March 2008, Vol. 20, No.3

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March 2008

3R Valve 
Recharge, Regulate and Recover: 3R Valve.

ELODE dewatering revolution.

Aero-Mod, Inc. 
Global dewatering solutions.

Aerzen USA 
G5 Delta blower.

Airmaster Aerator, LLC 
Low horsepower motors for higher aeration levels.

Analytical Technology Inc. 
Q45N Dissolved Ammonia monitor.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.
AquaPASS phased activated sludge systems.

AquaBioChip, LLC 
Analyzing 20 Pathogens simultaneously using the VMG Chip.

Ashbrook Simon Hartley 
IMAS wastewater membrane technology.

Ashbrook Simon Hartley 
BIO-plus Package Treatment Plants.

Ashbrook Simon Hartley 
BIO-plus Field Erected Treatment Plants.

Ashbrook Simon Hartley 
ECO-THERM technology.

ATC Diversified Electronics 
3-stage monitors.

Bay Products, Inc. 
Odor control systems.

BDP Industries 
Custom dewatering solutions.

Bentley Systems Inc. 
Water resources modeling software.

Engineered solutions for odor and VOC control.

Boerger, LLC 
Rotary lobe pumps, Macerating technology.

Cemen Tech 
Alka-Tech complete biosolids processing systems.

Duperon Corporation 
Screens to protect downstream processes.

Eco Oxygen 
Pure Oxygen for Force Main Odor and Corrosion Control.

Eimco Water Technologies 
Solutions for: Headworks, Biological Processes, Sedimentation, MBR Systems, and Biosolids Digestion.

Cinetik Modular Electro-Dewatering System.

Wastewater treatment and headworks solutions.

Decanter centrifuges.

Force Flow 
Documenting chemical usage and inventory control.

Patented rotary press.

Franklin Miller 
TASKMASTER grinders, SPIRALIFT and AUTORAKE screening systems.

Gardner Denver Engineered Products Div. 
Lamson and Hoffman multistage centrifugal blowers.

GMF Gouda 
Paddle dryer.

European and American technologies for Screens.

Huber Technology 
MBR Screening.

Stainless steel perforated panels, wire mesh, or laced link openings. 

Infilco Degremont Inc. 
Climber screen.

Infilco Degremont Inc. 
Traveling bridge.

Infilco Degremont Inc. 
Headworks equipment.

Insite IG 
Multi-parameter process analyzer.

JWC Environmental 
Bandscreen Monster - Fine screen for MBRs.

Komline Sanderson 
Biosolids drying systems.

Kruger Inc. 
Innovative Class A biosolids solutions.

Lakeside Equipment Co 
Raptor screening line.

Lapeyre Stair 
Alternating tread stair.

Messe Frankfurt/Water Expo China 
Water Expo China 10-13: November 2008.

MWH Soft 
CAD and GID enabled water and wastewater system software. 

NEFCO, Incorporated 
Launder cover system.

Pall Corporation 
Aria MBR wastewater treatment system.

Consulting & engineering.

Prime Solution 
Simplified dewattering innovations.

Drum, Tub, Deep Bed and Vessel Scrubbers.

Scaletron Industries 
Spill and Leak containment scales.

Schreiber LLC 
Pretreatment grit and grease removal.

Serpentix Conveyor Corp 
Sludge, grit and screenings conveyors.

Siemens Water Technologies 
Membrane Bioreactor System for existing infrastructure.

Siemens Water Technologies - Memcor 
MEMCOR membranes.

Smith & Loveless Inc. 
PISTA Grit removal system. 

Vaughan Company, Inc 
Rotamix process mixing systems.

Vulcan Industries 
Mechanical screens for treatment plants and pump stations.

Wallingford Software 
InfoWorks hydraulic modeling software.

Automated cleaning systems.

Westech Engineering 
CleanFlo SHEAR Internally fed rotary drum screen.