature, and analog signals in voltage and current. In addition to single–dual plane balancing and laser-aided machine shaft alignment, options include bump test, orbit analysis, run up–coast down vibration checks, and two-channel simultaneous vibration measurement. Users can select and order specific instrument functions to suit their specific plant’s maintenance strategy and equipment. The analyzer works with Condmaster®Nova condition monitoring software. SPM Instrument Inc.(Eugene, Ore.).

Phosphate Monitoring System
Booth No. 5063
AMI Phosphate, with a 0.01 ppm to 10 ppm PO4 range, is fitted with an integrated flowmeter, and features a novel chemical formulation eliminating silica interferences and bringing reagents’ shelf life to 8 weeks. An innovative, semi-batch design and close attention drawn to fluidics allow simplified operations, reducing maintenance costs. Continuous, automatic monitoring of the main functions guarantees sample flow and reagent supplies. User-defined limits trigger alarm display. Activation of alarm relay and a data logger for up to 1500 records stored at selectable intervals complete the package, which is factory-tested and delivered ready for operation. Swan Analytical Instruments(Riedikon, Switzerland).

Portable pH and Conductivity Meters
Booth No. 4769
The RL060C Portable Conductivity/Temperature Meter and RL060P Portable pH/Temperature Meter have been designed to provide basic, affordable, and easy-to-use technology that makes the functionality fundamental to all skill levels. Both meters are rugged and affordable — ideal for measurements in the plant or field. They have splashproof keypads and an optional boot that makes benchtop operation convenient. The large liquid crystal display provides easy viewing of units of measure or error code. Thermo Electron Corporation(Beverly, Mass.).

Solids Handling Pumps
Booth No. 4563
The JSC Series Solids Handling Enviroprime® pump is designed for construction, industrial, and mining applications. The 6-in (152-mm) pump is designed for flows to 2500 gal/min (9.5m3/min), maximum heads to 195 ft (59 m), and can handle solids up to 3 in (76 mm). This pump also features the Enviroprime compressor-assisted dry priming system which prevents blow-by, such as sewage and waste, from discharging onto the ground, making it environmentally safe. The sturdy, weather resistant, sound attenuated Silent Knight® canopy is also available on Thompson’s JSC series and allows the pumps to operate at 67dBa. Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co. Inc.(Port Orange, Fla.).

Static Pipe-Bursting Expanders
Booth No. 5495
The static pipe-bursting Grundoburst expanders are designed to reduce pipe stress and stretch. They offer a new way of installing high-density polyethylene, restrained joint polyvinyl chloride, ductile iron, and clay pipe using the Grudoburst static pipe bursting system. The new expander configuration allows the new product pipe to float within the expander instead of being pulled by it. These new-generation expanders are simple and easy to use. TT Technologies Inc. (Aurora, Ill.).

Sludge Screen
Booth No. 3525
The new WesTech CleanFlo™ SludgeScreen automatically removes the trash found in the scum and sludge removed from clarifiers. Fine screening, as low as 3 mm, is accomplished automatically, in line as you pump raw sludge to a downstream process or storage. The SludgeScreen discharges a compacted solid (approximately 35% solids) without the use of washwater. This is a useful product for utilities that are land-applying biosolids, converting to a Class A biosolids process, drying or pelletizing biosolids, or collecting and handling primary scum. WesTech Engineering Inc.(Salt Lake City, Utah).

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Booth No. 5245
The new FDO 100 IQ Dissolved Oxygen Sensor signifies a leap forward in R&D, eliminating constraints and inherent weaknesses associated with the first generation of optical measurement sensors. The FDO 700 IQ provides the following measurement improvements: increased accuracy; increased stability; and low maintenance. WTW(Woburn, Mass.).