May 2008, Vol. 20, No.5


Green Costs Less

Robert S. Ruppert

Regarding your article (“Green, But at What Cost?,” March), I have been averaging 55.67 mi/gal over 78,832 mi [in my Prius]. This relates to an average cost of $0.39/mi, including the $26,000 to purchase the car and maintenance items. I still pay less per tank fill-up than I did with my Jeep, even with the gas being $1/gal more. I know that I am getting more than twice the mileage that I used to get with the Jeep — about 23 mi/gal. If I were still driving the Jeep, I would have used about 3427 gal, versus the 1416 gal [I have used with] the Prius in 27 months — 2011 gal less. 

I know that I work at getting the best mileage, but it really is not that hard.

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