September 2006, Vol. 18, No.9

From the Editors

From the Editors - WE&T Prelude

Getting the Word Out

To regular readers, this month’s lead story may seem a departure from the usual WE&T fare. It doesn’t describe an innovative technical solution. Rather, it focuses on one utility that brought its technical innovations to life for the general public — in the form of a stormwater park that showcases the utility’s best management practices.

What began as a planned office expansion evolved into an interactive site that is now a popular destination for school groups and families. As a complement to the lessons learned in the park, the utility helped create an award-winning environmental lesson plan for fourth- and fifth-graders. If you’ve ever been looking for ways to make complicated water quality issues easy to understand, get more involved in your community, or help shape a new generation of environmental stewards, you should read "Leading by Example". 

Melissa Jackson, editor

Operations Forum Editor's Note

Getting Over the Hill

From recent conversations with several associates from different walks of wastewater treatment, I’ve heard two messages loud and clear: One, it’s hard to find good, new people to fill vacancies; and two, newer and lower-ranking employees are not given the same opportunities as longer tenured and higher ranking employees regardless of their performance.

While there needs to be some consideration for time at the job and rank, opportunities such as additional training and travel should not be limited only to the most experienced employees. Seasoned managers and administrators need the flexibility to trust their instincts, not be hindered by restrictions and regulations, to build on the potential in new, younger employees.

Steve Spicer, editor