August 2008, Vol. 20, No.8

Water Volumes

Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations, 2nd Edition

Tyler G. Hicks

This handbook is a good resource for mechanical engineers, as well as any engineers who are involved in designing mechanical systems. With the input of 21 contributors and advisors, the handbook has been updated to include the latest developments in mechanical engineering — such as calculations on gas turbines. There are more than 5000 calculation procedures covering all major mechanical areas.

The preface provides safe and usable results for the majority of situations that mechanical engineers face. However, there are some sections in the handbook where other resources may be better suited to provide the calculations needed.

The handbook is divided into four parts: Power Generation, Plant and Facilities Engineering, Environmental Control, and Design Engineering. The book is set up so that each calculation procedure is a stand-alone unit that can be found easily by using the index or table of contents at the beginning of each section. Each calculation contains a problem statement and a step-by-step calculation procedure. Almost every calculation has a figure or diagram to explain the problem. Where appropriate, an economic analysis or life-cycle cost analysis is included with the calculation. Both the U.S. Customary System and the International System set of units are used.

This handbook will reduce the time and effort needed to produce mechanical-engineering-type calculations.