August 2008, Vol. 20, No.8



SCADA System
The T-BOXLT-100 compact supervisory control and data acquisition system incorporates full Web server technology with SMS reporting and remote control to provide realtime access through a standard Web browser. Operators can receive alarms and communicate with their sites remotely using a mobile device, such as a cell phone, laptop, or PDA. Automatic alarm escalation enables key maintenance personnel to receive any unacknowledged alarms. Semaphore (Nashua, N.H.).

The ENVIROMAG 2100 magnetic flowmeter features the IF C 100 converter, which is designed to provide precise diagnostics of instrument, installation, and application. Designed to be reliable with a 2000:1 turndown, a rapid response time, and a measuring accuracy up to 0.3%, this flowmeter is suitable for applications with process temperatures up to 176°F and pressures up to 580 psi. Krohne (Duisburg, Germany).

Liquid Chromatograph
The Prominence nano, a liquid chromatograph, is designed to support high-precision gradient analysis by providing advanced flow-rate precision in the nano flow-rate range. With two LC-20AD nano pumps independently controlled by feedback from integrated high-precision nano flow sensors, the chromatograph is designed to deliver exact flow rates and optimize biosample analysis in the nL/min level for trap injection and 2-D LC applications. It can used with any mass spectrometer. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Kyoto, Japan).

Positive-Displacement Blower and Vacuum Pumps
The Sutorbilt® Legend® PD industrial positive-displacement blower and vacuum pumps product line featuresdual-splash lubrication (DSL). The Legend DSL series features universal feet for either horizontal or vertical mounting. It is designed for reliability and simplified maintenance through a refined timing and locking device, increased overhung load capacity and misalignment tolerance, increased bearing life and ability to keep lubrication cooler by housing with air gaps, and strength and rigidity with reduced noise and tighter clearances. Gardner Denver Inc. (Quincy, Ill.).

Directional Mixing and Aeration System
The RAPTOR™ Directional Mixing and Aeration System is designed to simultaneously aerate and mix wastewater. By generating bubbles less than 2.2 mm in size, the filter creates a high surface area per unit volume. The aerator operates in both nitrification and denitrification modes, and is available in floating and fixed configurations to maximize users’ investments and comply with specific needs. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions (Palmyra, Pa.).

Diaphragm Valve
The Ti Type-14/15 Diaphragm Valve, designed for processing chlorines and chlorates, features an injection-molded, solid polyvinylidene fluoride flanged body with a durable bonnet. The valve is designed with a three-layer construction and a palladium–titanium diaphragm insert that connects the diaphragm to the valve compressor through a palladium–titanium stem connection joint. The valve is available in sizes of 0.5 to 4 in. and is suitable for temperatures up to 250ºF and working pressures up to 150 psi. Asahi/America Inc. (Malden, Mass.).

Check Valve
The Stop-Silent® Check Valve AS 54 Model is designed to provide waterhammer relief and tight nonreturn shutoff for existing flanged piping systems. The retrofit design can be implemented directly into a flanged pipe system without structural or housing alterations. The valve features a cone design for tight shutoff to prevent backflow of liquid or gaseous media with no movable mechanical parts. It is designed for quiet operation and a maintenance-free service life up to 10 years. The valve has an operating range at temperatures from –20°C to 180°C and operating pressures up to 232 psi. The valve can handle fluids up to 10 ft/s and gases up to 50 ft/s. It is available in sizes from 1.5 to 8 in. with standard cones, and valve sizes also available from 1 to 8 in. with multicone valves in sizes from 6 to 24 in. Lasso Technik Inc. (Basel, Switzerland).

The Quick4® Equalizer® 24 LowProfile Chamber is designed to provide strength in trench or bed applications and is suitable for shallow placement applications. It features the Contour Swivel Connection™, which permits 15-degree turns for installation flexibility. Other features include an 8-in. chamber height, 4-ft-long chambers, compact nesting, and an end cap feature with overlap design and flat construction. The end cap accommodates up to 4-in.-diameter gravity-flow inlet pipes or small-diameter pressure-distribution pipe. Infiltrator Systems Inc. (Old Saybrook, Conn.).

Flow Sensor
The series FM S Flow Sensor is designed for applications requiring relative  measurement and setpoint flow rate. The setpoint can be set as a “percentage of” or “relative to” the full flow rate. DwyerInstruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).

Dissolved-Oxygen Meter
The new DOH-20D portablemicroprocessor-based dissolvedoxygen (DO) meter includes a custom digital LCD screen with large numbers for easy reading. The screen can show
DO levels in either mg/L or percent of saturation and temperature. In addition to a data recall function and an ability to store up to 16 sets of temperature and DO values, the meter comes with a sensor, two membrane caps, 20 mL of electrolyte, a pipette, a rubber protective cover, a battery, an operator’s manual, and a 1-year warranty. Omega Engineering (Stamford, Conn.).