January 2008, Vol. 20, No.1


Distillation System
The Lab-Crest® Midi-Dist™ Distillation System is designed to enable multiple samples to be prepared for analysis quickly and easily. The system has a small footprint, is lightweight and fully self-contained, and can be moved easily in and out of lab hoods. The distillation system for cyanide and sulfide is designed to reduce costs by 30% and conforms to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency methods 335.2 CLP-M and 335.4. The Midi-Dist for ammonias and phenols, which enables users to safely downscale EPA Method 350.1 for ammonia and Method 420-4 for phenol, is designed to reduce distillation time up to 50%. Andrews Glass Co. (Vineland, N.J.).

The OSXL450 noncontact thermometer is designed to read temperatures in less than 1 second. It features a patented laser sighting system that defines the target for point-and-shoot measurement of temperatures from –20°C to 320°C. Convenient to use, with backlit display for night use and automatic power-off, this thermometer comes with a wrist strap and batteries and is CE-compliant. Omega Engineering Inc. (Stamford, Conn.).

Water Bath
The Lab Companion line of water baths offers temperatures to 100°C, accuracy of ±0.1°C, and PID microprocessor controls with full digital displays. Additional features include a programmable time setting with delayed start and stop, three memory settings for temperature, patented “agitating system” for better temperature uniformity, and a drain valve. The bath chambers are constructed of stainless steel to enable the use of water or silicone fluids. Safety features include over-temperature limiters and alarm indicators. Jeio Tech Inc. (Des Plaines, Ill.).


The Sultan Flow is a rugged and versatile open-channel flowmeter designed for real-time flow measurement of liquid materials. Featuring continuous 4–20mA output, alarm relays, fail-safe relays, and serial data via RS-485 with Modbus, the flowmeter measures head, flow rate, and flow volume and rate totalization. The meter offers an easy menu-driven configuration for standard weir and flume shapes. Available in 2-wire loop-powered, 3-wire DC, or 4-wire AC/DC, the meter is suitable for a variety of applications, including open-channel flow, special requirements for unusual flow channels, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and industrial wastewater. Hawk Measurement Systems (Middleton, Mass.).

Incubator Shakers

The large-capacity, 9.5-ft3 SHEL LAB SI9 offers flexibility and high performance for large-scale applications involving cell aeration, metabolism studies, bacteriology, and cell culturing. With an internal capacity of 9.5 ft³, it can accommodate up to 19 1–L flasks in a single load. The shaking platform is included with the purchase and is safely removed without any tools. The shaker speed ranges from 30 to 400 rpm, with smooth, quiet oscillation. The units are stackable. Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. (Cornelius, Ore.).

Pipe Cutter

The Eyebotix MICRO Cutter is a device for use in laterals and wastewater pipes with a nominal diameter of 3 in. to 6 in. (optional to 8 in.). The small outer diameter of 2.75 in. and the short, rigid lengths of the components provide ample access through elbows. Elbows can be accessed from 4-in.-diameter openings. International Pipe Lining Technologies (San Diego).

Remote Monitoring

The H2OVATION!™ hosted SCADA is a remote access solution for water and wastewater applications. It includes a full-featured open-architecture SCADA and PLC functionality that can be securely accessed from any standard computer and monthly service fees that eliminate large capital and maintenance expenses while providing significant operating savings. Healy-Ruff (Minneapolis).

Control Valve

The Capital Controls® Series 70CV3000 Chloromatic™ 3000 Intelligent Gas Flow Control Valve is a wall-mounted system designed for automatic control of chemical feed in water or wastewater applications. The Chloromatic 3000 is an integrated, microprocessor-based controller with control valve that responds to multiple process signals from a water flow transmitter or chlorine residual analyzer. Severn Trent (Fort Washington, Pa.).

Flood Forecasting Software
FloodWorks Version 8.5 provides real-time simulation and forecasting of extreme hydrological and hydraulic conditions within river basins, drainage systems, and the coastal zone. Version 8.5 features a new user interface that is designed to improve usability and enable more effective flood forecast management. The user graphs and map graphs have been enhanced to provide more flexibility in controlling the number of traces on each graph, the line color and style used by each graph, range limits, and the display of event thresholds. Wallingford Software (Oxfordshire, England).

Water Recycle System

The HighCycle Wash Water Recycle System is designed to process wastewater discharge from vehicle clean¬ing operations at military, commercial, and municipal main¬tenance facilities. This modular component system is capable of removing oily coated solids, sand, grit, free-floating hydrocarbons, and mechanically emulsified or semi-miscible oils. Wastewater can be effectively recycled or discharged in accordance with the facility’s proper discharge procedures. Highland Tank (Stoystown, Pa.).

Safety Switch

The new Cooper Bussmann® Quik-Spec™ Safety Switch is a heavy-duty switch that maximizes user protection with its IP-20 finger-safe CUBEFuse® integration. The switch is designed to reduce dangerous arc-flash hazards, both in energy and incident levels. The flange-operated handle is easy to operate with electrical gloves and is lockable with up to three padlocks to protect maintenance workers. The new switch meets NEC® 110.9 requirements and is listed to UL 98 for enclosed deadfront switches and UL 50 for enclosures for electrical equipment. Cooper Industries Ltd. (St. Louis).


The Series FDT Flush Diaphragm Transmitter is designed for highly cyclical conditions. The flush sensor feature prevents any potential inaccuracies due to buildup or blockage. Units have a non-oil-filled sensor element that provides resistance to temperature fluctuations. Manufactured from a solid piece of steel, the sensing diaphragm can withstand abrasive cyclical applications. Series FDT transmitters are designed to perform well in high cyclical environments with the presence of water-hammering or spiking. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).

Monitoring System

The new ADS Spider™ is an alarm monitoring system with optional battery pack, remote data access, and customer-driven alarm and notification specifications. The Spider is a stand-alone, compact, single-box system that requires no user software. It operates from a sophisticated Web server built in to the monitor. This allows direct communication with most computers, regardless of brand or operating system. Users simply open a browser on any computer and enter an IP address. ADS® LLC (Huntsville, Ala.).

Locking Handle
This new locking handle is for Asahi/America Type 21 ball valves. The padlockable handle directly replaces the standard valve handle and acts as a deterrent to prevent unauthorized cycling of the valve. The new design allows the handle to serve as a position indicator, easily demonstrating the current state of the valve. The handle also doubles as a carrier removal tool, used for valve maintenance and adjustments. Asahi/America (Malden, Mass.).

Valve Key Sockets

The new Valve Key Socket Sets can help utility workers solve the problem of valve nuts that have become rounded or corroded. When attached to a valve key (not included with the set), the sockets are designed to easily and securely grip valve nuts in the toughest environments. Lowell Wrench Co. (Worcester, Mass.).

Programmable Timers

The PTC900 timer and PTC901 clock–timers are designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Both can be programmed as an elapsed or preset timer, and have 12- or 24-hour time displays and cycle counting capability. The meters feature user-friendly front panel keys, three programmable inputs, and a 6-digit, 14-mm bi-color LED display for easy viewing. The timers include a lithium battery for power backup and PC software options for meter configuration. Omega Engineering Inc. (Stamford, Conn.).

Drive Controller
The Square D® brand S-Flex™ enclosed drive controller is an effective solution for commercial pump and fan applications. The S-Flex enclosed drive controller was designed with input from HVAC consultants and contractors to save time, money, and space. Since specifying drives can be time-consuming, the S-Flex benefits from qualities that make the process easier, such as simple startup, including preprogrammed parameters, and quick installation with EZ-M mounting. The product also has easy wiring conduit knockouts on the enclosure and a dedicated wiring terminal block. Schneider Electric (Palatine, Ill.).