August 2006, Vol. 18, No.8



Plastic Couplers
The Kwik-Klik series of lightweight ABS plastic quick couplers features an ergonomic design with a large guarded button for fast and easy connect–disconnect. The spring-loaded socket clicks when secure, and the thumb disconnect button is easy to activate, even with gloves. They are interchangeable with industry standard connectors. Industrial Specialties Manufacturing(Englewood, Colo.).

Wastewater Screen
The Auger Monster® XD wastewater screen removes and cleans larger flows and solids loading levels. The system uses a 10-hp motor on the cutting chamber’s two shafts of 7.5-in. cutters to provide unparalleled capability to handle large and difficult solids. JWC Environmental(Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Pressure Transducer
The Model 595 digitally compensated submersible pressure transducer gives a true level reading even when subjected to media temperature changes over the range of 23°F to 113°F. The unit is designed for groundwater monitoring, sewer flow monitoring, stormwater studies, streamflow monitoring, infiltration and inflow studies, pump tests, and irrigation, flood warning, sea level, tide, and wave monitoring applications. It has 318 stainless steel wetted parts, and its custom-designed hermetic header guarantees that water cannot enter the transducer even if the cable sheath is damaged. Rapid venting is achieved through the large-bore vent tube connected directly to the back of the sensor. Setra Systems Inc.(Boxborough, Mass.).

RoHS-Compliant Connectors
The Amphe-Lite connectors provide complete EMI shielding and are ideal for a wide variety of harsh environmental commercial and industrial applications, including power, signal, RF, and fiber optics. They are compliant with the European Union’s restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) directive. The connectors are environmentally resistant to IP67, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Amphenol Industrial Operations(Sidney, N.Y.).

Remote Automation System
The ControlWave ExpressPAC is a pre-engineered package solution that combines the new ControlWave Express RTU with a variety of options commonly required in supervisory control and data acquisition applications. It offers a space-efficient package required in small I/O point applications, such as water pump, tank, well, and reservoir control; wastewater lift station and stormwater monitoring; and natural gas well, storage, and plunger lift control. Emerson Process Management(Watertown, Conn.).

Pressure Gauges
The new line of Model 20 pressure gauges is designed for use with gas, oil, water, or any medium that is not corrosive to brass or bronze. The dry-filled gauges offer a dual scale — psi and bar. The gauges are bottom mounting and available in 1.5 in., 2 in., and 2.5 in. Pressure ranges available include 0–30 psi, 0–60 psi, 0–100 psi, 0–150, psi, and 0–300 psi, as well as 0–31 psi vacuum. Bee Valve Inc.(Elyria, Ohio).

Turbine Flowmeter
Designed to measure flow through a pipeline, the Premier Gas Series of turbine flowmeters provides high-accuracy measurement for a variety of applications, including energy consumption, plant cost allocations, and general fiscal measurement. The series uses hybrid ceramic ball bearings for extended operating life and carries a 5-year warranty. Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.(Elizabeth City, N.J.).

Water Quality Analyzer
The WaterPOINT 870 water quality analyzer is designed to report all 14 test results in 4 minutes, providing lab or field personnel with the information they need to make informed decisions. The analyzer allows users to respond immediately to customer complaints and provide professional water quality information while still at the site. It stores water quality data, and a portable printer accessory enables users to print water quality reports — including user programmable quality ranges — onsite. Sensicore(Ann Arbor, Mich.).

Metering Pumps
Specially designed for accurate, leakproof metering of difficult-to-handle liquids, JaecoFram 1TM hydraulically actuated metering pumps provide capacities from 0.8 to 56 gal/h up to 1200 psi with an accuracy of 0.5% at steady state. Available in both simplex and duplex models, JaecoFram 1 features separate chambers for hydraulic fluid and gear lubricant, making it possible to use the best medium for hydraulic diaphragm pulsing and the best medium for gear lubrication. Jaeco Fluid Systems Inc.(Malvern, Pa.).

Oil Analysis
The PetroCAM® documents the concentration of oil, grease, water, sand, and other particles and contaminants in liquids. This oil analysis instrument automatically takes high-resolution digital images of each individual oil droplet, grain of sand, and any other fluidborne particle suspended in samples, and displays them in an interactive scattergram for instant review, differentiation, and analysis. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.(Edgecombe, Md.).

Wireless LAN
The NL900LAN provides easy-to-install wireless local area network (LAN) service supporting both Ethernet and serial interface options. Equipped with a CPU, real-time OS, and a TCI/IP stack, the NL900LAN allows users to access, manage, and configure remote facilities and equipment via a LAN or over the Internet from anywhere in the world. RF Neulink(San Diego).

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
The new HTTP Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter clamps onto the outside of the pipe and does not contact the internal liquid. It provides instantaneous rate and accumulated flows for efficient fluid measurement. Communication with the HTTP meter is achieved via PC serial communications port and infrared serial adapter, allowing the user the convenience of no interconnection wires. Hedland Flow Meters(Racine, Wis.).

Bird Repellent
Bird-Proof bird repellent discourages birds from alighting and nesting for a year or more in locations where it is applied, even under the most extreme weather conditions. The chemical compound has a tacky, uncomfortable feeling that birds avoid, yet it is harmless, odorless, nonpoisonous, and safe for the environment. It is available in both gel and liquid forms, serving all applications. Bird-X Inc.(Chicago).

Panel Mount Assemblies
The Series TSF780 Panel Mount LED Lamps and Holders are designed to replace the T2 incandescent telephone-slide based lamps in miniature switches, industrial control panels, and other applications that demand durable and energy-efficient light sources. They fit space-restricted control panels and tight operating budgets alike. LedTronics Inc.(Torrance, Calif.).