April 2007, Vol. 19, No.4



Class A Heat Treatment System
The Class A Heat Treatment System (CAHTS) generates Class A biosolids from mesophilic anaerobic digesters. The CAHTS installs after the primary digester and meters the Class B biosolids through a heat exchanger into a serpentine detention vessel, where it is held for the time and temperature required to meet 40 CFR 503 regulations for Class A. Further enhancement of VSR then can be accomplished while cooling in the secondary digester. Energy consumption is totally internal to biogas generation, while the system encloses odors and vector attraction within the piping. Richmond Engineering (Olympia, Wash.).

The Corrugated-Density Current Baffle is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and features a corrugated shape that significantly reduces deflection of deposits into the center of the clarifier. The baffle is mounted on the side of the clarifier wall, below the effluent launder and scum baffle. MFG Water Treatment Products Co. (Ashtabula, Ohio).

Gas Monitor
This full-featured dockable GasBadge® Pro single-gas monitor now has an electrochemical hydrogen sensor option. This option will provide a personal monitor to detect hydrogen in the range of 0–2000 ppm in power plants, steel mills, refineries, or other areas where low-level hydrogen leaks may exist. It monitors levels of oxygen, ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, phosphine, and sulfur dioxide. Industrial Scientific Corp. (Pittsburgh).

Plow Attachment
The Vermeer® multiblade plow attachment is designed to install Netafim® dripperline in septic-tank leaching field projects. The attachment fits the Vermeer LM42 lawn plow and RT450 tractor and uses a high-frequency vibration to cut through the ground and close up the channel around the dripperline. It can lay three rows of tubing at a time, with depth adjustability from 2 to 12 in. and spacing width adjustability from 10 to 24 in. Vermeer Manufacturing Co. (Pella, Iowa).

Pipeline Mapping
The DuctRunner Smart Probe™ provides accurate XYZ centerline mapping of pipeline infrastructure and enables users to integrate this data into three-dimensional GIS or CAD platforms. Multiple gyroscopic inertial measurement units within the Smart Probe™ measure 800 angular and linear velocity changes per second in the X, Y, and Z axes as the unit moves through the pipeline. Geospatial Corp. (Sarver, Pa.).

Portable Meter
The Model SH2000 Portable Vibration Meter provides spot measurements of machinery vibration. This unit features displacement, velocity, and acceleration modes to enable users to perform basic vibration analysis. The accelerometer sensor has a removable magnetic mounting base for attachment of a stinger. The sensor is internally protected against thermal shock, electrical noise, and amplitude overload. The SH2000 uses an RMS detector. The meter is available with readings calibrated after detection either in direct RMS or scaled PEAK units. Metrix (Houston).

Monitor and Alarm System
The new Sensaphone 400 is a stand-alone remote monitor and alarm notification system with no monthly fees. It comes equipped with enhanced features, including customizable voice messaging, programmable relay output, a phone-line seizure feature, and a diagnostic test function. Sensaphone (Aston, Pa.).