March 2007, Vol. 19, No.3


Air Quality Monitor
The Multinorm is an all-in-one instrument for monitoring indoor environmental and air quality parameters. Available measurements include air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, dew point, illuminance, luminance, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sound (Class 1 and 2) analyses. Additional features include luminance measurement, contrast, globe temperature, contact temperature, predictive mean vote, predictive percentage of dissatisfied, and wet bulb globe temperature. Carltex Inc. (Centerport, N.Y.).

Fluid Dynamics Software
The computational fluid dynamics software Fluent® 6.3 has added capabilities to broaden its applicability to a widening range of industrial processes. In all, more than 100 new features are available, including moving mesh, reacting flows, and multiphase flows. Fluent 6 technologies are now part of the ANSYS® CFD suite, from the company’s recent acquisition of Fluent Inc. ANSYS Inc. (Canonsburg, Pa.).

Electric Meter
Master Meter has integrated the Master Meter 3G® two-way AMR transceiver into the Sensus iCon solid-state, single-phase residential electric meter. This integrated AMR solution combines the iCon meter’s accuracy and performance, which exceeds ANSI C12.20 standards, with Master Meter’s field-proven 3G RF technology, as confirmed in more than 1 million installed units. Master Meter (Mansfield, Texas).

Bag Filter
The MaxilineTM MBF HD Multi-Bag Filter Housing has been designed for cost-sensitive, high-flow-rate liquid filtration applications with flow rates as fast as 4500 gal/min. The housing features a rugged, handwheel-operated davit cover that is designed to provide years of dependable service in most demanding industrial and commercial applications. Eaton Filtration LLC (Elizabeth, N.J.).

Collars and Couplings
This line of Type 316 stainless steel shaft collars and couplings for applications requiring exposure to harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents, and water is available in set-screw, one-piece, and two-piece styles with a choice of 18–8 stainless steel or Type 316 stainless steel fasteners. Developed for harsh environments, the collars are suitable for use in building mixing equipment, drive systems, flow control instruments, and related machinery. Stafford Manufacturing Corp. (Wilmington, Mass.).

Temperature–Humidity Monitor
The Traceable® Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor features a remote temperature and humidity sensor with a 7-ft cable. It is designed for routine measurements, monitoring round-the-clock, quality control, and critical experimental requirements. Sensor may be placed in hoods, clean rooms, coolers, stockrooms, incubators, environmental chambers, desiccators, and chemical storage areas. Control Co. (Friendswood, Texas).

Vibration Technology
PMG17 is a wireless, battery-free device capable of generating useful energy from levels of vibration that are 35% lower than previously possible and across a large bandwidth of vibration frequencies. OEMs, sensor manufacturers, and end-users can benefit from using the generators to power easy-to-install devices that accurately monitor machinery and processes, including the condition of plant equipment. Perpetuum Ltd. (Southampton, England).