June 2006, Vol. 18, No.6


The following products are featured in the June 2006 issue of Water Environment & Technology

Modular Inspection Crawler
The ROVVER line of modular, steerable inspection crawlers has been upgraded. The line now includes a zooming pan–tilt camera head with optional laser measurement, a hand-held pendant for fingertip control of more crawler functions, and a wide wheel set for improved traction in sediment. The enhancements are available immediately on new ROVVER systems and as retrofits for existing systems. Envirosight(Randolph, N.J.).

Butterfly Valve
The Type 57 Butterfly Valve incorporates major design upgrades in thermoplastic valve technology. A flange stopper prevents the valve liner from overcompression. The molded-body absorption channel works together with the flange stopper to eliminate seat compression from effective stem torque. A new spherical disk provides increased flow characteristics and is less intrusive to piping systems. The Type 57 is produced with an all-plastic gear operator, Plasgear, which is standard on 8-in. through 14-in. models and can be supplied on the complete range size, if desired. Asahi/America Inc.(Malden, Mass.).

Spray-Applied Liner
The Series 436 Perma-Shield FR is a fiber-reinforced, modified polyamine epoxy liner designed to withstand severe wastewater conditions. It provides resistance to hydrogen sulfide gas permeation and microbiologically induced corrosion found in severe wastewater systems, such as sewer interceptors and wet wells, influent channels, and grit chambers. Tnemec Co. Inc.(Kansas City, Mo.).

Tough yet flexible, Permatex® brand Gasket Makers are available in a variety of formulations to replace conventional gaskets in even the most demanding industrial applications. These noncorrosive, form-in-place compounds require no mixing and cure at room temperature. They are available in three technologies — elastomeric rubber, silicone rubber, and anaerobic — that resist weathering and thermal cycling, and will not shrink or crack. Devcon(Danvers, Mass.).

The Viking™ Series noise-blocking earmuffs have been upgraded to incorporate a patented Air Flow Control™ technology that delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight. Viking Series multiposition headbands give workers the flexibility to wear their earmuffs with hard hats, face shields, and respirators. Bilsom(San Diego).

Gas Monitor

The Environmental Sampling Unit (ESU) is a cost-effective device for monitoring high-density toxic gases, such as chlorine and sulfur dioxide, where positioning a conventional sensor is not practical. The chamber is fitted with an Xgard detector, and an electric fan draws air into the chamber via a sampling pipe. The ESU is ideal for monitoring large enclosed areas, such as chlorine stores. One unit can monitor up to 36 ft (11 m) of sampling pipe, eliminating the need for multiple sensors mounted at floor level. Crowcon(Erlanger, Ky.).

Tapping Tee

The UNI-T™ polyurethane tapping tee is specially designed for any project that requires a tapped line. UNI-T can accommodate all mainline pipe sizes in a single fitting with its patented spacer ring system containing five removable rings. Hancor(Findlay, Ohio).