September 2007, Vol. 19, No.9


WEFTEC®.07 Products

Screening Washer Compactor
Booth No. 3545
X-Tractor is designed to deliver superior screening washing and compacting performance. Screenings are transported to the unit via sprays or sluice troughs providing passive washing prior to the unit. Choppers, grinders, and macerators are eliminated. The X-Tractor is designed to handle higher water volumes and completes the washing and compacting process. Solids are discharged light in color, free of organics, and dry — easily passing a paint filter test. The washer soon will be available with a batch-washing process that shuttles solids in alternating directions, agitating the screenings to break up organics, with additional washing energy introduced through sprays controlled in a timed sequence. Headworks Inc. (Houston).

Drying System
Booth No. 4805
This complete biosolids drying system is capable of handling up to 1000 ton of wet cake per day. The dryer can be designed to use steam or thermal fluid with heat supplied from the combustion of natural gas, digester gas, landfill gas, or fuel oil. Excess heat from combustion engines or turbines also can be used to heat thermal fluid or produce steam. The dryer’s shaft, hollow paddles, and trough are all heated. The dryer is designed to work at low speeds with minimal rotating parts so that maintenance costs are reduced. Indirect drying using the airtight dryer results in minimal off-gas volume, which allows simplified odor-control systems and safe operation. The biosolids drying system produces a granular product for various agricultural uses. Komline–Sanderson (Peapack, N.J.).

Step Piston Hydraulic Motors

Booth No. 5709
The step piston design of Rotodiff® hydraulic motors optimizes the torque–weight ratio for any centrifuge drive system. The new step piston design reduces motor sizes and increases the torque capacity by more than 50%, thereby reducing overall cost. The standard high-pressure roller piston Rotodiff series was introduced in 1996 and operates worldwide on many installations. The step piston design has fewer parts, therefore increasing lifetime and reducing maintenance and operating costs. Viscotherm AG (Santa Fe Springs, Calif.).

Hydraulic Modeling Software

Booth No. 6414
InfoWorks SD is a fully dynamic network hydraulic modeling software solution designed specifically to fulfill the demanding requirements of today’s stormwater drainage professional. The software incorporates comprehensive modeling of stormwater structures; rapid and greenfield infiltration and inflow; future scenario analysis and existing network simulation; integrated flood mapping to generate visual representation of surface flood depths; optional fully dynamic, 2D surface flood simulation integrated with the pipe and surface-channel hydraulic simulation; and simulation of control structures and control logic. The software models best design, construction, and maintenance practices and criteria for stormwater facilities. Wallingford Software Inc. (Fort Worth, Texas).

Loading System
Booth No. 3431
Serpentix® programmable conveyors uniformly and completely fill a single bin or an array of bins, containers, or trailers. System requirements include a Pathwinder™ conveyor with a Flex-End Discharge or a Puratek® Telescoping conveyor, each with a pile height proximity sensor coupled to programmable controls. The conveyor distributes material over a 12-ft arc, extending, contracting, and rotating horizontally to disperse material over a donut-shaped grid. The new programmable conveyors offer wastewater treatment plants automated bin- and truck-loading capability. Serpentix (Westminster, Colo.).

Diesel Generators

Booth No. 1437
These diesel generator sets, rated at 80, 100, 125, and 150 kW, are designed for supplying standby or prime power to wastewater treatment plants and lift stations. Specifically designed for motor-starting loads, the units are available as trailerized units for easy mobility to support multiple wells or water towers. The 80- and 100-kW generator sets are the first U.S. EPA Tier 3-certified units on the market at their respective power nodes. The generator sets are designed to reduce emissions without a reduction in power output while eliminating complex and expensive mechanical systems. Cummins Power Generation (Minneapolis).

Grit Remover

Booth No. 2137
The Grit Monster incorporates a vortex swirl concentrator and the choice of an air-lift pump or a specialized grit pump to remove fine particulate, such as sand, gravel, coffee grinds, and egg shells. Grit is transferred to a rugged grit classifier for cleaning and dewatering. Grit Monster uses a low-speed agitator with adjustable paddles to ensure consistent grit removal across a wide variety of flows while producing a clean and dry discharge ready for the landfill. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Coating System
Booth No. 4217
The Perma-Shield System is fluid-applied coating technology for hydrogen sulfide permeation and microbiologically induced corrosion. The system consists of an aggregate-reinforced epoxy mortar, a multipurpose thick-film epoxy liner and chemical and permeation-resistant glaze coat, a spray-applied epoxy liner with fiberglass reinforcement, and a hydrophobic polyurethane. Tnemec Co. Inc. (Kansas City, Mo.).

Flow Sensor

Booth No. 4520
The new Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter is a rugged insertion flow sensor that permits hot-tap access to the pipe stream. This design allows quick and easy installation or maintenance without system shutdown, significantly reducing overall costs. Three output choices are incorporated into a durable metal housing, allowing for accurate flow sensing in extremely harsh environments. Corrosion-resistant materials ensure long service reliability and minimal maintenance. GF Piping (Tustin, Calif.).

Pump Station Alarm System

Booth No. 3321, a wireless pump station alarm system, features a straightforward, secure Web interface enabling users to monitor pump station variables, such as power failure, intrusion, wet well level, dry well level, temperature, and more. The easy-to-use control panel allows you to access alarm activity, even across multiple stations. RACO (Emeryville, Calif.).


Booth No. 4951
The Model FC actuator is battery-operated and can be used as a portable device to manually close the valve, or it can be mounted to the valve to respond to a remote contact closure. The actuator weighs less than 6 lb and easily mounts to the valve without interfering with existing hardware or dispensers. It can remotely open and close cylinder valves for hazardous gases, such as chlorine and sulfur dioxide. Robo-Control® (Bridge City, Texas).

IFAS System

Booth No. 5850
The Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) process employs a combination of attached and suspended growth in an aerobic packed-bed bioreactor. This integrated fixed-film activated sludge system combines the stability of fully submerged fixed-film media and the effectiveness of activated sludge treatment. The pre-engineered, modular design delivers very high performance (average of 95% BOD5 reduction and 70% total nitrogen reduction). Various model sizes and system configurations are available. Bio-Microbics Inc. (Shawnee, Texas).

Water Pressure Booster Controller

Booth No. 5856
The VFDC-4000 controller is capable of monitoring the discharge pressure of a multiple-pump system and adjusts the speed of each pump to maintain a constant pressure. The VFDC-4000 controls as many as four variable-frequency drives and features proportional-integral-derivative control, automatic alternation, data logging, and communication capabilities. The backlit graphic display enables the operator to monitor pressure, pump speeds, and alarm status at a glance. The menu-driven setup makes navigation and configuration fast and simple. SJE-Rhombus (Detroit Lakes, Minn.).


Booth No. 3513
The ADFM® Pro20 Flow Meters brings unparalleled flow measurement accuracy to large pipes and channels, delivering flow rate data within 2% of actual value, in flow depths up to 20 ft (6 m). It features Pulse-Doppler velocity profiling technology, quad-redundant velocity sensors and a depth sensor combined in a single housing, and data quality verification information. In situ calibration is never required. The flowmeter features rugged construction and real-time data output. Applications include combined sewer systems and outfalls, irrigation canals and channels, and stormwater conveyance and outfalls. Teledyne Isco (Lincoln, Neb.).

Cover System

Booth No. 5006
These shields, odor-control, and light-control systems are designed to cover clarifier troughs and weirs, and diminish algae growth and odors. This system is constructed of a 10-year warranted lightweight laminate product composed of aluminum, stainless steel, or copper with a polypropylene core. Enamel coating aids in the longevity and durability of this system. The minimal drill point support structure diminishes installation time and costs. The system design accounts for snow loading and high wind concerns. Weir Washer Automated Cleaner Systems (Beaverton, Ore.).


Booth No. 3928
ChemFlare™ connections are designed to prevent leakage and failure of PVC threaded and solvent welds on sodium hypochlorite dosing panels. They are available for use in ball valves, relief valves, and dosing pumps. ChemFlare is a mechanical connection to connect Teflon tubing to the PVC valves. The connectors are easy and quick to install, are easily disassembled, and add no dead volume to the system. Chemline (Thornhill, Ontario).

Wet Dust Collector

Booth No. 1631
The Hydro-Lance system is designed for treating nuisance lime dust and problematic airborne powders generated when stabilizing Class A biosolids. Venturi technology provides high-efficiency collection with a minimal equipment footprint. The system features an integral exhaust fan and water-saving solids concentrator. Duall Division, Met-Pro Corp. (Owasso, Mich.).

Dry-Scrubbing Media

Booth No. 4030
The Chlorosorb® Ultra dry-scrubbing media have a 15% removal capacity for chlorine gas. The media allow for a more compact and cost-effective chlorine gas emergency scrubber. The ESD Emergency Gas Scrubber prevents toxic chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas releases by immediately removing leaking gas from a room or building. Purafil Environmental Systems (Doraville, Ga.).

Fixed-Film Media

Booth No. 4705
The BiofilmChip™ requires only one reactor but can be used in applications where a two-reactor system would generally be required. The media are appropriate for both municipal and industrial applications. AnoxKaldnes (Providence, R.I.).

Air-Powered Saw
Booth No. 7111
This hand-held, air-powered saw enables users to cut the underside of pipe in confined areas with minimal excavation. The Belly Saw requires just 7 in. of clearance to cut the underside of ductile iron, polyvinylchloride, high-density polyethylene, and cast iron pipes. The saw weighs 9.5 lb and operates at 8000 rpm. U.S. Saws (St. Petersburg, Fla.).

Automation Software

Booth No. 1903
The Genesis32™ V9.1 is a fully scalable suite of open connectivity, simple network management protocol, Web-enabled human-machine interface, and supervisory control and data acquisition applications. The software, designed to take advantage of the entire range of Microsoft Windows operating systems, is built on open standards technology. Iconics (Foxborough, Mass.).

Chlorine Analyzer

Booth No. 4740
The Series RPH-250 residual chlorine analyzer uses an easily maintained probe, which provides continuous measurement. It features pH monitoring and compensation, an adjustable chlorine measurement range, and a built-in complete proportional-integral-derivative control program. Because chlorine residual measurement probes are sensitive to pressure and flow fluctuations, the analyzer comes with everything needed to supply steady sample water pressure and flow. A plastic pressure-regulating valve with an attached pressure gauge, an integrally designed flow control valve, and a graduated metering tube facilitate setting and maintaining the sample flow. Hydro Instruments (Perkasie, Pa.).

Pump and Fan Control
Booth No. 5415
The VS1PF controls centrifugal loads with a variable-frequency drive while implementing unique algorithms that further reduce energy consumed by the application. The control features a 2 × 16 alphanumeric and plain English keypad for easy programming. Baldor Electric (Fort Smith, Ark.).

Booth No. 3912
LANPAC-XL® is a new tower packing for emissions control systems, such as scrubbers, strippers, and bioreactors. The packing creates liquid droplets for mass transfer activity both on the surfaces of the packing and in the void areas of the packed bed. The product can be used to increase capacity or reduce the size of packed treatment systems. Lantec Products Inc. (Agoura Hills, Calif.).

Electrical Enclosures
Booth No. 6750
The CircuitSafe NEMA line of polycarbonate electrical enclosures is available in standard sizes ranging from 6 in. × 4 in. × 4 in. to 16 in. × 14 in. × 6 in. The enclosures are available with clear or opaque covers, multiple latching options, and a panel management system that supports the easy installation of components. The UL-50 listing of Type 4X, UV rating of F-1, and polycarbonate construction make these enclosures suitable for water and outdoor applications. Carlon (Cleveland).

Membrane Bioreactor
Booth No. 6349
The Aqua-Aerobic® membrane bioreactor (MBR) utilizes a time-managed, sequential aeration process to promote biological nutrient removal within a simplified unit process. The integration of PURON® submerged membranes, manufactured by Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (Wilmington, Mass.), provides direct filtration of high-level mixed liquor suspended solids. The MBR addresses equalization, nitrification, and denitrification within a single reactor while minimizing power costs through reduced energy needed for mixing, pumping, and aeration. This process is suitable for both municipal and industrial markets, especially for facilities that require exceptionally high-quality treated water for water reuse. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. (Rockford, Ill).

Water Tank Lining Applicators
Booth No. 4523
The Duraplate® ultra-high solids epoxy with fluorescing optically active pigments allows tank lining applicators to check the coating instantly for pinholes, holidays, and other discontinuities, and verify uniform coverage and proper film thickness. The new formulation meets the requirements of NSF Standard 61 for potable water tanks of at least 1000 gal. The coating is available as a single or multicoat application. Sherwin-Williams Co. (Cleveland).

Ion-Selective Electrode
Booth No. 6015
The Orion ammonia ion-selective electrode is designed to save time in laboratory analysis and maintenance while providing high levels of quality, accuracy, and performance. The electrode features a preassembled membrane, low detection limits with accurate readings to 0.01 ppm, rapid response that makes it easy to combine functionality with autosamplers, easy electrode maintenance with a keying feature on the electrode body that prevents the membrane from twisting or breaking during assembly, and increased durability with a translucent body with improved chemical resistance. Thermo Scientific (Beverley, Mass.).

Booth Nos. 5651, 7343
The Ultrascreen® microfilter is a disk filter for tertiary treatment that uses the patented concept of dynamic-tangential filtration. The filter can accommodate secondary clarifier overflows up to 20 ppm suspended solids and produce filtrates with less than 5 ppm per 2 NTU for meeting public access standards. The filter disks continuously rotate; filtration occurs at angles less than 90 degrees, and a biological layer accumulates on the woven stainless mesh media. Standard sizes can handle from 150 to 2600 gpm. Nova Water Technologies LLC (Tampa, Fla.).

Booth No. 3855
The Rheotherm Model 210 flowmeter is capable of measuring liquid flows as low as 10 cc/d and gas flows as low as 20 sccm. This FM-approved meter is available with integral or remote electronics. With no moving parts, the meter requires little to no maintenance. Stainless steel-wetted parts are standard, but other metal alloys are available. Intek Inc. (Westerville, Ohio).

GPS Mapping Device
Booth No. 2623
Used to precisely locate structures such as manholes, the Wireless GPS Mapping Stick collects submeter-accurate GPS coordinates and transmits them seamlessly into Granite XP inspection software from as far as 1500 ft. Users also can trace lines and record them into GIS maps to present detailed infrastructure layers and linear references. Field crews can immediately see the captured locations appear in the map, including line traces, to verify their work. This tool, when combined with a sonde locator, can provide the coordinates and line traces for lateral service connections. Cues (Orlando, Fla.).

Level Transmitter
Booth No. 4449
The LevelRat™ level transmitter features a nonfouling, flush Kynar™ diaphragm. Specifically designed for applications that would foul a conventional level transmitter, the LevelRat thrives in the harsh environments common in wastewater lift stations. It is also available with an affordable, optional lightning protection package that carries a lifetime guarantee against damage from voltage surges. Keller America Inc. (Newport News, Va.).

Gas-Detection System
Booth No. 3717
The CWL wireless gas-detection system provides battery-operated remote sensors that communicate on a 2.4-GHz wireless network back to the central control panel. The battery packs are rechargeable and will last for 2 years before requiring service, at the same time as the electrochemical sensors require replacement. The control panel provides signals to the building automation system or takes direct control of the ventilation system to ensure safety in the space. Acme Engineering Products Inc. (Mooers, N.Y.).

Flow Logger
Booth No. 1848
The FL16 water flow logger features a nonfouling water level sensor that works in depths as little as 0.5 in. and allows for deployment in manholes and other difficult-to-access areas without the need to enter the confined space. The logger offers Windows-based software tailored specifically for calculating water flows in partially filled sewer and drainage pipes using Manning’s Equation, a preprogrammed table, or custom table. The software also enables users to view calculated water velocity, compare it to actual measured data, and adjust the water flow parameters to calibrate for the water flow conditions of a specific application. Global Water Instrumentation Inc. (Gold River, Calif.).

Self-Cleaning Filters
Booth No. 3845
The ORG series of automatic self-cleaning filters use as little as 2 gal of water per cleaning cycle, with models available from 10 gpm to 1320 gpm per filter. Filtration degrees are available from 3000 microns to 10 microns, making ORG filters suitable for pretreatment to all types of membrane systems. Orival Water Filters (Englewood, N.J.).

Roof Exhausters
Booth No. 2213
The new 12-in. and 18-in. upblast and downblast fiberglass roof exhausters offer corrosion resistance, a one-piece solid fiberglass wheel, quiet operation at additional airflow, flexibility with upblast or downblast models in belt drive and direct drive, single- and three-phase models, and two wheel widths to give additional direct drive selections. Hartzell Fan Inc. (Piqua, Ohio).

Variable-Flow Static Mixer
Booth No. 7133
The Model 2900 variable-flow static mixer is suitable for any fluid-handling system and optimizes mixing while minimizing headloss. The 2900 utilizes two wafer-type static mixers, one fixed and one variable, which adjust incrementally to adapt to changing flow conditions. Featuring automatic modulation to maintain 3 psi regardless of flow rate, this mixer flattens headloss at minimum flow while providing consisting mixing over a 20:1 turndown ratio. Westfall Manufacturing Co. (Bristol, R.I.).

Diesel Pump
Booth No. 5246
The 4-in. CD140M portable diesel pump is designed to offer both elevated heads and solids handling capabilities without sacrificing flow rate. The pump achieves total dynamic heads to 280 ft, solids handling to 3 in. in diameter, and flows to 1100 gal/min. The pump is an automatic self-priming Dri-Prime pump with the ability to prime and reprime from dry. Featuring an oil bath mechanical seal, this pump runs dry without damage and is suitable for intermittent flow conditions associated with bypass pumping and backup municipal lift station applications. Godwin Pumps (Bridgeport, N.J.).

Glass Formula
Booth No. 5755
The new pH glass formula GXV is suitable for low ionic strength solutions, as well as high-pH applications, and is formulated to have fast response time with superior accuracy and repeatability. The sample pH is registered in less than 20 seconds, the result is correct to within 0.02 pH units, and the pH value is reproducible over the entire pH range from zero to 14 pH. Van London–Phoenix Co. (Houston).

Pressure Transducer
Booth No. 4814
The dataMONITOR hand-held computer is suitable for field interrogation and configuration of the waterMONITOR line of KPSI transducers. Weighing only 17 oz., the compact, robust personal digital assistant is designed for outdoor use by engineers, scientists, and field service personnel. KPSI Transducers, Pressure Systems Inc. (Hampton, Va.).

Lift Stations
Booth No. 2423
These complete, pre-engineered stormwater lift stations are designed for site remediation projects. Surface water is collected from the site and drained to the lift station’s precast concrete wet well. Submersible pumps, manufactured by ITT Flygt (Sundbyberg, Sweden), lift the contaminated water from the wet well through a series of check-and-plug valves into a separator tank. Romtec Utilities (Roseburg, Ore.).

Media Support System
Booth No. 4655
This media support system uses a fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) open weave. The FRP is made of a variety of resins and glass. The support weave comes in a variety of dimensions and configurations, such as round, flat, and mitered. The support weave can be made with a variety of open areas, using single pieces with alternating open areas. It also can be used in a variety of applications, adsorbers, and vessels. Bay Products Inc. (Stateline, Nev.).

Water Quality Meter
Booth No. 2901
Suitable for testing water at source points or in the laboratory, the Ultrameter II quickly, accurately, and precisely measures conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, pH, oxidation–reduction potential, and temperature. The meter is lightweight, portable, waterproof, easy to calibrate, and easy to use. It stores up to 100 date- and time-stamped readings in its memory, and instantly transfers stored readings to a computer with the optional uDock™ accessory package for easy data entry, analysis, and reporting. Myron L Co. (Carlsbad, Calif.).

Pipe Liners
Booth No. 1423
The Impreg and Saertex ultraviolet-light curable fiberglass liners are designed to create a new pipe within the old one. Custom command centers are built, sold, and available for leasing to provide a turnkey start to cured-in place pipe lining, lateral reinstatements, and lateral sealing. Progressive Innovations (Nashville, Tenn.).

Split-Case Pumps
Booth No. 3537
Type A horizontal split-case pumps are engineered, built, and tested to move clear water or low-viscosity clear liquids at moderate heads dependably, efficiently, and economically. Their rugged, simple design contributes to extended service life, reduced maintenance costs, and minimum power consumption. Patterson Pump Co. (Toccoa, Ga.).