April 2008, Vol. 20, No.4


Using Rainwater To Grow Livable Communities

 U.S. communities are poised to take advantage of the perfect storm. Landowner awareness of the need for water-smart landscaping practices is intersecting with government planning requirements to manage stormwater.

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF; Alexandria, Va.) recently unveiled a new Web site, www.werf.org/livablecommunities, which gives landscape architects, designers, engineers, stormwater managers, elected officials, and the public creative new ideas on sustainable stormwater practices. According to WERF, the site goes beyond the idea stage and provides practical tools, frameworks for implementation, and planning aids that can be adapted to one’s own community or project.

The new site documents dozens of tools and strategies that solve today’s problems.

According to WERF, lessons learned from these successful projects can help community partners — private and public — integrate stormwater best management plans into development projects.

WaterISAC Establishes Two-Tiered Service To Support Public Safety

WaterISAC — the national water security network for drinking water and wastewater utilities sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — recently announced the creation of Pro and Basic service levels. WaterISAC Pro gives its subscribers access to “sensitive” and “for official use only” information and threat warnings, according to an EPA news release.

“The WaterISAC Pro service is intended for water and wastewater utility CEOs, directors, managers, security, and IT [information technology] personnel,” said WaterISAC Executive Director Diane VanDe Hei. WaterISAC Pro subscribers have special access privileges to an online secure portal that provides time-sensitive information on threats to U.S. water systems.

EPA notes that WaterISAC also provides a free service called WaterISAC Basic. The Basic subscriber receives important information from the federal government that fosters greater awareness of security issues.

Learn more about WaterISAC at www.WaterISAC.org. WaterISAC offers water-sector professionals a complimentary demonstration of the Pro service and the online secure portal.