February 2007, Vol. 19, No.2




Adhesive Tape
Designed for over-the-ditch line travel, joint wrapping, and yard coating, RENWRAP® products can be applied to new construction pipeline located in plants or in the field, or used to repair and recondition existing pipelines. The adhesive systems perform well over a range of operating temperatures, are impermeable to water and oxygen, and are compatible with coal tar, fusion bond epoxy, asphalt, and polyethylene pipeline coatings. The products resist soil stress, underfilm moisture migration, environmental stress cracking, and mechanical damage from handling. Scapa North America (Windsor, Conn.).

Cartridge Seal
The Flowserve GCX single mechanical cartridge seal is specifically designed for ANSI and DIN pump services, where the pumps and seals are required to operate in multiple chemical environments without chemical compatibility changeouts. It features an alloy C-276 bellows, Type 316 stainless steel components, and flexible graphite foil secondary seals. Flowserve (Irving, Texas).

The HTTF Ultrasonic Transit Time flowmeter is a reliable solution for machine-tool coolant lines and other industrial processes in which contaminants can cause inaccurate readings. This noninvasive meter provides easy, low-cost installation by clamping on the outside of existing pipe systems ranging in size from 0.5 in. to 2 in. The HTTF series provides a 4–20 mA output and a simulated turbine meter or TTL-pulse frequency, allowing direct interface to data collection systems. Hedland (Racine, Wis.).

Chlorine Meter
A new offset adjustment feature is available for the Model CL200 ExStik® Total Residual Chlorine Meter. The CL200 reading in parts per million can now be adjusted precisely to match the value of a known standard or to agree with previously established references. The CL200 monitors total chlorine residual, which includes free chlorine and chlorine bound to nitrogenous compounds (chloramines). Extech Instruments (Waltham, Mass.).

Pressure-Reducing Valve
The Model Cycle Gard® IV, Series CB 152E water-pressure-reducing valve is equipped with additional NP-tapped bosses for pressure gauge, water tank, and a pump pressure switch. It maintains a preset operating pressure, reduces rapid pump cycling, and provides protection for wells and booster pumps. The valve regulates high upstream (inlet pressure) to a lower regulated downstream (outlet pressure) constant pressure within a range, regardless of water flow. Danfloss Flomatic Corp. (Glens Falls, N.Y.).

Cold Weather Pump
The Arctic KnightTM cold weather pump package is a simple and reliable system that allows a diesel-driven pump to be used in climates as cold as –40°F. The package eliminates the traditional problems of operating pumps in cold climates, such as frozen liquids, cracked pump housings, and engine-starting problems. It also eliminates the need for expensive and often unreliable accessory items, such as block heaters, fuel heaters, and glow plugs. Thompson Pumps Inc. (Port Orange, Fla.).

Check Valve
The Stop-Silent® Check Valve features a unique cone design that ensures tight shutoff to prevent backflow of liquid or gaseous media. The design also eliminates water hammer and associated problems of noise and wear, resulting in quiet, noise-free operation and long service life. Offered with a choice of several diaphragm materials and mounting styles to meet varying application requirements, the valve is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including water distribution and water treatment. Lasso Technik Inc. (Basel, Switzerland).

Electric Valve Actuators
Rotork IQ Pro electric valve actuators include a powerful data logging feature that enables users to monitor valve performance, forecast when valve maintenance might be required and scheduled, and manage assets for maximum productivity. The actuators store historical and current operating data, including valve torque profiles, number of operations, valve and actuator positions, and other vital performance and operational statistics. Rotork Controls Inc. (Rochester, N.Y.).

Electronics Package
The Innova-Flo® Volumetric Vortex product line now features a redesigned electronics package, including the HART® Communications protocol. The Innova-Flo line cost-effectively monitors gases, liquids, and steam using patented vortex sensing technology tied into the meter’s onboard computer. Both the in-line Model 220 and insertion Model 221 have smart electronics that extend the sensitivity and range of the meters. Sierra Instruments Inc. (Monterey, Calif.).

Adjustable Speed Drives
New washdown adjustable speed drives have been added to the H2 family, and are rated NEMA 4X. They are available in open-loop, encoderless, and closed-loop vector and servo configurations. Baldor has integrated its easy-to-use keypad into the new washdown cover, making programming exactly the same as for the standard H2 drives. Units are available in 1 to 10 hp. Baldor Electric Co. (Fort Smith, Ark.).

Flow Measurement
The U700 Series of Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) Liquid Flo-Sensors® will precisely measure flow rates of virtually any fluid at rates ranging from 15 to 50 L/min. Repeatable results are achieved by utilizing a patented microturbine flow sensor design. PTFE, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire wetted surfaces ensure compatibility with CMP slurries, acids, solvents, deionized water, photodeveloper solutions, and most other high-purity fluids. McMillan Co. (Georgetown, Texas).

Compact Pumps
The Versa-Matic® Mini-MaticTM pump weighs only 3 lb (1.4 kg) ‘but can pump up to 6.8 gal/min (26 L/min) and deliver pressures up to 100 lb/in.2 (6.8 bar). The Mini-Matic can be mounted upright or sideways, or can be inverted to adapt to uses in ink and pigment dispensing, car-wash applications, OEM applications, chemical and batch dosing, and drum–pail transfers. The pumps feature Elima-Matic® Air Valve Systems to eliminate blow-by and deliver nonstalling, non-icing, lubrication-free operation. Versa-Matic Pump Co. (Export, Pa.).

Wastewater Monitors
The FlowShark® Pulse and Portable FlowShark Pulse are the only wastewater monitors available in the U.S. with gated cross correlation technology. They are designed for high accuracy and reliability, utilizing the most advanced velocity measurement technology available: gated cross correlation with digital pattern detection. Also designed for ease of use, they are ideal for the most demanding monitoring applications where hydraulic conditions are not suited for general purpose technologies. ADS® LLC (Huntsville, Ala.).

The Traceable® Nano™ Timer displays countdown alarm timer–stopwatch (count-up) time and time of day (a.m.–p.m. and 24-hour format) with the press of a button. Accuracy is within 0.01%. The high-decibel alarm sounds for 1 minute. For repetitive tests, the unit’s two-channel memory automatically returns the display to the original programmed time, and the 0.375-in.-high digits can be read from 10 ft. away. Timers come supplied with a 2-year silver oxide battery, clip, stand, and magnet. Control Co. (Friendswood, Texas).