July 2006, Vol. 18, No.7


Biological Treatment Process System
The AquaMB Process™ multiple-barrier treatment system combines activated sludge treatment in combination with cloth-media filtration and membrane technology. The system can be used for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment and discharged to impaired waterways, or where critical permit limits must be met for pathogens, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Benefits of the system include cloth-media filtration, easy access to external membrane modules, a small footprint, automated in-place cleaning of the membranes for minimal operator attention, flexible cycle structures for optimal bionutrient removal without additional tanks, and high-quality effluent. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.(Rockford, Ill.).

Hazardous-Environment Pumps
The Series 500 dia-PUMPs line has expanded with the addition of explosionproof motors and NEMA 7 stroke positioners for use in hazardous environments. The dia-PUMPs are hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps that provide leak-free metering of a wide variety of corrosive, flammable, and hazardous liquids. The explosionproof model is ideal for use in oil and gas, and a wide variety of other extreme environments. The pumps feature the Variable Oil By-pass stroke adjustment, which allows improved valve performance over variable linkage designs. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.(Lansdale, Pa.).

Tank Covers
Environetics Tank TopTM covers are custom-manufactured from industrial-grade materials to fit the profile of a new or existing wastewater treatment tank or potable water tank. They are specifically designed to contain odors and prevent contamination of potable water, and the aluminum-framed hatches allow easy access to the tank for service, monitoring, and testing. The structurally supported membrane tank covers are a cost-effective alternative to aluminum or fiberglass roofs. Environetics Inc.(Lockport, Ill.).

Wet Scrubber
This multiuse, high-efficiency wet scrubber eliminates odors from wastewater treatment processes and produces zero odor at the stack. The Tri-Mer systems accommodate gas inlet temperatures up to 2000o F and also can accommodate particulate (including submicron). Residence time is 0.5 seconds to several seconds. The scrubber is available in stabilized polypropylene, PVC, or stainless steel. Tri-Mer Corp.(Owosso, Mich.).

The new Surveyor Plus Refractive Index and Surveyor Plus Fluorescence detectors are designed to enhance chromatographers’ analytical capabilities when integrated with the FinniganTM SurveyorTM Plus HPLC product line. Both of these sensitive, low-maintenance detectors enable chromatographers to run a variety of applications with one complete system. Thermo Electron Corp.(Waltham, Mass.).

Grippers for Strippers Lite is a new device designed to increase traction in wet, soapy, waxy, and oily areas. Utilizing a vinyl loop sole, this all-traction footwear fits over work shoes and boots, and does not harm floors. The footwear features a dual pull-tab for on–off ease, enabling users to wear it easily over all types of footwear. Jordan David(Horsham, Pa.).

Web Browser
The Omega iBTHX transmitter monitors and records barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and dew point over an Ethernet network or the Internet. The transmitter displays real-time readings; charts of barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity; and logged data in standard formats for use in a data acquisition program, a spreadsheet such as Excel, or a programming language such as Visual Basic. The probe measures barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and dew point in a single location. Omega Engineering Inc.(Stamford, Conn.).

Compact Flowmeter
The PTTF ultrasonic transit time clamp-on, integral-mount flowmeter uses time-of-flight ultrasonic technology to measure most clean liquids containing moderate amounts of suspended solids or aeration. The unit clamps onto the outside of existing pipe systems ranging in size from 0.05 to 2 in. It is designed to replace mechanical flowmeters in applications in which liquid conditions tend to damage or impede mechanical flowmeter operation. Preso Meters(Racine, Wis.).

Pipe Fitting
The EF45-GM slip-on structural pipe fitting serves as a variable-angle in-line connection, adjustable through 170 degrees. It is available to fit three standard pipe sizes and can be used in a combination with rigid fittings to build a variety of tubular pipe structures without welding or drilling. EasyFit Inc.(North Canton, Ohio).

Helium and Nitrogen Purifiers
The Valco HP2 helium purifier provides point-of-use purification of helium or other noble gases to sub-ppm levels of impurities. The NP2 nitrogen purifier purifies nitrogen to sub-ppm levels of gaseous impurities. Both purifiers feature a self-regulating design that eliminates the possibility of thermal runaway and maintains the getter material at the optimum temperature. Valco Instruments Co. Inc.(Houston).